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  1. Then it appears the bigger issue is spin given by the Daily Reporter, evidence it gives to support the spin, and the date it was published. Evidence it gives to show how this particular football program is moving forward despite a stay at home order can do nothing but raise questions/issues. Looking solely at this article, I don't feel anything but concern/worry/anger can happen. I am sure that those that applauded and/or attended the specific large group workouts before March 23rd wish that they now didn't happen. I hope going forward all high school athletes in Indiana are able to work out solely from their own home and that the upcoming season is able to happen. Stay safe everyone...
  2. I need to clarify my above comment - but by "this team" I am talking about the individual players choosing to implement workouts/meetings that involve travel to another persons residence, which is cited numerous times in the article.
  3. I agree with you in why it was written in the first place, with tone/spin the article takes, and evidence it presents. But it was written and it does raise certain questions and leaves a lot of truths unanswered. It presents a lot of ways in which this team is working around social distancing, not despite social distancing.
  4. If the article is incorrect with any facts, then I hope they run a different one in the upcoming days to clarify any mistake... Two pictures in the photo gallery clearly present the fact social distancing is not taking place - No dates are given with the pictures, but it's not illogical to assume they coincide with the dates of the article (4/6). Picture 2 in the gallery Appears to be in a public park - assume it is before restrictions were put in place, but article does not clarify that at all Picture 4 in the gallery Appears to be at a person's home with their own personal equipment - again I assume it is before restrictions were put in place, but article does not clarify that at all Another statement in the article could be perceived as troublesome - "the group cleared the Dragons’ weight room the morning of March 13 and initiated an offsite workout routine until school resumed." Does that mean they reallocated the school's weightroom (or parts of it) to an off-campus location and players are organizing/running workouts from said location? Article states a specific New Pal" family has invited players into their home where they have a weight room and an indoor basketball court." - Article was published on 4/6. Again, this invitation existed after numerous gyms have closed across the states and all professional/college teams have shut down all operations, based on when the article was presented. Article cites four current players that "have shared their weight equipment with teammates in limited groups of 3-4 at a time." - Article published on 4/6 and highlights travel that wouldn't be deemed essential. On the first day of group runs in mid-March, nearly 40 players showed up to voluntarily participate. - Again not on coaches as the article states voluntarily, but that is not the issue. Thousands of people had to abruptly adjust their lifestyle based on what was being ordered by state leaders. Participation in this workout shouldn't be applauded (which is the general tone of the article), but rather used as an experience to learn from. Citing two specific players..."the players often break into position groups during their brief small, group meetings." - Are these happening online? Or is the park still a meeting point? If it is the latter, position group meetings are not essential travel. “A lot of guys have been trying to find ways to lift at their house or in groups of two or three will have them lifting at someone’s house." - Groups of two or three is an effective practice of social distancing, but traveling to do it??? Again, the article was published on 4/6, which is many days after we've been on essential travel only guidelines. We can only assume that traveling to "small-group workouts/meetings" has taken place based on the facts in the article and when it was published. This article is either poorly written/worded or it is celebrating small-scale violations of the stay at home order. I am not a keyboard warrior...I read the article and I stated the facts presented in the article. It's been great seeing the High School Sports Community rally on social media and see the numerous different ways High School Athletes are able to work out/adjust to this crisis (and based on New Pal's track record, I'm sure they have dozens of kids safely working hard!!!), but I question why the article celebrates travel to work out or any meeting/voluntary work-out that took place between mid-March to today. These issues are not for the coaches to fix, advise on, or stop, but they need to be stopped nonetheless for the next few weeks.
  5. I just don't understand why 40 or so kids are traveling to work out or how parents are letting it to happen. Hopefully, it's been nipped in the bud by now. But kids should not be in an hourly rotation to use weight room equipment...I don't care what they say about sanitizing it or anything. It's been great seeing the press of football teams/athletes finding creative ways to interact and work out, but I truly do hope parents aren't letting kids travel simply to lift weights at friends houses.
  6. http://www.greenfieldreporter.com/2020/04/07/dragons_find_a_way_despite_pandemic_new_palestine_football_players_refuse_to_sit_idle/ I don't understand how this is allowed. Every gym in the state is shut down. Professional sport teams are shut down. I don't understand...
