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  1. Bump , 4 straight but a Decommitment from 5-star Liam McNeely I do ultimately think he is in the middle category but who knows. Clearly important people (Buckner and large donors) want Woodson for the long haul . the biggest win for Woodson came in the form of Senior Guards Trey Galloway and Anthony Leal announcing they would return for a 5th year . This will take a little burden of the portal needs off IU especially if the cook / Simon families write checks big enough for Reneau and Mgbako to return . needs will be focused on 1) Rim protecting Center (Replacing Ware) 2) experienced ball handing PG 3) Athletic swing man who can guard 1-3 4) knock down 3 pt shooter I really have no idea of what will transpire this week , next year, or 3 years from now at this point I’m done guessing what will happen. Just along for the ride I guess
  2. I guess the peegsters are running rampant after continuing speculation that IU will move from Woodson at the conclusion of the season and make a serious run at Bruce Pearl who also is rumored to have mutual interest.... Usually the point in the act that its time to get kicked back down to Earth, I'm guessing ole Quinn Buckner will make Scott Dolson put out a statement in support of Woodson and his staff in the not too distant future Sadly in less exciting news they actually play a game tonight vs Wisconsin on Peacock. Could nail meet coffin tonight (if its even possible?) not sure worried about the level of toxicity on display tonight Just very very very odd times in Bloomington
  3. FWIW , Sent to me today Rabjohns on peegs has been pretty steadfast in assertion that Woodson would be the coach. Well in his weekly update the tone has for sure changed. Now, to the coaching situation. Countless people have asked, so I’m going to do my best to lay out what I’ve gathered the past 48 hours or so: I don’t want to make it a day to day thing, but to ignore the crescendo of fan sentiment right now would be akin to standing in front of a 15-car pileup at the Dayton 500 and discussing the pretty logos on the infield grass. Fans are hot. Former players have been reaching out to the administration in more direct tones. There are people around current players who are, shall we say, less than thrilled with Woodson calling players “awful,” etc., in public. People are announcing here on the board that they are pulling five-figure donations. In short, the temperature in the room is getting rather toasty. As things stand today, it seems the likely scenario is that the season plays out, end of season meetings occur and a decision one way or another is made. I do think Woodson will be asked to lay out a plan for how he would right the ship. Quinn Buckner, former IU great and the chairman of the IU board of trustees, has, we’ve been told, made it clear he feels Woodson deserves a fourth year to get things turned around. There are some big boosters who are behind Woodson as well. Now, what will the temperature in the room be like at the end of the season? Time will tell on that. I do expect the rest of the regular season to play out. I do not expect Indiana to follow Ohio State’s footsteps and fire a coach in-season. IU has five regular-season games remaining plus the Big Ten Tournament.
  4. A deal with an Adidas designer 2 schools were picked to feature them Miami also wore them as well , Yes not a good look the designer did post a video of the Cream colored alternates he preferred but I can't imagine you will see anything similar the rest of the year. Woodson even voiced his displeasure of them on the radio Monday night.
  5. Couldn't agree more, Pretty obvious famed son and member of the board of Trustees Quinn Buckner had a big hand in getting his buddy Mike Woodson hired. This is the way things operate at IU and I have a feeling its going to get worse before it gets better. Also take a look at this video made about the NY Knicks 10 years ago ? Anything on it sound familiar lol ? https://youtu.be/Mi5CpP2Di5c?si=qXk4tQZ2G5sMIgC0
  6. Trilly predicts 5-star Big man and teammate of IU comitt Liam McNeeley to Maryland. IU loses out on the Big man to arguably the only program having as big of a let down this year as IU...…. insult meet injury. BS rumor told to IU people was IU could not convince Queen that Ware was bound for the pros ........ sure This means most likely a 1 man 2024 class for IU, beyond sad. IU will most likely bring in 7-8 portal players, as much a Woodson laments about how hard it is to get new/young guys to play together seems like not the ideal strategy for turning the program around, I still am of the belief his Ole buddy Buckner will get him one more year BUT next year will just be too much pressure on a 66 year old coach.
  7. Word on the street (Trilly Donovan college hoops insider) Chris Holtman's firing at OSU has gotten the attention of important people in Bloomington. Fear is with several Mid-west P5 opening our friend in Boca Rotan FLA getting snatched up. "feelers" whatever that means have been put out in the back channels. Of course Woodson mouth pieces like Rabjohns are trying to down play the situation, but wouldn't deny the facts. As it stands today with 7 games left......... 0-7 or 1-6 some serious conversations will be had in regards to his future 2-4 wins for better or worse hes back next year but on a Kenny Payne level hot seat 5+ wins things calm down a bit and people see what they do in the portal this spring but still on shaky ground Dear lord here we go again 😅
  8. I’m sorry but come on man . Think he’s out on the road recruiting ………….. unreal like come on you were the HC of the NY Knicks you don’t wanna face the people of Bloomington, IN ? Jeezus
  9. More from Trilly Donovan . As you can tell donors still consider IU a blue blood with the same expectations as programs like UK. Until an IU coach finds consistency which is possible at IU donors are clearly gonna continue to pony up buyouts .
  10. Noted College basketball social media insider Trilly Donovan . I agree that Woodson is safe , unless McNeely were to Decommitt . But the pressure of expectations to preform next year is going to be such that I’m not sure Woodson will be able to handle . Don’t get me wrong replacing a coach every 4 years is not something I’m all about hope Woodson gets it turned around. don’t really want to talk about the “next head coach” but I’m in agreement that if Woodson is gone we should be prepared for the Dusty May era in Bloomington . He’s Tom Crean with IU connections
  11. Ryan Conwell (Pike HS) 6’4 combo guard at Indiana State . If he hits the portal this is exactly who Woodson needs me just thinking about it
  12. Well 2 tough gritty comeback wins with an absolutely dreadful performance stuck in between. I can't even begin to make sense of this basketball team. Galloway looked like the reincarnation of Damon Bailey last night and Reaneu looked like an All Big Ten guy. Anthony Leal HAS to start being more of a part of the offense going forward. That might have been the nail in the coffin for Chris Holtman 8 games left BUT 3 of the next 5 vs teams that are vs the top 4 in the conference. I'm sure an A** kicking awaits Saturday in WL especially after last year and the Boilers are coming off 8 days of rest. After that who knows anymore.
  13. we are literally a year away from being Michigan or U of L . Exact same situation . NBA coach who’s struggling at his college Alma mater. And they now are the laughing stock of college hoops it’s sad . If Dolson is too dumb to do anything about it and try and fix it before it gets worse then were in for a long difficult few years here boys . I know he won’t do anything this year no matter how bad the rest of the season gets. I do think that one of the assistants will be made the scape goat . Not sure who . But I think the pressure of next season will be too much for Woodson . honestly I was ok with giving Archie 1 more year because of COVID and the Same for Tom Crean he would have nice bounce back years . Don’t ask me why but I’ve seen enough of Mike Woodson . I wanted him to succeed who wouldn’t ? If Mike Woodson is still the head basketball coach at Indiana University in May of 2025 I’ll be shocked . But he won’t be fired before then
  14. a gritty effort last night, not sure what it means in the long run especially if Malik is out for any extended time but they haven't quit which I like. I will say this that team doesn't win that game a month ago. Really happy for Anthony Leal kid deserves it.
  15. Social media stays undefeated 🤣 all you can do is laugh at this point
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