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  1. Well, Bret Szabo only lasted 5 seasons (2013-17). Before him, Mike Wilson was there over 20 years. Wilson had some years of success (especially during the Deke Cooper era). But he was around .500 over his career. But part of the underlying dynamic here is that North HS moved around 2011 or so. The school has seen demographic changes and such.
  2. Thank you for posting that. I really appreciate your contributions to this forum - especially when you’ve evaluated complicated plays/calls. It’s very informative for casual fans.
  3. They should have the visiting teams just disrobe, wrap themselves in towels, and cram in on cedar wood benches at halftime. That had to be a Jerry Brewer thing. Did he write up the specs for that?
  4. That's the service coaches use during games to look at replays on the sidelines. Most teams are using it these days. So, of course the kids care about that. Why wouldn't they? Bosse has apparently raised a fuss about Memorial using it at Enlow. I'm not even sure what their gripe is.
  5. Or, in other words...."Hey...you're not allowed to have free tuition. Only we're allowed to have free tuition!"
  6. I can attest that the kids care about the live Hudl thing.
  7. I’m happy to hear that. Make that childish demand cost Bosse some money.
  8. So much so, apparently, that Memorial’s AD felt compelled to send out an email reminding people to sit in the visitors bleachers. Maybe his counterpart at Bosse asked him if he would? But I don’t see how they can really patrol that when it’s actually general admission. If the visitors bleachers are full, where are people supposed to sit?
  9. If someone was willing to give the school that much dough, I have a feeling it wouldn’t go toward a stadium that would be used a handful of times each year. It’s probably a luxury Memorial will never be able to afford. Mater Dei could probably upgrade theirs if they got a big enough check. I don’t mind playing at Enlow. But this “guest stands against Bosse” thing is so childish and petty. It’s a good thing for Bosse too, after all. Reitz always brings a crowd. Bosse is usually lucky to have 100 fans. You should see the contrast, it’s almost comical.
  10. That’s right. But I believe she was still the principal when this renewed.
  11. Sheila Huff insisted on this to renew the contract. What’s ridiculous about it is that the guest side bleachers for these games have been knee-to-knee full, while the home side has been about 5-10% filled.
  12. Bosse usually doesn’t get many fans. I don’t think it would matter if Memorial fans just went and sat on the grandstand anyway. It’s not like there are assigned seats. It’s general admission. I’ve also wondered if Memorial inquired about moving home games to Romain. Why pay somebody who makes this ridiculous demand?
  13. Heh….I’m not even that loyal to my own team (I correctly picked us to lose against Jasper Week 1)! No, I just think Reitz is the real deal this year. They have so many offensive weapons and have figured out how to use them that keeps defenses guessing. They have a “pick your poison” offensive attack.
  14. Castle and Reitz should be a great matchup. I could see either team prevailing. But I’m taking the Panthers.
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