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  1. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    Good at leading and equally good at leaving.
  2. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    Can I ask what mural? Or is this another hush topic? Are the two tied together?
  3. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    Take another position before the season started? If something outside of the norm happened, I’m out of the loop. No idea if he’s a teacher also, just watched him coach up FC’s JV and clearly Moore likes him to keep hiring him everywhere he goes.
  4. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    I'd more so lean towards being a fan of a school with 240 kids and a roster usually in the 30s. Doesn't take much more than a little bit of paying attention and a quick Harrell's search to get info.
  5. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    "Whooped" by NV. Beat a middle of the pack SV or Cov team, SV being historically awful on JV. Beat RP....glad they have a team again. I don't know about the use of dominant, but to each his own. His name currently escapes me, so I could be wrong, but I don't recognize any of those for who I thought was his OC this year. The guy that followed him to Jeff from FC. He was a sharp young coach when I got to see him at FC.
  6. Joe Kane

    Mr Football

    Wild to think that they don’t get him off of the field. Was up close and personal with his brother in the 2014 1a title game. Not surprising that he doesn’t like to step outside of the white lines on Friday nights based on the grit the family seems to have.
  7. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    Who all does he have on his staff? Care to share some JV scores? Exciting times for the Wolves, indeed.
  8. Joe Kane

    Mr Football

    No dog in this fight, but Kiser isn’t at those big 7v7 or being recruited for offense. You must not know his true athleticism and body of work if you think he’s spinning it over the summer. The kid is a defensive stud, and that adds to his resume for Mr. Football. I’d vote for a 1-3 Mr. Football and a 4-6 Mr. Football, if given the opportunity.
  9. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    The Ramblers have been able to knock off the Falcons three times in Crabtree’s tenure, I believe the record being 3-6. Two of those wins for Attica came at Gibson Field. It seems that, for whatever reason, the freelance blitzing and lack of defensive integrity has benefitted the Ramblers in those wins, as each time that they have beat NV, the Falcons have two scores or less. Of course, the blue and white have also hung 81 on Attica so 🤷🏻‍♂️ I will stick with the statistics here. If North Vermillion scores 3 or more times, they win. It looks like the weather isn’t going to play too much of a factor. I’ll take NV 30-22.
  10. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    I'm not sure. With as much as Herberto has been getting chit on, a little extra TP might do some good....used or not.
  11. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    To answer the bold, hell no. I have a feeling with things starting fresh for him and the PH program, Moore has the keys to the car, just like he wants. As for the rest, all I can think about it Farmer Fran. Thanks for the laugh!
  12. Joe Kane


    Side note of that 2014 Ben Davis team: the boys from the 2014 1a state champion, North Vermillion, were exiting the field at LOS when BD was set begin their Wednesday practice. The Giants were polite, congratulatory, and friendly to our kids. I believe the coaches may have even crossed paths and shared a kind gesture. They were bummed when they got back to the hotel at halftime of the 6a title game, due to Carmel being ahead. Let’s just say they didn’t get such a warm welcome from the Greyhounds when waiting to enter their lockeroom prior to practice on that Wednesday evening. They were elated to hear of the Giants’ comeback.
  13. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    I need TP for my bungholio
  14. iiwii starting the thread...Miners by 1,000
  15. Joe Kane

    WRC Week 6

    Double wing - Double tight?