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  1. I've talked about IUs recruiting ventures in the IU thread. Its hard not to trust Mike Woodson and his staff right now. Since arriving back in Bloomington he has put IU on the national recruiting stage and gone toe to toe with top programs in the nation for 5-star recruits and won more than his fair share. While the effort for IU was there with Flory hard telling the reason why IU didn't land in the finalist for him but were talking about the inner working s of the mind of a 17 year old who knows . IU has a lack of 24's commitments but has made plenty of list for top 100 talent (now I know that means nothing if at least a few don't land in B-town) . Again right now you have to trust Mike Woodson and his staff to do their thing and previous recruiting cycles an indicator that you should. As far as the Boilers I think its most likely a mutual understanding of stylistic play. Clearly the way Flory game works is nothing like the way Painter uses Big men in his offense for better or worse both probably realized early on that wouldn't be a good fit. Honestly fans of both programs really shouldn't be that sad IMO its happened before with plenty of recruits when both IU and PU were on solid footing as a program. Both have really solid incoming classes / Transfer with a sprinkling of in state talent combined with guys that fit they way they want to play. Purdue being that favorite with MSU to repeat and write the wrongs of last year. IU with new faces but plenty of talent to show what Mike Woodson can do and I think they will surprise people and finish in the top 5 of the Big 10 this year. Best of luck to Flory I think he will have a solid college career at any of the 4 programs he chooses .
  2. I've talked about IUs recruiting ventures in the IU thread. Its hard not to trust Mike Woodson and his staff right now. Since arriving back in Bloomington he has put IU on the national recruiting stage and gone toe to toe with top programs in the nation for 5-star recruits and won more than his fair share. While the effort for IU was there with Flory hard telling the reason why IU didn't land in the finalist for him but were talking about the inner working on the mind of
  3. Unreal honestly Mike F-ing Woodson man ! Huge get doesn’t even begin to describe this wow . Much needed addition and this roster starts to look like one that might be fun to watch in February and March *fingers crossed*
  4. I thought the same initially , until I read an article that IU fans should consider Walker and 1 for 1 trade for Geronimo. From that prospective I like the addition he adds front line depth. I watched Highlights from COVID season he was a solid contributor (think more athletic Race) averaged 10ppg 5rpg . Seems good enough to guard positions 3-5 which is HUGE for IU. Kopp got Much better in that aspect this season BUT I thought that's where we struggled against teams with guys like that (i.e. Kris Murray) In other Portal/recruiting news , IU joins a host of Schools (St. Johns, Kansas, and UofL) as a new group of finalist for 5-Star Duke Decommit Mackenzie Mgbako Lights out shooting swing man is EXACTLY what IU needs on this roster, man if IU could land this kid I would NEVER questions the recruiting ability of Woodson and his staff again LOL. Also IU was one of first in contact with Dingle 6'3 transfer guard from Penn. Love this kids game after watching Highlights, and when Penn played power 5 conference teams? he average 22ppg to go along with his 2nd in the NCAA 23ppg for the whole season. with NBA goals hopefully IU can sell him on look what he did for JHS .
  5. Johnson does indeed receive his hardship waiver he will be IUs starting PG come October/November. Polarizing at times sure BUT beats all other alternatives at this point, and I have confidence he will be able to lead whatever team gets put together over the next month. Also preparing for Dexter Dennis 2.0 as IU announces its hosting Miami (FL) grade transfer Anthony Walker. Came off the Bench for the Hurricanes this year , saw his productivity decline over the course of 4 years in Coral Gables. less than 3ppg this year and but is 13 ppg for a career (had 7 in 16 min in sweet 16 win vs Houston) for a career 6'9 forward also shot around 20 percent from 3. Not really sure the staffs thinking behind this guessing they have seen something through the tape and have done their due diligence but lets be honest no where near the portal news IUBB fans were hoping for .........
  6. Well it seems that transfer portal mania has come to a dead stop for IU basketball. Many seemed to think that the commitment of Kel'el Ware was going to start a domino effect of inbound transfers for the Hoosiers that has yet to materialize based on vague by grad assistants and analytics of targets social media follows........... 🙄 While IU still seems to be in the lead for Harvard Transfer Ledlum , but IU has yet to get traction with any other recruits. Wild rumor that Purdue commit instate Brownsburg player Kanon Cathchings was prepared to announce his de-commitment from PU and flip to IU, while it is intriguing that he took "Purdue commit" out of his social media bio and re-uploaded to Instagram his IU visit pictures nothing as been made public. Again I get tis still early but IU needs desperate help in the back court especially considering Johnson has not officially received his hardship wavier. I will admit I'm not a Peegs subscriber so I'm sure Rabjohns has been peddling names left and right to fill this void right now but as we move towards the month of May Hoosier fans will continue to get anxious myself included
  7. Big time get that probably seals up the front court Sparks , Reneau , and Ware. Ledlum from Harvard seems to be a done deal just waiting to announce (knock on wood) . leaves IU to focus on Knecht and/or other back court pieces . I would love for them to make a strong run at El Ellis from U of L if he doesn’t stay in the draft . Really solid combo guard who would look nice in a Mike Woodson offensive . solid job so far of Woodson and the IU staff hopefully they can get the new pieces to gel nicely over the summer
  8. Indication from a frantic IUBB Twitter is both visits went really well and could get commitments as early as today ? ........... We shall see, also Knecht had an in home that went very well . If Woodson and company could pull all three that is a drastic change in the dynamic of the roster moving forward . We will see how everything meshes together BUT a much needed talent has possibly been added * fingers crossed .
