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  1. Ah, same old WRC. The good teams make the weak teams look like trash to justify their questionable, sometimes DB-ish coaching decisions. What happened to win with class? Agreed Donnie...
  2. Ah, Tanka, nothing gets past you... However, the questions you ask shouldn't be directed towards me. I just heard there may have been some special kick practice and route running by the Falcons after they were up handily over the Panthers. Maybe they wanted to get to the running clock and were in a hurry to get to the after-game Homecoming activities? Maybe not. Perhaps some of the Panther or Falcon faithful can answer that for you.
  3. SEEGER vs. FOUNTAIN CENTRAL - Looks like Coach King and the Patriots have figured out the recipe for success. Run the ball, score a lot more points than the other team and get stops on defense. Too bad they couldn't do that when they played PH. FC did what they needed to do against Attica. (Despite, Donnie Baker's and I's differences) They will be overwhelmed by Seeger's running game. Seeger wins big. SEEGER 40 - FC 12 CLOVERDALE vs. RIVERTON PARKE - Really expected the Panthers to come out and show everybody they were better last week at NV. And up until Friday, the Falcons D was like swiss cheese. I fully expect RP to take their frustrations out on a Clovers team that is very young. Although, this game was pretty close last year. It is Homecoming at RP also. Should be a good night for them. RP 30 - CLOVERDALE 14 NORTH VERMILLION vs. ATTICA - The Falcons took advantage of several RP turnovers last week. It was definitely the difference in the game. I heard they even worked on their special teams and passing game some late in the game. So, hopefully all facets are still clicking against the Ramblers. NV 45 - ATTICA 6 COVINGTON vs. SOUTH NEWTON - I know little about the Rebels, but they seem to be having a better year. The Trojans took one on the chin last week. Literally. I did not see the Patriots thumping them so badly. Covington should win this game, but we'll see if they're getting ready for basketball season a little early or if they'll enjoy chucking it around the football field a little more. COVINGTON 40 - SN 28 PARKE HERITAGE vs. SOUTH VERMILLION - This one I had circled at the beginning of the season as the WRC Championship Part 2. However, both teams come stumbling into this one. The Wolfs have learned that beefing up the schedule can be tough. The Wildcats have still not learned it doesn't matter what the stats look like, it's the W's & L's. Defense helps too. I heard PH may be without the services of QB 1. That may hurt them. But they should still have better athletes than SV to win this game. Should. PH 42 - SV 41
  4. Should be a good game next year, but I think this series will end up like the NV series before too long. Linton may want to keep some feelers out.
  5. That's funny Donnie. I have not been hurt by the Mustangs. Just not a fan. But trust me, my dislike is well rooted. Honest question, Do you see their program headed back to its old ways? Where they can compete for at least a WRC title and the Sectional?
  6. Wow, a thread started on a Monday. Maybe there is some interest in the WRC still... COVINGTON vs. SEEGER - Coach Herb and Seeger are thanking their lucky stars the Panthers couldn't get a 2 point conversion and fumbled on the 1 yard line last week. Otherwise the Partriots might be sitting at 1-3. The Patriots' secondary was exploited by giving up 300 plus passing yards. (To the Panthers?) Covington, I'm sure, is licking their chops. But can they stop that Patriot run game? I hope the Trojans are up for the task. This should be a dandy. Covington 45 Seeger 40 RIVERTON PARKE vs. NORTH VERMILLION - I thought North Vermillion would give more of a fight against Linton. Apparently, the Miners are better than advertised, or the Falcons are less than. I don't know. One thing is for sure, Riverton Parke looks to be competing a lot more than they have in the past, even, as I've heard, without being full strength still. Will the Panthers ruin the Falcon Homecoming? It's been a long time (2007) since a Panther win in this series. We'll see... NV 35 RP 32 ATTICA vs. FOUNTAIN CENTRAL - Attica is back! Maybe. Not ideal to take nearly a month off during an only two and half month long regular season. The Ramblers will have to knock some rust off I'm sure. The Mustangs look to get back to their ways of beating up inferior opponents. Might be a little closer than Eminem says. FC 26 Attica 20 PARKE HERITAGE vs. GREENCASTLE - The Tiger Cubs in fact lost to the Eagles 19-13. But they still present an issue to the Wolfs. They're usually a run first team. Which by now, we should all know, the Wolfs are bad at stopping. Parke Heritage needed a Tuscola(IL) fumble to get the ball back for their chance to win last week. Otherwise, I think they would have lost two in a row. Even with all of their athletes, they may find playing up a few classes will present a problem, and they're on the road for a third straight week. Who made this schedule? Greencastle will be tough to beat at home. GC 42 PH 40 SOUTH VERMILLION vs. SULLIVAN - The Wildcats will be in trouble during this one. The Golden Arrows will score more than them. That's all I have to say about that. This one could get ugly. Sullivan 42 SV 14
  7. Yes, I would put South Adams as the leader, although I'm sure Adams Central will have something to say about that. As I'm sure you're familiar with, the ACAC has had its share of pretty good football teams.
