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  1. consistency will continue to be key for this team moving forward there ability to play defense at a high level will keep them in every game they play this year and if they make it to March they could sneak up on someone , BUT no doubt there has been a culture shift under Mike Woodson IU has maybe not ever had even under Coach Knight its clear this man loves and cares about his players and its beautiful to see . Biggest question you have a talented but struggling UM team coming to town on Sunday and have winnable home and road games for the next 2.5 weeks . can you refocus and make a run that will cement your resume for March ?
  2. Cascade looks set to leave the ICC , will be interesting to see who in central Indiana makes the jump to this extremely competitive small school conference
  3. 12 games into a new era with a retooled roster the Sycamores stand a 6-6 (bad loss to ball state) being the only black mark . Had a nice win by 30+ over ODU on a neutral court and a tough road loss by 12 to conference favorite Loyola-Chi . Home game vs Coppin State (1-14) will bring the Sycamores to a likely 7-6 recorded heading into conference play by comparison the last regular normal season Lansing had arguably his most talented roster since his 1 tourney team and entered the conference campaign at 7-4 would finish (18-12). Things off to a positive start in Terre Haute ?
  4. Here we go my hopes are up seen good things and things they need to improve on BUT I'm trying to temper my expectations however its just NOT in me as an IU fan. looking forward to seeing how the Big Ten season plays out As far as the PG situation couldn't agree more but lets keep in mind X and Woody are both still in a feeling out process. I do wonder what Lander is doing that Woody doesn't like ? Its pretty clear there is something that he HAS to improve on in practice before Woodson will up his mins despite the fact that he played Big mins and his best basketball in the St Johns win and Syracuse loss Ready to watch vs Notre Dame in the "Archie Miller Crossroads classic" LOL
  5. For the HCC you could see 2 five team divisions 4 weeks of your division , 2 non con games , 2 rotating cross division games and then a conference championship week 9 . 1 plays 1 , 2 plays 2 , so on and so forth . Similar to what the Hoosier Conference does. This would help the 6 MIC schools keep non conference games with HCC schools
  6. Just to play Devils Advocate your saying a 16 year old Tennis Player at Avon and his parents would rather him be the 8th best Men's single player competing in the HCC than a Conference Champion in the MIC?
  7. You save even more money for a cancellation which leads to making tennis a club sport outside of school which is better (mindset of most Superintendents in the state) 🤣 JK. In all seriousness Pros and Cons for sure.
  8. Yes and no . I can tell you since passing a referendum in 2018 every decision made by the school is financial in nature. On a Wednesday in September your boys tennis team would travel to Pike or BD instead of Noblesville or Fishers.
  9. 6 years ago I would have laughed at myself BUT Avon makes all the sense in the world. I think across the board in all sports they would end up being in the top half of the MIC . Travel is no issue , and they can keep their rivalry in tact with Brownsburg. I think Avon, Ben Davis , WC, LN , and LC would all stand a chance at a title next fall in football not many conferences can say they have a legitimate 5 team race .
  10. Not allowed to post speculation you are allowed to post thought on who you would like to see . Some People are better visual learners so here are some examples : from John Harrell message boards Bad don't do this ........... Good You can do this !
  11. Clay did punt and return kicks for Lutheran, you mentioned career stats should count towards the award . Clay played Safety/WR till this year when he was moved to QB . he also has 946 career rec yards with 12 TDs Also 108 career tackles with 13 INTS I am inclined to agree with you though I do think its a 2 man race (Curry and Allen) but it might be a lot closer than most people think this year between 4 or 5 different guys
  12. I think you put Montasi Clay from Lutheran in that convo as well he plays for the the only 1A school in the toughest small schools conference in the state (ICC) 2300 + Passing yards 1800 + Rushing yards 61 Total TDs
  13. Coach is also amazing to trade film with! Some guys especially the "Old School" ones can try to be sticklers (Which I don't get because with hudl and YouTube you can almost find any game from any team in the state 🙄) But Coach is always willing to help out a conference school and trades film back and forth willingly and easily made me gain a ton of respect for him and his program this year competing against him in the ICC
  14. IU and Purdue are about to do the same thing with Colin Price from Zionsville , a career that has some similarities to Steele (will finish with close to 6000 career yards 60+ rush TDs) no history of injuries (knock on wood) . Started to draw some FCS attention was able to pick up an offer from Eastern Illinois . Don't get it but I guess its not my job.
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