  7. Any update on speakers? I didn’t see an updated list on ifca website.
  8. Put yourself in the shoes of one of the applicants who may not have taken the job if offered it, but simply wanted to see if this position was the correct “next step” in his coaching journey. He has a right to not have his name brought up while he pondered the possibility of this position. I simply think protecting the current programs should be more important than possible speculation on what ifs or right/wrong decision on applicants. In regards to this topic, it is up to those directly involved with Noblesville football to disclose necessary information to relevant individuals directly tied to the program. Those directly tied to the program that feel correct decisions aren’t being made are free to organize and push for necessary change so that their voices are heard. The GID is not that platform...never has been. Best of luck to Coach Sharpe...I had the pleasure of meeting him this fall. Noblesville football will be all right.
  9. DT - I am currently an assistant coach at a school in Central Indiana that has had decent success in the last few seasons...enough success that our current head coach would likely have the resume to apply for other jobs if he happened to be motivated to coach at a bigger school and/or desired a more established program. Our coach is 100% in the right to apply to any job in which he is motivated to go after. I honestly have no idea if he has applied to other jobs this offseason or previous offseasons. With complete certainty though, if it were to be publicized in our community that he was actively seeking another job, it would cripple his current program and impact his family's status within their small town community....and also impact relationship with staff he is leaving or could potentially leave. Imagine if he actively sought another job and had to have it publicized for a couple offseasons in a row....that wouldn't be fair to anyone. Keep as much as the decision making process in house. It is up to the individual applicant to disclose information they feel others need to know whether it be family, current administration, coaching staff, etc...It is not up for any of those people to decide who gets to know. I appreciate the policy of these admin and know TA would be proud!!
  10. I quickly read through 6 pages on this thread and it grew tiresome. I strongly root for Tom Allen and IU football and believe it is beginning to be nationally relevant and he/program will begin to pull top IN guys consistently. Is current all time leading rusher one of those...yes. Is he one of the best RB's in the nation in his class, I don't think so. But he is a PWO and a smart move by IU. Prove Hoosier staff (and other D1 prorams) wrong and he'll be a scholarship guy after 1-2 years, his choice to roll those dice as I am sure FCS and D2 offers were there. I guarantee he will be a phenomenal scout team guy as next season starts. As has been much defended on here by the New Pal supporters is that he is a team first player, and being so, I am glad to see him as a part of IU football. My best wishes to him as he continues his football career and is able to use his talents to hopefully get four or more years out of this great game!
  11. Team A is the host school versus Team B. Team A uses HUDL sideline, but Team B does not. Team A has zero sideline heaters, but Team B puts two at both 30 yard lines. Is team A required to offer HUDL sideline to team B simply because they are the host school? And does Team B need to offer the host school sideline heaters as well? If the host teams were switched, do the answers change? I guess my real question is if an athletic department purchases a specific piece of equipment, technology, etc....are they under some ethical obligation to offer the same service to an opposing school simply because of it being tournament time or is this something that is an issue during the regular season? If heaters all of a sudden become an issue because some schools have them....couldn't it also be an issue if certain schools have 8 man headsets versus the other school having 6 man headsets and can't switch between O/D? Or is something as small as providing ice to opposing teams equal to providing sideline heaters during these cold weather games?
  12. They don't need to leave the HHC because more sports than football exist and the best fit for the majority of New Pal's student athletes is competing in the HHC. They have been on a very good run on the football field in recent years, and I agree it is not in their best interests to play football games against HHC opponents based off scores since Kyle Ralph has been there. However, Mt. Vernon, Delta, Pendleton, Yorktown scores vs New Pal are lopsided but no worse than what a Warren Central or Carmel has done in recent years in the MIC. The other schools are the issue...they have zero chance to be competitive versus a program like Ralph has built. Can't penalize New Pal student-athletes for playing the schedule in front of them. And these things go in trends....New Pal will likely continue to be an upper-tier 4A/5A program...playing in a conference comprised of 1 3A school and 6 4A schools (GC is right on the line I think). If they choose to seek a different conference, then that is their decision, but I don't think they should be forced out by any means...to suggest as much is simply illogical.
  13. Possible that he is not on this continent?? I knew they battled this in previous years around this time...
  14. Tipton will dominate Frankton I think Blackford/Eastbrook could be competitive for a half Lapel/Eastern Greentown winner will be in the sectional final Alex might have the talent, but is hurt by playing in the CiC,..They put up almost 70 on Elwood during the regular season, so no worries there. Round Two - Can Tipton pull off the upset? Am I dead wrong on Alexandria? Chance Eastern's schedule is irrelevant and they'll handle Lapel easily? Round 3...I assume it is Eastbrook from the top of the bracket...who do they prefer to play Lapel or Eastern Greentown?
