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  1. Another exciting one this Friday... NorthWood at Leo. Thankfully I’ll be able to watch this one play out live since it’s not played in Elkhart County. Northridge gave Leo a run for their money and by the sounds of it, had every opportunity to win that game. Like Leo, NorthWood has a stingy defense. First team to put up 14 points wins this one. Unless Covid hits East Noble, they win big vs Dekalb - 42-7...
  2. New Prairie (5-4) @ Plymouth (1-5): Glad to see Coach Barron is back to practice and healthy. I can’t imagine the Rockies (otherwise known as Pilgrims) make any noise in this one after being MIA for 3 weeks. New Prairie by 24 Wawasee (3-6) @ NorthWood (3-3): Hoping I don’t fall asleep by halftime at this one. Although Wawasee is coming off a big win last week. Perhaps they have a little more momentum than the Panthers as they had a bye week (due to Plymouth). NorthWood by 34 Leo (8-1) @ Northridge (6-2): Genuinely excited for this one as I’m sure many are. Leo will either win by a la
  3. Fair, it’s wishbone. Not much option or reads by QB. More so, dive/power/sweep. QB does a great job carrying out his fakes though.
  4. @NRRaider2001 how you feeling about your Raiders this week? There has to be some benefit in seeing the triple-option twice already. Hoping they can fix their mistakes from those two times and pull this one out.
  5. Thanks. That’s unfortunate for him. Glad he’s only a Junior and didn’t miss his Senior season (if that’s any consolation). He’s a good ball player.
  6. Cheers to the beginning of the playoffs - let’s hope each team stays healthy and avoids any cancellations. I believe Sectional 19 is one of the best in the state. Leo, Northridge, and East Noble are heavy favorites, but don’t sleep on NorthWood, Columbia City or Angola. Would not be surprised to see any of these six teams take home the Sectional 19 crown. Match ups I’m excited for week 1: Leo at Northridge and Columbia City at East Noble Leo at Northridge: Leo has proven to be a tough team for several years. This is one of their best teams they’ve had. Junior class is ext
  7. First post here... big time NLC fan for a long time. Always have read posts, but never chimed in. I don’t understand the co-champ logic. It should be decided off head to head. Beating the team you are “co-champ” with holds more weight than the roundabout way of how they have the same conference record, IMO. As for my nomination of “Game of the Week” - Mishawaka vs Northridge will be a slobber knocker. Both teams ground and pound. Easily the two best and meanest offensive lines I’ve watched this year. A lot on the line with a share of NLC to the victor (assuming Concord doesn’t stun
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