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  1. Merrillville has proven to be arguably be the premier northern 5a/6a team of the state within the past 3-5 years, Valpo is probably next in line. That being said, last year was probably one of the best teams they’ve ever fielded and that ended in a semi-state loss (nothing to be ashamed of at all). But anyone more than a casual fan knows they are probably somewhere in the 10-15 range of best 6a teams this year. They lost some really good talent from last year. That being said, they’ve earned the right to be ranked in 6a so far. They should win their sectional fairly easy over Jeff again. Regional will be tough against Chesterton, (maybe Elkhart, but i doubt they best Chesterton) and they could very well earn another semi state birth. Why would you think that Valpo is probably next in line behind Mville the past 3-5 years?
  2. There is a shortage of men going into teaching who want to be coaches. There are also multiple concerns for admin when they hire, and many times they feel pressure to hire for some other reason than the fact that the person can coach. Multiple young teachers who do coach do it for a few years and then quit to specialize in one sport, or quit altogether due to the long hours as they start a family, or due to the fact that things didn't work out due to the issues that come up in many school districts. If there are issues, the stipend isn't enough to get them to stay, and they go on and do something else with their time. I dont think covid has anything to do with it....it is just a problem in Indiana right now across the board. DT original concern is a valid one that in a few years the teacher/coach pool will continue to shrink
  3. Where is Bobref getting multiple felonies by multiple people? Certainly not stated in article that multiple coaches are being investigated...with the rumors flying around I would be careful about throwing that out.
  4. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/charles-stanier-obituary?pid=197567019 Gary legend and Hall of Famer Passed away. Charlie Stanier, all state football player at Gary Horace Mann and then legendary coach at Valparaiso High School during the state championship in 1975 passed away recently. May he rest in peace. Charlie, a giant of a man, as a coach, teacher, and human being, was a legend in the Region. All of you who remember him know of what I speak.
  5. This CP coaching comment line going to light up soon....admin rules apply
  6. With the right coach and staff both programs could be be good. Maybe CP better job at this point for next year as they could compete more quickly. People talking about Mason...should be talking about Roy Richards as possibility as well. I don't disagree that City will have a decent team next year with some returners coming back, but to place them as a the conference leader I think is premature. Even with losing some players, Valpo and Mville will still be tough to beat. Mville has best talent in conference, Valpo has not lost in over 21 games. Chesterton has their star quarterback back I believe. And Laporte was much improved by end of year with a talented junior class. Do not count them out. They will be tough.
  7. Certainly athletic ability crucial to winning football...and getting your athletes (no matter the race) to play is the key. Let me remind you as you place Mville as the standard bearer of Dac football that Valpo has won over 20 straight Games in the DAC. Too bad that game was canceled this year.
  8. Counting the minutes til DT gets reprimanded from admin about coaching hires speculation and we get to have that debate again!
  9. They play mville I believe in first game...with the bye week they will have 3 weeks without a game
  10. I appreciate BOBref and his honesty and insight about this mistake. Refs are human and make mistakes. The problem is this.. There are two possibilities with this issue. I assume Bobref was at the game since he said he said they had a nice chat after the game. 1. They conferred and not one person on the crew knew the rule. BOBref has said there is no excuse for not knowing the rule. 2. The 2nd possibility is worse. Members of that crew knew the rule, but just didnt care enough or have the courage of their convictions to tell the others what the rule was. That is totally sad if that is the case. Of course neither is acceptable, but I would be interested if Bob ref thinks it was the first or the 2nd case.
  11. I know refs make mistakes, but it is difficult to believe an experienced varsity crew did not know that rule on kicks.
  12. 'There had to be a couple Hail Marys': Calumet gets green light to resume fall contact sports James Boyd On Monday night, the Lake Ridge school board held a meeting and voted to restart fall contact sports. Calumet will resume practice later this week but can't play in its Week 6 home game.
  13. Boiler mentioned Valpo was just in the state finals for 5a (2019) last year and also in 2001. So that would make Lowell, Andrean, Whiting, and Valpo with state final appearances. I guess most region people don't see Laporte county as part of the "region" but I should mention the Slicers run to the state title a few years back and New Prairie under Radtke made it as well.
  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/23/coronavirus-threatens-auto-industry-recovery-as-cases-rise-and-more-employees-miss-work.html
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