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  1. I don’t disagree. But that particular sectional is the exception and not the rule. Sectional 32 usually has a couple good teams in it. But it hasn’t produced too many state championships.
  2. It’s 50% in terms of the number of games, yes. But that’s really about it. Since all teams make the sectional field, the load to bear in the early games tends to be pretty light for the good teams (depending, of course, on the draw….since it’s a blind draw). GS really should have no difficulty winning Sectional 32. Personally, I think they have a really good shot at going all the way. And I noticed that JH has them as one of the small handful of teams with a >40% chance to do just that. CG, Cathedral, and Indy Lutheran are the others.
  3. One of the best things about most HS stadiums getting turf is that mud-bowls are an increasingly rare thing. Glancing at the forecast, they're calling for thunderstorms on Friday evening. Maybe we'll see some/all area games moved to Saturday due to lightning?
  4. While I expect Jasper to beat Northview, I wouldn’t consider a Northview victory to be a “crazy” upset. Northview is ranked #10 in the AP 4A poll. They’ve beaten the two 5A TH teams. Beat a good Sullivan team. Only loss is to 3A #14 Owen Valley, and it was a competitive game. If sectionals were seeded, they’d probably be 3rd seed.
  5. LOL, indeed. Sagarin needs to figure out a way to deal with closed conferences. I wouldn’t say Reitz is a lock to win that game. But they certainly shouldn’t be 21 point dogs.
  6. Well, I don’t know about that. But I do know that Hurley has always liked mixing things up in the post-season. A couple years ago, Brock Combs went from barely touching the ball during the regular season to ending up as the team’s leading rusher primarily from carries in the post-season. Obviously, if you can successfully pull previously unused weapons out of the arsenal, it’s hard on opposing defenses.
  7. I’m hearing that Hurley is considering at least one possible interesting curveball, but may be saving it for the post-season.
  8. A common refrain around Memorial circles about Brodie is “Where did this kid come from and why hasn’t he touched the ball until this year?” He played DB last year and was good, if unremarkable. And since he didn’t come up through Memorial’s feeder system, people didn’t know much about him. The plan since practice began was to have the dual threat running game. Coming into the season, most people figured it would be Tyler and Russell. Unfortunately, RB got hurt early in week 1 against Jasper and he didn’t really get a chance to shine until the Central game in week 3. And (not coincidentally, IMO) we’ve been a different team than we were those first couple games. It’s really a great story. He’s gone from virtual unknown to probably the most potent offensive threat in the conference in the course of just a few weeks. Yeah, he’s fast. But he’s also elusive, runs great off blocks, and packs a power punch too.
  9. I’m curious what was so bad about the visitor accommodations at the Reitz Bowl. I’ve never been to a cooler HS football stadium in the state. To me, it’s like the Lambeau Field of Indiana HS football. Granted, parking can be a problem with all the houses and streets (and hills!). But the Bowl itself is iconic (I think this is its 100th anniversary). I loved playing there back in my playing days.
  10. He looked fantastic tonight. I’ve been hard on him. But he was nearly flawless. Throws were on target and to the right receivers. He tucked and ran when nobody was open. Showed poise and patience. That drop by a wide-open Shea robbed him of about 35 extra yards, too. It was perfectly thrown.
  11. Somebody tell me who deserves SIAC POY more than Ray Brodie.
  12. It’s our school community’s answer to the success factor…and a big, bony bird to the IHSAA.
  13. Sad SIAC news… Evansville football legend Bill Krietemeyer passed away last week at age 87. After starring at Central, Bill went on to become an All-American at Vanderbilt and was drafted by the Bears before seeing his career cut short by injuries. RIP
  14. No offense to MV. They’re having a fine season and Messmer is a good coach. But this game will not be competitive. GS just has too much firepower. In fact, I don’t see GS having trouble with any potential opponent until at least Regionals, if not SS.
  15. I’m glad they’re pressing charges. That is inexcusable.
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