  8. Week 4 of what has been a pretty dismal WRC season so far. The only teams with a winning record, so far, are Parke Heritage, Fountain Central and Covington. The Wolfs looked completely inept last weekend against Adams Central. All that state championship run talk in Rockville should be quiet for a few weeks. (The Flying Jets aren't even the best team in their conference!)The Mustangs have benefitted from a depleted Riverton Parke squad and a bad Frontier team for their two wins. I wouldn't count them as a top contender. The Trojans can score a bunch, but their defense and overall team play lacks a little bit as games wear on. Their 28-0 1st quarter lead against North Vermillion last week got widdled down to 12 points half way through the 3rd quarter. North Vermillion does play hard, just not enough playmakers. Seeger and South Vermillion had some rough goes early on. I look for them to improve as the season goes, maybe. Attica is a question mark if they'll even play again. I hear good things about Riverton Parke, but they're in the same boat. Got to get them on the field! Anyways here are the picks.... FOUNTAIN CENTRAL at COVINGTON - The Trojans' QB reminds me a lot of Brett Favre. Reckless at times, but always ready to make a play. He's a competitor, and can sling it. I don't think the Mustang secondary can contain the Trojans' passing attack. If they do, I don't think the Mustang offense can score enough points to win. Either way, I see a Trojan victory. COVINGTON 45 - FC 28 LINTON at NORTH VERMILLION - This game used to be a fun one to watch. Used to be. The last several meetings have been all Miners. After their 2nd half performance last week against a tough Monrovia team, the Miners appear to be gearing up for another deep post-season run. The Falcons will always compete, but I don't think they'll pull it out. LINTON 54 - NV 32 SEEGER at RIVERTON PARKE - I had high hopes for this year's Patriot's team. They looked ready to challenge the Wolfs and Wildcats for conference domination. Their week one matchup with Parke Heritage showed me otherwise. I have even less confidence in them now considering I've heard that their 13-0 loss to Southmont was at the hands of several non-starters and JV players on the field for the Mounties. Fortunatley for Coach Herb, I have no clue if the Panthers will be at full strength. If they are, they could be a problem for an under performing team like Seeger. If not, Seeger should win. Should win, maybe. SEEGER 28 - RP 27 MARSHALL(IL) at SOUTH VERMILLION - I know nothing about the Lions this year. The Wildcats are on pace to break the school record in scoring offense, but unfortunately, also scoring defense. I'd like to think that South Vermillion has the better athletes on the field, but I've though that the last three weeks. This one will probably be another shootout. SV 56 - MARSHALL(IL) 55 PARKE HERITAGE at TUSCOLA(IL) - I know even less about the Warriors. Hopefully they don't run the ball! I mean that game last week against Adams Central was a clinic on how to run the ball. Parke Heritage has never been beat that bad in its illustrious 4 years of existence. How do the Wolfs recover from the beat down they received from the Flying Jets? They were supposed to play Attica, who is still out. Now they play Tuscola(IL). If the Warriors run the ball, and do it with efficiency, the Wolfs are in for a long night again. PH 8 - TUSCOLA(IL) 7
  9. Lol, that's called Adams Central being up 35-0. I said in my game picks this week that Parke Heritage would find the Flying Jet's brand of football a little more harsh than they're used to. Watching that game tonight, Adams Central looked down right nasty. Slow, methodical, punishing, run attack. Only 3 passes thrown the whole game. Parke Heritage does not look like a top 10 team.
