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  1. Correct. Only a matter of time before they add football. They’re going to grow as well being in the Tri-Town area
  2. I think they’d be welcomed back if they applied. It was odd and very surprising when they left and pretty much all Griffith coaches (Jennings, Geffert) were opposed to the change. Again, it was all orchestrated from the top and went down pretty unfavorably. They likely won’t come back, but Hanover moving could trigger further conference realignment in the Calumet Region.
  3. Stacy Adams had NOTHING to do with Griffith’s NCC departure. It was all former Superintendant Peter Morikis’ doing. He dropped the order and Stacy was powerless. ECC is a mess administratively top to bottom. They’d be an awful fit. Let’s see if the Hammond schools can field total programs with JV and Freshman teams, and then they can apply. They don’t fit outside of Morton football and Hammond High basketball. I’ve walked this through to you before. The IHSAA froze enrollment counts for the 20-21 school year, but the IDOE (which still took enrollment this year) site lists Gtown’s 202
  4. Because Griffith was a conference mate with Munster and Highland for over 50 years. There is fimilairty and history there. They have competed annually against Lowell in football since I believe 1934. They have good rivalries with Hobart and Andrean. They belong in the NCC culturally and historically. They have no business playing Lake Station, Boone Grove and Whiting. It’s funny how they have added Lowell, Highland and now Hobart back on the non-conference schedule.
  5. https://inview.doe.in.gov/schools/1047004173/population
  6. More up to date enrollments for context: 2020-21 (both Hammond Central and Morton are expected to be about 1700 each) Munster 1572 Hobart 1264 Lowell 1092 Highland 1055 Kankakee Valley 1015 Hanover Central 748 Andrean 384 GSSC enrollments from 20-21: Calumet 660 Griffith 660 River Forest 500 Whiting 486 Wheeler 485 Hammond Noll 466 Illiana Christian 414 (no football) Lake Station 389 Boone Grove 495 (football only) South Central 320 (football only)
  7. It is being reported that Hanover Central will leave the Greater South Shore Conference and join the Northwest Crossroads Conference after the 2023 school year. They will be the 7th member, replacing Griffith who left after 2017. Hanover is 3A in football, but is in one of the fastest growing districts (composed of Cedar Lake and parts of St. John and Crown Point) in the state. Frozen 2019-2020 enrollment data: Munster - 1521 Hobart - 1282 Highland - 1122 Lowell - 1118 KV - 1041 Hanover - 709 Andrean - 414 I think Hanover will make a good fit.
  8. It’s not going to change. Too bad they don’t care about the history. Wolves is terribly generic. They used a “student survey” from a Denver marketing firm last year that doesn’t know Hammond from Carmel, so there is zero community relevance to wolves. A few 16 year olds who were e-learning thought it sounded cool. Just as much a tragedy getting rid of the George Rogers Clark identity. It is really odd that they decided to change the name. The new school is built directly adjacent to Hammond High on the school’s parking lot and football field. They can’t be more than 20 yards apart. F
  9. 114 all-time meetings. First played in 1903 1903-06, 1909, 1924-25, 1928-92, 97-present. (From 1934-52 they played twice a year in a home and home series). It might not be the longest continuous, but it’s one of the oldest and most played series in state history. I don’t see ADs Patti McCormack and Bill Dorulla wanting to end this series any time soon.
  10. Warren Central - Hammond will be an absolute slaughter. Warren must’ve been desperate for a game
  11. Crown Point, strictly red and white today, used to use a more maroon and powder blue color combo in the 80s.
  12. Doubtful. If you live and Hammond and want to win, you’ll follow the winning, facility be damned
  13. Exactly. As I’ve said many times over the months, Hammond Central currently doesn’t even have a football facility - the new school sits on Bernie Krueger field - and I can’t imagine Hammond will straighten things out enough in the next 8 months to have one ready by August. They’ll be playing at Gavit or something next season or Morton’s turf when the Govs are away.
