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  1. Clinic is 2 days away. This years clinic has a 3-3 and option concentration.
  2. The Indy Glazier Clinic is next weekend Jan 31-Feb 2. https://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Indianapolis-Indiana-Football-Clinic This is one of the best clinics in the mid-west. Please remember to cut out your name tag for speedy registration. The Band app is the official communication tool for the glazier clinics, please use this link to download Band for all last minute clinic communication. https://band.us/n/aeab21i6Gc004 What is Band?
  3. Homestead looks to be 10-5 against carroll over the last 10 years and has won 3 in a row.
  4. I have no hard data to support this... But I had conversations w/ 3 different head coaches this past week at Glazier and all 3 "feel" that live streams have hurt attendance, ESPECIALLY when weather id bad.
  5. If you attended the Glazier Clinic this past weekend, please share w/ me any thoughts, suggestions, or good ideas that you learned. Thx, Steve Snodgrass
  6. If you are attending the Glazier clinic please have 2 name tags printed and cut out. If you pre-print and cut out your name tag you can substantially decrease your registration wait time. https://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Indianapolis-Indiana-Football-Clinic Its not too late to register if you want to attend.
  7. Jan 18- 19. 11 am arrival on Jan 18 needed, will be dismissed at your convenience on saturday . Room volunteers introduce speakers, make announcements, make headcounts, and communicate issues to Glazier Staff. I do my best to make sure you see every speaker that you want to see, but there is a chance that you would need to work a room w/ a speaker that is not your first/2nd choice. You will share the hotel room, 2 bed, w/ another coach. This is for a free hotel room on Friday night only. Glazier will give you a free individual season pass, free hotel room, Glazier Gear, and about $50 for food. Let me know if you have any other questions and whether you want to work. This is a great networking opportunity and learning opportunity. Being a room volunteer can create a relationship w/ some of the best speakers in the country. https://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Indianapolis-Indiana-Football-Clinic
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