  15. We only trade endzone clips of pass plays that result in completions...it is only fair to see what QB is reading.
  16. It’s up to each individual school district to evaluate success and make necessary adjustments to schedules, conference affiliation, and how they choose to support (or not support) EC activities.
  17. Other factor to bring up in regards to this that weigh heavily into contraction of a football program versus continuing a programs existence is how do we evaluate where a program where be 2, 5, 10 years from now?? And that has no easy answer....Alexandria has been brought up in this topic, Frankfort (which MUDA has been down on) I believe has their numbers up....and are a couple of examples that contracting might be have been a worthwhile opinion at one point...but currently is contraction in the best interest of the kids on the roster?? I cannot answer it...It is up to those individual schools....how do they value football participation? Does it outweigh participation in an activity not deemed relevant by the community? Enough said...live with the choices those districts make or take it up with them.
  18. Whether you were talking about it or not...the lure of athletics as an extracurricular activity still holds a higher value than other extra curricular activities for teenagers. Community being involved, recognition for participating in, friends playing, etc...is likely higher in athletic extra curricular activities than non-athletic extra curricular activities....I am assuming this holds even more weight in rural communities. Right or wrong...that is simply how it is. You bring up Frankfort quite a bit...is the pull to not play football currently outweighing the pull to play it? Basketball? Baseball? If the district is currently trending to not play football, then that is up to Frankfort to adjust...but other districts still choose to play it and are currently increasing participation and that is their choice.
  19. Blackford by a lot Eastbrook by more Alex will have to gameplan to win by a lesser margin than the above so they can still play JV on Monday Mississinewa is simply in coast mode until sectional...no need to do anything they don't want on film. Speaking of film....how do CIC schools handle it? Do they choose what they send or can opponents request specific games? Or is it simply agreed upon to send the last 2-3 games?
  20. The CIC is not a very good conference save for Mississinewa/Eastbrook....Madison-Grant, Frankton, Elwood, and Oak Hill are a combined 2-18...Eastbrook and Missinewa beat up on all of the CIC and then two other teams tend to beat up on the the bottom four and get blown out by Mississinewa/Eastbrook....looks like its Alex and Blackford this year. It will rotate next year into two other teams battling it out for #3 and #4.
  21. Frankton - They've got some dudes in positions, but not the roster to be a contender. Think they can grind this one out, though. Tigers scheme is fun for summer 7 on 7, but tough in season once teams come right at you. Eagles by two scores Oak Hill - Bud and the boys will be ready. They've got enough horses up front to defend a Power offense. Blackford preseason hype was necessary, but sadly reality will set in as the season goes on. Mississinewa - By as much as they want. Mississinewa needs to give much thought on how beating up on bottom dwellers of the CIC gives them success from a long term standpoint. Elwood will hang some points on people this year and will be all right in the near future. Eastbrook - Losses to Marion/Delta don't spell doom for the year. They've got multiple weeks to recover and have enough to work with to wreak havoc come conference play. Thoughts on other teams in the area? Tipton or Eastern-Greentown, could they surprise some teams in sectional 36? Lapel have a chance if they meet Eastbrook? Delta...Can Mississinewa play with them, or did Eastbrook score get out of hand?
  22. You may have more success in your research into endzone cameras if you investigate the topic into each individual thread....
  23. Being a football forum, I'm only viewing potential conference membership through that sport. I simply think Elwood, MG, Frankton, Alex all seem to be trending down in football. Obviously, Eastbrook/Mississinewa are quality programs in my opinion. I think Oak Hill is competitive in the CIC, but isn't in the upper tier in regards to schools of similar size in the area, which is hidden by the fact they are members of a weak CIC. Schools I see as potential conference partners through some type of realignment are typically Lapel and/or Tipton...could throw in a handful of others like Hamilton Heights, Doah, Yorktown that could potentially make sense geographically, but make zero sense from a competitive standpoint as Elwood, Frankton, MG, Oak Hill, and Alex do not consistently provide adequate competition in football. Success in other sports should be taken into account as well, which is something up to each individual school's admin, but I simply do not see some football head coaches/AD's thinking it vital that they seek out competition against the CIC schools I mentioned unless it is for a homecoming game or to maintain a rivalry like Tipton/Elwood or Frankton/Lapel.
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