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  1. Not an administrator on here, so any suggestions from me on appropriate topics can be easily ignored...speculate away...I'll add enrollment factors to appropriate topics along with schedule and scheme and will be sure I do not call any of that out in the future. More or less, I just simply don't like posts that suggest a current administration has a head coach in waiting to replace a first year coach at a school. Nor do I like posts that suggest an already established head coach might be in the corporation and is simply biding his time for the job to open up (you used the phrase taking over soon). Not fair to either party.... Thanks for the shout out...Have a good rest of your week and hope you get to enjoy the games Saturday.
  2. It's the italics I think is bush league. Alluding to Frankton administration having a first year head coach and another person to take control soon, or that a former head coach in the area is possibly expecting to "take over soon" is not needed on the GID. Whatever gossip is going on in Frankton should stay in Frankton. Your original post would have been fine without those three words. That being said, if either of the two scenarios I painted have even a hint of truth, then this job should be appealing to no potential candidate.
  3. Talk strength of schedule, scheme, literally anything else...but no need for middle school gossip on here.
  4. 49-12 Lapel victory. I did not get the chance to see it live, but heard it wasn't really competitive...running clock in the 2nd half. Frankton next week vs Blackford...Lapel has Shenandoah. Here's hoping to two Madison County wins!!
  5. Tipton is good. I wouldn't judge a new staff too harshly just yet. Lapel's RB is pretty legit and they have the skill guys to complement him. What does Frankton have returning? What are they running on offense/defense with the new regime?
  6. IHSAA has the precedent that schools that share a district don't split into different sectionals. That is likely why they kept Frankton/Lapel in place. I'm not arguing in support of said precedent just that I have been made to believe it exists.
  7. https://www.wlky.com/article/kentucky-bill-would-allow-high-school-seniors-to-repeat-year-get-another-season-of-sports/35701902 Surprised this hasn't already been posted, but anyone's thoughts on if this? I have heard zero discussion in the media about other states adopting this and I can't imagine Indiana doing it.
  8. You stated a fact, what is the overall point? Or simply sharing history?
  9. I'd agree with ya...them by how much though? Chance of this being a game or not?
  10. Lapel and Tipton both pull off the upsets. Good luck to both next week in their preparation and in the game next Friday at Tipton. Who is the early favorite in this one?
  11. I had hoped my mention of lunch ladies might inspire him to offer some thoughts on the state of the Eastbrook/Tipton game...or perspective on about anything. The GID and world at large needs some more CJB to bring some smiles and laughs. Or at least get a pot stirrer back on here that simply doesn't make everyone angry!!
  12. Jimmies and Joe's or Run/Pass Game don't matter. Whichever schools lunch ladies prepare the better midday meal will determine this games winner. I checked Tipton's website...no listing of lunch menus in the month of October, but they have November all planned out and for the community to see. Makes me feel they will have a good Friday plan to get the boys ready to go. I checked Eastbrooks website...uh-oh, they're on Fall Break. Hope they make the sacrifice to still come in and make a solid post walk-through snack. Or maybe they and the boys peaked last Friday with Pizza Rippers and a Spicy Chicken Filet?
  13. Looking up some things for this weeks matchups, but no Greentown Stats on MaxPreps? I know the RB is good...Downing kid I think is his name. But who are their go to guys? I know Eastbrook appears to throw it around more and QB must be good. They always have good RB numbers because of their scheume. Dollar kid from Lapel is only a sophomore and appears to be the real deal. Anyone to throw to on the Bulldogs? Tipton appears to be balanced as always. 1200 in the air...800 yard rusher...couple of 400 yard receivers... As far as predictions go I think Greentown/Lapel is a toss up. Latter has played better competition, but EG has record/rankings to say it doesn't matter. I'll go Lapel by one score late. Eastbrook/Tipton will be a good one. I think quality of regular season opponents is the difference maker. It'll be a tight one, but Eastbrook will have one or two things they haven't shown yet that Tipton won't be prepped for. CIC might work to their advantage as it doesn't matter what they run after week 2!!
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