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  1. Lysander

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Agreed. Though, lest anyone doubt, I have NP, personally, at No. 3 in all classes currently. No.1 in 5A. Though I am no journalistic type (clearly, experts in all things...just ask them...they have this whole "subject/predicate" thing down)...personally, I kan bearly spel. Let alone write a decent sentence.
  2. 2A South is a Nightmare. No disrespect to the North...but I think 2A South Semi-State is the State Champ (some Dude from Eastbrook is going to hate on me for that). Not sure Mater Dei (rare year) is in the mix this year.
  3. Heh...heh. Broad Ripple being the "greatest football field on the face of the earth"....and the "field of champions", that's a great question. Chatard (even with temporary bleachers) can fit more than either Guerin or Brebeuf (who has had Semi-State games at their field). That said, all I am hoping for is a first round Sectional game...or maybe a second round if they are lucky and win the first round away. But yes, compared to Brebeuf, Chatard could host a Semi-State (solely as a technical question). Parking might be a little tight, though.
  4. Lysander

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Jeezuz...they are the "Best Team in the State"......don't want your head to blow off from a stroke or anything. I'm just here to save lives....apparently. I'd only had the them at #3 but I will go a ways to save a life.
  5. Guerin at Chatard - should be a battle. Guerin proved themselves last week knocking off a Top 10 6A team. Too close too call (they have all been too close too call from my perspective). Roncalli at Brebeuf - going with Brebeuf too....but Roncalli looks to be pulling it together. Not real impressed with their Scecina game last week but their Freshman QB seems to be REALLY stepping it up. Covenant Christian v Heritage Christian - going with Covenant. This Guerin/Chatard game is HUGE on several levels. If Chatard wins then they have won conference (BTW, if Roncalli loses any conference game this year, then they are tied with Chatard for overall historic conference record...looking for some solace since Roncalli has dominated the conference the last 2 years). If Chatard loses, then, the conference is wide open... BTW, 3 out of the 6 Top 3A teams currently are from the CCC per Sagarin. Toughest class pound for pound. Actually good to see Sags give Guerin "some" credit. Rare event.
  6. Must have been printed on an original Gutenberg press. Mine were.
  7. Lysander

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Uhhh....what's this "Twitter" thing? I get my info from some dude riding a pony. Just pointing out the obvious.....
  8. Lysander

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Love Sagarin, but they were WAAY off in 3A last year. Didn't look at CalPreps last year.
  9. Jeez, bro.....you really going there? Faaar from a Cathedral guy but seriously.... Makes Carmel sound like they should be on "Say Yes to the Dress" Actually, I retract that...Carmel likely had a Cotillion that weekend.
  10. Lysander

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    Seems a little harsh as referencing Michigan City. Honestly, I look at scores to try to evaluate just where teams stand....maybe they are "moral victories". To me, they are just a chance to evaluate teams over the course of a season. Michigan City's loss to Valpo certainly seems to counter their great game against Flossmoor. Still, Flossmoor is the 3rd best team in Illinois per CalPreps (I am FAR from the biggest fan of CalPreps...but it does evaluate teams nationally...across State lines). Not that it matters, but CalPreps has New Pal #6 overall (42.0) and Cathedral #7 overall (40.0). I happen to believe, personally, that New Pal only trails Warren Central (distantly....as does everyone) and Brownsburg (much more closely). NP is exceptional. The game last week was...well, unhelpful, but my guess is that everyone has a bad game...even New Pal. Admittedly, as a jab to everyone here, CalPreps has Chatard #3 overall (since this may be the only time I ever get to cite this) at 45.0. BTW, respect Southport (think they might make a run...great QB), but that final score should, frankly, have been 45-13. No doubt, Chatard may get blown out by Guerin this week. Again, not the biggest believer in CalPreps. Bear in mind, I will vote Evansville Memorial #1 in 3A until they lose...no matter what Chatard does (or fails) to do. I am faaaar from forgetting West Lafayette in this...btw. We get WAAAY to bent out of shape about school size and class here. Good teams are good teams. We will see how this all shakes out shortly. The only absolutely dominating team I see right now is Warren Central.
  11. Lysander

    Get the Red Rings Ready...

    The Flossmoor game impressed me. Think they are top 5 in Illinois per CalPreps. Admittedly, not a CalPreps guy myself but it might be worth a second looking at CalPreps for Indiana.
  12. I, literally, was turning the game off....then I saw the kick kept going, and going.....and going. Seriously, couldn't believe it. Kudos to Dilley (as well) for having faith in his kicker....obviously for good reason.. Hope the kid makes it at Virginia Tech. Incredible kick.
  13. Well, don't worry. @Impartial_Observer is old (almost blind...so I hear from everyone on the sidelines). It's amazing they allow him on any road these days. Think he has to take a monthly driver's exam.
  14. BTW, was that crazy 54 yard field goal against Brebeuf in '16 or '17? Years go by so fast...seemed like last year to me....watched that craziness. Had to rub my eyes a couple of times. Whatever happened to that kicker, btw? Probably the biggest (longest) clutch kick I have been witness to in HS.