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  1. They definitely fed Bowen but honestly they scored 3 quick scores from Laville 15 yard line on Back to Back to Back Turnovers to open up the game! Great game to watch and both teams gave it their all!
  2. Lavile and Andrean were 8-6 with 6 minutes left and Laville imploded and now 29-6 2 minutes left with turnovers
  3. West Noble vs Knox - Knox Andrean vs Laville - Laville - to put a little more into this game. I think Laville will be more physical for game for the win and do it by 3-5 points. South Central vs Culver - Culver Triton vs NJP - NJP
  4. I know exactly what teams posting about. If I got one messed up when typing it happens. No need to “lmao” comment about it. That’s childish. Lowell and Norwell my mistake. Wasn’t like purposely did. My comment was about game so I got team wrong owell
  5. So what does the University have to do with whom won? Bell went to Purdue and Kiser at Notre Dame. Seems both University are good at Academics, You referenced NFL money which means ones in NFL and one is still playing College Ball. You seem to be the one interested in drama
  6. I can agree this 💯. I saw Czarnecki last game I think put one 40 in the air on a dime to Owen Smith
  7. Lowell my mistake not Norwell but point was still the same and okay, the QB they had playing was doing just fine so don’t really see much a difference Henry has thrown for 1500 yards and completion percentage near 73 so I don’t see how much difference If ask me still have Laville by 3-5
  8. I watched Andrean play Norwell and to be honest they didn’t play physical besides the beast Bowen. Norwell ran power trap play after play and ran it all over Andrean. Not saying will happen again but they definitely aren’t the team from last year at all. Norwell just beat CMA 27-14 which Judson blew out CMA, but that’s why we play the games. I think Laville is more physical teams and pulls out 3-5 point victory
  9. Right now John Harrell has Laville winning by 10 and 25% percent chance to win state. Highest in 2A. If they had Plummer I would be way more confident, but the backup has done what asked and can make throws if settles in.
  10. Nice! Dewitt for Laville had almost 200 in first quarter against Whiting! Sounds like that kids gonna be a stud!
  11. Laville opens up with 51-6 win over Whiting. It was 34-0 after the 1st quarter with Dewitt near almost 200 yards rushing in one quarter. Rematch Andrean is next!
  12. Laville won 51-6 and was up 34-0 after the first quarter on Whiting to set up rematch with Andrean
  13. Lakeland vs Knox - Knox Whiting vs Laville - Laville Winamac vs Lcc - Lcc North Newton vs Culver - Culver Triton vs Pioneer - Triton North Judson vs South Newton - NJP West Central vs Caston - WC
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