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  1. Easbrook big over Blackford. Let's just start game with running clock. I will take Elwood with upset if you will over MG. I liked the way they played last week with a lot of fight. Ol' miss over Alex team the struggles with the Defensive side of the ball every year. OH and Frankton. Well I hope the Eagles of Frankton can get a nice win over OH. Not sure if they have it in them yet but they can definitely keep things close by running the ball and keeping the Defense off the field. I'll take frankton by 2 points. (Also Might be a little biased in my pick but a red and white eagle seems more patriotic. But the golden eagle seems to be more of what you would ever find in nature. So I will always root for the patriotic Eagles)
  2. This is the best response on here. We'll said sir, well said.
  3. Blackford -Mg : Blackford with a big win. They look to be improving every week but penalties kill. Alex - Elwood: Alex wins big but elwood could make it close as Alex is defense optional team. oakhill- mississinewa: Oakhill if they run the ball well and eat clock can pull this one off. Mississinewa looks to still be finding groove with new qb. Oakhill by a score. Eastbrook - Frankton: never thought I would be saying this so early "battle of the top teams". I k ow Frankton hasn't really played anyone in the CIC yet, but still great for the young guys on the program for a nice confidence boost and keep them working hard. Eastbrook running clock after half.
  4. Ole miss v. Mg- by 50 at the half. Bigger school should be drumming bottom rural schools. Ole miss 56-0 Alex v. Blackford- Alex by 21 if they don't throw interceptions. Alex need to get back to running the ball to keep games closer and help milk clock. Alex 42-21 Frankton v. Elwood: frankton seems to be doing better better better with new coach. Like to see them running the ball just work on getting O-line from McDonald's big to athletic big. Elwood until they keep a coach will always be bottom. Frankton 42-0 OH v. EASTBROOK- this game is a battle of 2 great programs. Will ground and pound each other and come looking to hit. Will be the best game of the year in CIC I believe. Eastbrook 21-7 Where is Elwood in 2A enrollment wise? I have heard Franktons enrollment is more than Elwoods now. Are they close to dropping to 1A.
  5. I would agree I'm not sure "soft" is correct term. Also would agree our culture as a whole is to blame for this. This generation knows nothing but instant gratification with buy online get it next day or world of info at tips of fingers. This type of culture had hurt the ground and pound of having patience to beat your opponents will to win. That is why we are seeing more teams like Eastbrook in 2A have success with all the other coaches trying what they see in the pros. It is also hard to get kids to play to ground and pound because all they see is the finess of spread at pro and college level. Hard to idealize or imitate what you never know exists. I do think we will see a cultural shift since D fences have gotten smaller and quicker to accommodate for pass offense. Offenses will "MAKE FULLBACKS GREAT AGAIN"!
  6. Will be traveling to Blackford to watch the eagles run the ball and pull out a victory.
  7. C' mon man! Everyone knows you can only recycle plastic so many times before it has to go to the landfill. Paper and glass can be recycled infinitely. And what school recycles at sporting events? (I'm just using this as an argument to get my good tasting cola back that doesn't taste like plastic. No idea if paper is really recyclable infinitely)
  8. Not to be political but we can ban plastic starws because they are bad for the environment. Let's ban plastic soda bottles at sporting events and give me my 100% recyclable paper cups! Plus I'm sure with all them chemicals released from the plastic into my drink is what is making me FAT. 🙄
  9. This is a topic often not considered when schools are looking for potential opponents. It's probably THE most important thing that should be considered. If a school still has paper coke/Pepsi cups for soft drinks with real carbonation happening behind the counter. That school gets a +5 on the concessions list. You can usually tell a lot about the quality of opponents by how good food is at the concessions. If they have burnt popcorn or cold hot dogs and no greasy hamburgers or brauts like a college campus don't consider them. US parents like to eat a lot so quit making me stop at fast food on my way to the games and let me support the FFA club by buying a 1/2lbs heart attack burger they made on a grill donated by the local bar. Allow me to buy the 1gal slushy from the drama department. My point is concessions have gotten worse and I'm tired of cold popcorn terrible tasting better for your health hot dogs, and soft drinks that taste like they sat in an athletic department cooler since last year. I want greasy unhealthy foods with softdrinks in a paper cup and real carbonation. So what schools have the best concession stands?
  10. Totally agree 100% with what you are saying. This dude must be the Bishop Sycamore of CICAlum. We at Frakton love this new guy. (For now) he really takes intrest in developing the youth and yea we suck right now but we will get better. Got a solid staff and admin is one of the best admins around. Best thing he did was bring our youth together to run what he wants them to run. Now don't get me wrong I wish he would have done it with the lapel league because they really helped buy equipment for jr. High and always gave money to both Varsty programs. But I also understand his point of this is closer and gets them competing with CIC teams.
  11. Eastbrook@ madison grant- Class of the conference wins big. Up 50 at half and running clock. ole miss@ Elwood: Elwood has improved and has a lot of fight but ole miss is still to much. It's closer than what most will think. Ole miss by 3 scores. oak hill@Blackford: good CIC slug fest. Oak hill pulls out a barn burner for them this year 21-7. Bottom dwellers@Alex: with Alex's optional D. The bottom dwellers still cant find the endzone. ALEX walks all over the heartless Eagles. Alex finishes the regular season with average record looking to get beat in sectionals. Frankton ends dismal regular season 1-8. Frankton kids already looking to rebound with basketball and petition still collects signatures to get rid of HC.
  12. That is anything can happen on "any given Sunday". The fact is this team has not scored an offensive TD in how long? That is sad and look at total offensive yards a game. Not like they are playing cathedrals D every week.
  13. I have watched this frankton team every week this year and Lapel could bring JV team and still win big!
  14. I have not looked at box score of heritage Christian and lapel just saw the score on john harrell. I heard at the grain elevator today that heritage Christian could be the 2a team to represent the south. So I just figured they drummed lapel and it was never really close. Could we see a heritage christian and eastbrook state title? Has anyone seen heritage christian them play this year?
  15. I think everyone is wanting the easy road and the Frankton draw. Great way to say you had at least 1 post season win. The best questions are who is going to challenge Eastbrook in sectional 36? Is eastern legit or just week schedule? Can lapel find a way around eastbrook? Is the former CIC team Tipton up for new conferences kingss? Who is Franktons coach next year?
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