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  1. What do you mean “not NFL”? The Crimson Giants, though obviously short-lived (and not very good, to boot) were absolutely in the NFL. Well, technically, it was only called National Football League in their second of two seasons. In their first season, it was still called the American Professional Football Association. In fact, one of the teams the Crimson Giants played (and got throttled by) was the Green Bay Packers.
  2. Jack Doyle went to Cathedral as well. Arguably the best all-time NFLer to hail from Indiana is the great Rod Woodson, who went to Snider and Purdue.
  3. From our neck of the woods, off the top of my head... Billy Hillenbrand (Ev Memorial) Larry Stallings (Ev Memorial) Bob Griese (Ev Rex Mundi) Marty Amsler (Ev Bosse) Scott Studwell (Ev Harrison) Kevin Hardy (Ev Harrison) Deke Cooper (Ev North) Sean Bennett (Ev Harrison) Ken Dilger (Heritage Hills) Jay Cutler (Heritage Hills) Ben Braunecker (Forest Park)
  4. Colton’s going to be a senior. But I would put Josh Russell out there as a junior-to-be to watch. Tough kid.
  5. Joey Paridaen at Evansville North. The Huskies really improved a lot this year and, from what I hear, Paridaen deserves a lot of the credit for instilling a culture of commitment and accountability. WR Dylan McKinney was one of the best players in Southwestern Indiana. Paridaen guided Eastern Greene to an appearance in the state finals a couple years ago. Keep an eye on him.
  6. I’ll probably take some heat from my fellow Tiger fans in saying this. But, in a number of ways, Mooresville outplayed us. I don’t recall the yardage figures. But I’d be surprised if they didn’t outgain us. We capitalized on a very poorly thrown pass and a short field thanks to a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Other than that, we didn’t move the ball very well. That said, our D did its usual job at being really hard to score on, too. It was a hard-fought game between two really tough teams. I can see why Mooresville knocked off EC.
  7. This may sound like a flippant question, but I’m genuinely curious to hear your answer, given your comments about keeping things competitive.... Should IHSAA golf events be handicapped?
  8. Speaking of football participation rates....what the heck has happened at Evansville Harrison? Their enrollment is listed by IHSAA at 1250. I never looked at their official roster. But, when we played them, I counted about 25 kids in uniform. And I'm pretty sure they didn't field a freshman team again this year. If that was correct, they've got about a 2% participation rate. And this is a school that has put 3 guys in the NFL (Scott Studwell, Kevin Hardy, Sean Bennett) -- and various other elite athletes (Calbert Cheaney, Walter McCarty, Joey Elliott, Chris Lowery, Brad Brownell).
  9. Just out of curiosity, which are the rehashed arguments that have been thoroughly debunked here? You can't really debunk an opinion -- although you can certainly debunk arguments made to support one.
  10. What makes you think 3A is the "toughest class in football"? I mean, I don't disagree that Chatard's team this year belongs in the discussion of best team in all classes. But, aside from that, I'd guess that virtually any other 3A team wouldn't have fared well playing in 5A or 6A. But, if they don't (and, you're right, they don't), what's the point of even saying this? No, reality is reality. Perceptions, on the other hand, are often distorted. I can't speak for any other school, but my P/P's enrollment has shrunk by about 25% since I went there. And, when I went there, we had never even gotten to a football state final. In the past 11 years, we've been 5 times, winning twice....and with significantly less enrollment. If you mentioned to our president or principal anything about "capping" enrollment, they'd laugh in your face while fighting off tears. The truth is that they're not far from desperate for more enrollments.
  11. Also, speaking from experience these past several years, 3A has definitely been tougher than 4A in football...whatever that’s worth.
  12. You realize that, if the IHSAA made this change, the cutoff points between classes would almost certainly shift down. Lots of schools would see significant decline in enrollment. Some more, some less. But I wouldn’t automatically assume that any particular school would go down in class.
  13. Ha! I hear ya. I know Memorial is not unique in having a such a great, lifelong familial culture. But it certainly is that and I’m proud to be associated with it. What’s great about it, although some people view these sorts of schools as cliquey and exclusionary, is that we welcome with open arms new families who have no prior connection to the school. And anybody who thinks that most families who send their kids to parochial schools are “rich” is just wrong. I can’t tell you how many people I know for whom the tuition is a real burden. But when they ask us for fees to pay for this or that, most families who can afford it will kick in extra to help pay for those who can’t. Because that’s what families do for each other.
  14. Memorial has been practically begging to get more students in the door for years. And, believe me, they couldn't care less if the student plays any sports. When I went there, we had around 800 students. Today, they have around 580. I'm not privy to any of the budgetary numbers. But, given the enrollment decline, I'm sure they aren't pretty. I don't know what the current football cutoff is between 2A and 3A (Mater Dei's listed enrollment is 497). But I bet we aren't terribly far off from it.
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