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  1. Please note Mishawaka's #64 Dawson Nowacki in this picture as well.
  2. Been wondering the same thing for years. Also why isn't Hobart spelled Hobert. I pronounced it the wrong wah for 40 years
  3. I think Mishawaka will be pretty good for the next few seasons. The younger Fisher will handle that offense very well.
  4. That Mishawaka and Marian are not 2nd rate team's in Mishawaka anymore.
  5. The other two football teams in Mishawaka have been pretty good the past few seasons.
  6. Mishawaka has had their share of sectionals as well as a few regionals the last 10 years or so and I think they have been very successful. Sure could be a lot worse.
  7. With Justin Fisher Mishawaka would have been the best team in the NIC this past season.
  8. i have never been to a fb game at Plymouth High School, looking forward to watching my Cavemen play there this next season. As well as trips to NW, Northridge and Warsaw should be exciting games.
  9. Good luck to fellow conference member Northridge. Go Cavemen.
  10. Mishawaka vs MC Friday night. I don't know a whole lot about MC other than they are very good.
  11. Mishawaka played very well with Justin Fisher under center getting some revenge 35-7.
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