  9. Post Sparks commitment, IU has taken some major swings on top portal talent and whiffed. Seemed as though Love from UNC was set to be down to IU and Mizzou post zoom meeting IU falls off in favor of UM. Timberlake has never materialized anything post zoom/in home visit. All early reports seemed to indicate that Jamison Battle from Minn was an almost lock for IU and now things have shifted towards him going to Ohio State. Zoom meeting with Shedrick and Knecht seem to be as far as things will progressed right now. However a big week on campus as the dead period ends with 2 guys 7'0 center and former McDonalds AA Ware and Harvard Transfer Ledlum (18.8ppg) will both be on campus for official visits. With 4 open scholarships and a long way to go its important to stay patient but IU definitely has major holes to fill and has to fill them
  10. Bates and Duncomb in the portal so Easy is 2/2 right now . Like I said I expect Geronimo to go as well . also IU adds native Hoosier and Ball State transfer Payton Sparks
  11. Pretty cool that all of the major college basketball coaches in the State of Indiana (IU, Purdue, and ND) are all from the state! in 49 other states its just basketball !
  12. Well 48 hours Later times time for 2022-2023 Obit I think the season and program in general is described as 1 step forward and 1/2 step back. There is progress BUT given to what was expected in Bloomington this off season maybe a bit of a let down. I consider myself a rational IU fan I said I just want a program that can win 20 + games and make the NCAA tourney because you never know what can happened in March. Mike Woodson has delivered that BUT the half step back ? IU was ran off the floor in the NCAA tourney the last 2 years by teams they were arguably as talented if not more talented than. Post game comments from Coach saying he's never had a team he coached that the Offense went through a post player is interesting and telling. Without Jackson-Davis to hid behind anymore a massive retooling of IUs roster is coming that will have to be done primarily through player development and the transfer portal. The 2023 recruiting class for IU leaves a little to be desired even by Pre-Woodson standards. IU swung for the fence by beige more of a Player on the national stage, Cupps and Newton have bright futures at IU in the back court for the foreseeable future but that might take some time. So im gonna play with the roster. assuming JHS is 100 % gone and X. Johnson will be back. X. Johnson - Starting PG and leader of team need to get some upperclassman maturity will have a good year T. Galloway - If he takes another step forward this year like last will continue to become a dynamic player on both ends M. Reneau - will be a dominate post player needs to be better on D and work to develop his range K. Banks - Showed flashes stole a lot of JGs min got a tighter leash at the end of the season needs to develop as a basketball player not an athlete Now we get hairy Tamar Bates - People forget that he had a kid this year. Going through your Freshman year knowing your about to be a dad , then your Sophomore year as a new dad is pressure I couldn't have handled as a 19 year old. But the way he continued to give himself the green light despite his struggles was tough to watch at times this year. Ultimately I think he chooses the the transfer portal and finds himself a nice home someplace a little smaller with less pressure. J. Geronimo - * transfer portal I just think injuries' held him back and he didn't develop the way we had hoped and he paid in playing time for it will seek playing tike elsewhere CJ Gunn - A coin flip for the Portal IMO might get mad that IU is activity going after more back court guys where we thinks he hasn't had the chance to prove himself? Woodson will tell him that he needs to change hos body and get stronger (very true) but i give it one more year in Bloomington next year will determine his fate. Anthony Leal - He's more than just an Indiana kid he's a B-town kid. watching him on the sidelines makes me more than anything want to wake up and hear he's a lights out 3 point shooter who will get time next year. I'm just not sure that's going to be the case but transfer or stay i respect the hell out of the kid and would root for him in any jersey Logan Duncomb - Seemed to be trending in an upward direction prior to his sinus issue that turned into surgery that kept him out for basically the whole season ? More at play here ? Possibly Obvious need at the 5 Not sure I think portal for a fresh start. This Leaves IU will 3 Big time needs in the Portal: Lights out 3 pt Shooter who can handle themselves on the D end (ie Matt Roth, Nich Zeisloft) IU tied to Timberlake from Towson but so is everyone and their brother. Also interest in FLA SG not known as a 3 Pt shooter I'm worries it could develop into the Dexter Dennis Situation all over again on Social media NOT a good look. a stretch Athletic as hell 6-6-6'8 Wing who can score at all levels (Gonna be the hardest to find or get everyone wants that) A 5 who is not the focal point of the offense but does he's job as a Paint protector and a scorer in the Low post . It will be an interesting Spring and Summer in Bloomington
  13. Many times this year where I’ve thought man , where would IU be if Xavier Johnson was healthy? Last night was one of them may have limited Perkins . Biggest issue lastnight was IU just flat didn’t have a wing athletic enough or a guard big enough to guard Murray . There was a lot on the line for IU to come out that flat , not that I’m surprised they got beat just played that horrible. Should be the last time the national media falls in love with them consistent guard play gets you deep in March and the only Big Team that has anything close to that IMO is Maryland with Jamir Young . Audgie and Bouie are close for NW but got exposed vs Maryland . Honestly won’t be surprised if not a single Big Ten team makes it past the Sweet 16 .
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