  14. Maybe guys like Hanover Central’s Brian Parker (a CP grad, I believe) or Rick Good of Calumet will be interested in these openings. Both good coaches at smaller schools. I think Mason would do well at LC. He wouldn’t fit in “culturally” per se at CP. LC has been broken since they got rid of Elmer 20 years ago. CP has the quicker upside. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Opportunity for both programs to things to the next level.
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-spt-football-crown-point-kevin-enright-st-122020-20201218-czn2ylnsufhmnabgkgwwhxn6ce-story.html%3foutputType=amp Kevin Enright resigns at CP after 9 years and 3 sectional titles. 2 Duneland openings now along with Lake Central
  16. Some NWI ones for ya. Thankfully there aren’t any corporate sponsorship names in Lake/Porter/LaPorte/Jasper counties. Merrillville - Dick Demaree Stadium- coach/program founder 1946-1975 Highland - Ken “Zip” Sypult Field - first Coach 1958-75 Munster - the field isn’t named, but the entire football/soccer/baseball complex is named for school’s first Coach and AD John Friend (1964-80). I would expect them to name the football field for recently retired coach Leroy Marsh (1980-2017), the program’s second coach, in the next few years. KV - Fred Jones Field - School’s first AD
  17. One thing to keep in mind is that Illinois doesn’t start until week 2 in Indiana, so that limits opportunities to play suburban schools a little bit. As others have mentioned, there have been some attempts in recent years. Chesterton was supposed to play Chicago power St. Rita this year. I think I can be sold into the 10 team Duneland. I like the east-west idea. Fun hypothetical.
  18. The LAC/Lake 10 was never a closed conference. They had football divisions (black and blue) that allowed for non conference games. Some schools scheduled cross divisional games, but there was never a 9 game conference schedule like with the SAC. Morton is a football school. That’s it. That’s their only sport. They’re terrible at both basketballs. Terrible. Haven’t won a boys sectional title in basketball since the bicentennial. That’s one of the longest droughts in the state. They won’t be getting much better adding Gavit kids. Not really competitive as a team in any other sport. Hammond
  19. What we saw Friday was just another chapter in Hobart’s great tradition of losing the state championship game. I can’t imagine anyone has more runner-up finishes than the Bricks. Indianapolis and it’s suburbs are exploding in population. Rest of the state, especially the rust belt north, can’t catch up. Is what it is.
  20. Hobart Brickies (11-2) Sagarin 75.63, 6th in 4A OA: 38.7 DA:10.2 12th state title game appearance, first in 24 years (1996). Roncalli Rebels (12-1) 94.18, 1st 4A OA: 41.3 DA: 16.3 13th appearance, first in 4 years. Gimme Roncalli big. Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Bricks stand a chance. Maybe that can channel some 2005 Lowell magic. Thoughts? Analysis? Predictions?
  21. Closely connected in every way save enrollment. LC is twice the size. Unrelated issues. Munster’s case is that Marsh let things go downhill on the back half of his career, combined with a first time head coach taking over that has been unable to generate any program excitement or improvement. That leads them to 2-8, 0-10 and 1-9 the last 3 years. I can’t figure out Lake Central’s issue. It’s not a new one though. They had a decent run with St. Germain where they won a couple of sectionals, but mostly under 500 ball since they let Elmer go after 2000. 6 winning seasons and 14 losing
  22. LC can’t match what HF pays or HF’s facility. Buz is making $157,000 across the state line. No one in the state can match that. Plus he already has a winning program at HF. They also have an indoor 30 yard turf practice field. I’d be shocked if he leaves, especially with his health ordeal this past year.
  23. One problem with the middle school feeders is that for at least the last 4 maybe 5 years they’ve only fielded 2 teams out of 3. Grimmer and Clark have had a combined team because Grimmer apparently couldn’t field a whole team. Plenty of non-white athletes roaming the halls at LC, DT. 70% white, 16% Hispanic, 7.5% black. Remember Gelen Robinson? He wasn’t an outlier. A lot to fix at LC. Right guy can do it though. Just has to be the right guy. Beutiful facility. They’ll pay well. Plentiful enrollment. Should attract quality applicants. We’ll see what happens. Region football is better
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