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  1. Yes, sticking with it since that is what happened. Were we banged up and low on numbers? Yes, we played most of the year without a lot of guys. But we played every game. We were going to play the Judson game. We were there Friday night and we were about to walk out of the door Saturday to go play them. But, as I previously stated we received a phone call Saturday morning letting us know that officials were not found for the game.
  2. We did not cancel any game this year. Friday the game was suspended due to the weather. On Saturday we were at the school ready to get on the bus when we were called and told the game was cancelled because officials could not be found for the game.
  3. The following positions will be open at West Central School Corporation. More will be added as they become open. Elementary School Maintenance Director - Start date of June 1st 2019 or before Elementary School Teacher (2019-20 School Year) Middle School/High School English Teacher (2019-20 School Year) Middle School/High School Mathematics Teacher (2019-20 School Year) Middle School Special Education Teacher (2019-20 School Year) High School Business Education Teacher (2019-20 School Year) Instructional Assistant (2019-20 School Year)
  4. Any reason as to why these coaches left their positions?
  5. Could you send me a message as well as to how to sign up for this? Is the sign up the same every year?
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