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  1. And they executed very well - especially offensively. Not many mistakes, guys out of position, bad routes, dropped passes.
  2. I knew they had stopped for Mass. I didn't know that it was at St. Meinrad, though. That was a really cool idea. It's a place that is worth visiting for Catholics...but it's also so out of the way that you pretty much have to be going there. I'm guessing they didn't get a chance to visit the monks' brewpub at the Abbey.
  3. Oh gosh, I've never heard that part of the story. This exact thing happened to us in the Sectional finals this year at Northview. NV was gracious enough to delay the kickoff by 15 minutes. Thanks! Lot of admirers of Chatard down this way, too. In that whole 3 year stretch, most of our fans consider that game the best win. Anytime you beat a Chatard team, you know you've accomplished something special. It's about like Duke in college basketball. Glad we didn't have to play the Trojans again in 2019. 😳
  4. I remember Chatard’s bus pulling up to Enlow about 45 minutes (or less?) before kickoff in 2018. I thought that wasn’t very well thought out.
  5. Timing in that it’s unusual for an administrator to abruptly resign 3 months into a school year. I don’t mean that it had anything whatsoever to do with their game, or any bearing on it. When I say “distraction”, I’m hoping there isn’t some kind of scandal behind this.
  6. Hmm, MD prez Andy Morris resigned today after just 2 years. No comment as to why. Considering the timing and the lack of explanation, it’s likely going to arouse suspicions. Hopefully not anything that would distract the team.
  7. Jay Smith did? Or are you talking about Brodie? The stats I was citing were for Smith.
  8. The votes were taken at the conclusion of the regular season. He had 440 yards in 2 postseason games. His regular season was certainly good: 875 yds on 175 carries (5.0 ypc) with 14 TDs (plus 1 receiving TD). But the vote came before his 332 yard 5 TD explosion against Boonville.
  9. A whole lot of former QB Club members there today too. I think the oldest one there was Ralph Weinzapfel from 1954. His grandson Drew was a 3rd generation honoree.
  10. Ray Brodie gets POY for QB Club All-City. Hurley is COY. Very well deserved for both. MHS put 10 players on the team, including 4 of 5 on the OL…and both Farmer brothers.
  11. Yeah, I got that - and totally appreciate the difference. A bad call is one the officials should’ve gotten and simply didn’t. This wasn’t one of those plays. You, an experienced official, had to read up on the specific text of the relevant rules and watch/rewatch the play in order to analyze it. The ref here had to make his call right away without any such benefit. I think a lot of fans don’t fully appreciate the difficulty of that. And most of us come with a strong bias. They just want to get it right and some calls just aren’t simple or black/white. As I said with my first comment, I can see why he made the call he did. Thankfully for everybody, it wasn’t decisive in the game. BTW, I should add that we’re really lucky to have you posting here. GID is a much better place because you’re here. You bring knowledge, experience, and insights on the rules and how they apply to specific plays that nobody else really can. Thank you!
  12. Fantastic stuff! Thanks for taking the time to research this and analyze it. Very tough call to make in real time, without video, etc.
  13. I’d be interested to hear @Bobref opinion on this. It looked to me like he intended to hang onto the ball and run with it - but the ball slipped out of his hand with the forward motion. Is all that matters the forward motion of the passer’s arm?
  14. Yeah I watched the slo-mo. Ellspermann’s movements after he finished the motion where the ball came out looked at least a little bit like somebody planning to hold the ball and run rather than finishing a pass. Again, it’s hard to tell. I’m not saying I’m 100% sure. I’m just saying I can see why they said he was trying to tuck it.
  15. It’s hard to tell. But I can see why they would think it was a failed tuck.
  16. On the scale of supposedly offensive mascots, Rebels seems awfully tame. And “Royals” is embarrassingly bad, to boot. I sure am glad Archbishop Thompson (whom I personally know, BTW…he was briefly our Bishop in Evansville) has his priorities in order. And that’s all I’ll say about it. People can read between the lines of that deliberately cryptic statement what they will. They should’ve called themselves “Roncalli Football Team” just to be appropriately flippant. I have no love for Dan Snyder. But I saluted that he did that when the NFL forced him to surrender the R word. You want me to change our name? Fine…we’re the Washington Football Team.
  17. Wait, what happened to the Rebels? Don’t tell me…
  18. I realize coaches and ADs have little control over what overzealous parents do. But, if I was a coach, one of the first things I would do is assign an assistant to get every player’s social media accounts, follow them, and let them know that the coaches will be aware of everything they post on social media. I’ve seen firsthand some things put out there by players that, if I was their coach, would have them watching at least a game or two from the stands.
  19. Has it always been this way, Bobref? It’s no secret there’s a shortage of officials - in football and other sports. Are things like this one of the reasons why? I know skirmishes are nothing new on the gridiron. It just seems like there more incidents that go beyond pushing and shoving. Just such a shame.
  20. Makes perfect sense. Football is the ultimate team sport. And great teams are usually greater than the sum of their parts. Talent is never unimportant. But talent without the right chemistry, culture, and leadership will usually underperform.
  21. Yeah, not "scared" so much. I mean, I would hope that HS football players on high quality teams wouldn't fear any opponent. But, let's face it, sometimes teams are performing at a very high level. I would've said that about our 2018 team -- which was still in 3A and lost to WL in the finals. Bully for them for beating us. But I still believe that, had we had our starting CB, that game would've turned out differently. They knew he was out and successfully went deep against his replacement twice in the opening minutes of the game. Talk about a punch in the mouth. Even then, we still came back and had a chance to win the game. I love the way the Tigers are playing right now -- especially on defense. And I definitely think we could give GS a challenge. But they're a buzzsaw right now.
  22. I'm (obviously) a Memorial homer. But I think it's very likely that being in 4A in 2019 got us a state championship we wouldn't have gotten in 3A. Heritage Hills had a solid team that year and their state finals game against Chatard was a complete mismatch. I don't see how we could've beaten that Chatard team...despite the fact we'd beaten them the year prior. IMO, we weren't as good as we were in 2018...and Chatard was by most accounts better. Also, I love playing GS -- Nick Hart has put together an elite football program. But I wouldn't want to be standing in their way right now....I have to admit. I know that Allen gets all the attention and headlines, deservedly so. But their defense has been spectacular too. If anybody in 3A is able to beat them, my hat's off to them. I think this is their year.
  23. This is a pretty good place. https://rzcafeandcatering.com Unfortunately, the legendary Gemeca Inn burned down a few years ago and was never rebuilt. Shame, they served a helluva steak for a little dive in Ft. Branch, IN.
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