  10. The one and only... Mecca Tavern of course!
  11. Missed this last week, with the site being down and all. So, some of my commentary will be from the previous two weeks. Anyways, this week's picks... Covington vs. North Vermillion - Both teams have scored this year. Even in a loss last week the Falcons put up over 30. The Trojans have showed they can score too, but are pretty porous on defense. This one will probably be a dandy. Will the Falcons play a second overtime game in three weeks? Over/ under on passes thrown in this one is 100. I think Crabtree and the boys pull this one out, barely. NV 41 Covington 40 Frontier vs. Fountain Central - The Falcons might be 0-2, but so should the Mustangs. They may be improved, but the verdict is still out. And from what I understand, their victory last week was against a very depleted RP squad. That might not be saying much, but it wasn't the same Panther team that took the field in week 1 that drubbed Attica 34-6. This one still has the makings of a pillow fight. Whoever has the ball last wins. Frontier 28 FC 21 Seeger vs. Southmont - The Patriots and the Mounties should have some fun on the turf this Friday. Southmont appears to be much improved at 2-0 with wins over FC and North Putnam, but Seeger has Herb. If anyone can get his players to play, and coaches to coach, even when outmatched, it's Herb. But, if the Patriots aren't 100% like the above poster says, I think The Mounties move to 3-0. Southmont 28 Seeger 21 South Vermillion vs. Riverton Parke - How does a team with a D1 QB lose 62-56 in week 1 against a team who didn't have a head coach until this summer, but easily beats their county rival in week 2? I dunno, the Wildcat magic might be running out in that visor. Maybe it's time for a new one? Their D has given up 98 points in two games, while their O has scored 106. The word is that the Panthers are still without the services of several players, but they still put a team on the field last week. From what I hear, if they were full strength they wouldn't have done the same thing to the Mustangs last week that they did to the Ramblers in week 1. But that's why we play the games. This one is closer than the Fighting Visors want it to be. SV 45 RP 40 Parke Heritage vs. Adams Central - This game should be televised. The Wolfs have all the talent you can find in the Wabash Valley. The Flying Jets I'm sure have plenty of home-grown talent. The North vs. The South. The Pass vs. The Run. The latter being the achilles heel of the Wolfs. I think Parke Hertitage will find the brand of football Adams Central plays is a little more harsh than what they're used to. They are talented and may keep it close, but I like the Flying Jets in this one. AC 42 PH 35 @Tanka Jahari Don't leave us hanging. The WRC needs your insight...
  12. Man, kinda dead in here... @Tanka Jahari where you at?
  13. We need to bump this thread to the first page. Where is everyone else at? I saw on another post that oldbleacherbum or whatever his name is wanted to get out of the Gridiron. Must not like what he sees in old Wolfs country. Ok, back to the games... ATTICA at RIVERTON PARKE - The Ramblers just keep on rambling! Heard they actually have pretty decent numbers this year. But do they have the athletes to compete in the WRC? The Panthers seem to be a bit of an enigma. Fooball has struggled, their Basketball team was competitive last winter and Baseball went to regionals. Where are those kids during football season? I've heard some of them may finally have come out for football. If that's the case, I'll take the Panthers athletes over the Ramblers athletes. RP 35-28 FOUNTAIN CENTRAL at SOUTHMONT - I don't know much about either team, except that the Mustangs have struggled recently and the Mounties are a bigger school and have field turf. I'll take the team with more kids and better facilities. Southmont wins 28-14. NORTH VERMILLION at NORTH CENTRAL - Two teams that have had a pretty rough go of things recently after several great seasons. I don't look for the Falcons to stay down for too long. The Thunderbirds could be in for another long season. NV 35-14. SEEGER at PARKE HERITAGE - The WRC Championship part 1! Seriously, who schedules these games? The winner of this game has an inside track to the conference championship after week 1. The Patriots can run the ball and play good defense, which has been a recipe for disaster for the Wolfs. The Wolfs, I understand, have done a bit of team improvement over the summer and added some firepower to an already potent offense. But the question still remains... can they play defense and stop the run when it counts? This one is closer than folks in Rockville will want it to be. PH 42-35. SOUTH VERMILLION at COVINGTON - This one was over before halftime last year. This year may not be much different. The Wildcats have a few spots to fill, but return their Division 1 QB and a few pretty good RB/WR's. Who is even coaching the Trojans? Did they ever annouce that? I have a lot more questions, but I don't think they matter too much in this one. Could be the only blowout game in the WRC this week. SV 42-7
  14. Well, well, well... A WRC Thread, finally! It's been way too quiet on here. Thanks Tanka for once again showing the initiative to get some conversations going. The following, of course, is just my two cents. (Also in alphabetical order) ATTICA - I tend to agree, they will stuggle because of numbers. But it is not for a lack of trying. One thing is for sure, Coach Schmid and the Ramblers will play and compete until their last man is standing. COVINGTON - Third coach in three years? Ouch. Not good for a school who's mission is to try to compete with the Wolfs, Wildcats and Patriots for WRC football dominance. The Trojans may have to look to the NFL to find a replacement. Or maybe coach Brown returns? Or just play soccer? FOUNTAIN CENTRAL - Ugh, just ugh. Gotta be better than last year, right? It may be a while before the Mustangs return to prominence. If they get there at all. It's a shame too, because they have some pretty good facilities and a history of winning. I credit the school and Coach Hall for sticking each other out. NORTH VERMILLION - An enigma. Was last year a bump in the road? Or has the Falcon talent pool finally dried up? I don't see them winning the WRC, but they won't be like last year. Coach Crabtree usually finds a way to get his Falcons to play. PARKE HERITAGE - Another year, more passing records and no championships? As talented as they are, until they can effectively run the ball late in games with the lead, championships will evade them. Coach Moore needs to "find" a good running back to compliment Johnson & Johnson. But the question remains... how long will it last for the Wolfs in Rockville? RIVERTON PARKE - Only a matter of time until the talk becomes a reality, right? As far as this year, who knows. Coach Sanders and the Panthers should be a little better. Could they be the surprise team this year? SEEGER - Coach King is a program builder! The Patriots should definitley be in the conversation as a favorite to win the WRC. And maybe their sectional? Hall of Fame status coaching always takes advantage of generous talent pools. Seeger has both. SOUTH VERMILLION - Coach Barrett has built himself a nice program in Clinton. They did lose a few studs, but I think the Wildcats will be just fine this coming season. Although, they will have to play the games of their lives if they want to complete the season sweep of the Wolfs and Patriots again. Not everyone can say they beat two Hall of Fame coaches in the same year. WRC side note: I was lucky enough to catch a little of the 5th & 6th spring football between the Panthers, Falcons and Wildcats. (Seriously, where is the rest of the WRC?) All three teams looked to have a stud or two coming up. SV's QB and RB and NV's QB. But it appears as if Coach Sanders and his Panthers may soon be serving up wins in Mecca as well as Tenderloins. There you go, looking forward to some more discussions...
  15. Indy Shortridge is listed twice. 4A Sectional 22 (Which is where Harrell has them) and 1A Sectional 46. Which one is it?
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