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  1. kudos to virgil tharp, the new nhs principal, and the nhs ad for the fantastic hire of their new hfb coach... Godspeed to him and the nhs football program...
  2. congrats to coach james and to that piece of poop on the school board that voted no, you are a selfish idiot...
  3. those lp football players are going to be so far behind the 8 ball in conditioning the lp school board should be so ashamed
  4. what is so sad is that in this day and age of parents trying to live their lives through their kids, our world has become so selfish and yet these adults do not have a clue what it takes to build a football program much less continue with a successful program; those kids at lp deserve better and all the parents, school board members, the new ad and asst ad, as well as the supt should be ashamed of themselves; the lp community deserves better...
  5. I know this is probably not the social media platform to get on my soapbox, but has the IHSAA ever thought about making rules and regulations to ban and punish schools who openly or clandestinely recruit student athletes from other school districts? Yes I realize we are in a world of win at all costs, but is that the message we as educators/coaches want to portray instead of character, integrity, and good sportsmanship? All this nonsense whether it is true or not of recruiting in the past or the present or in the future; is plain selfishness...
  6. so you are going to hire a coach because his sons are supposed to be the second coming... wow, they must be phenomenal athletes... i was once told potential does not mean a damn thing without heart...
  7. Good morning to all coaches and guests and please forgive the forwardness of this posting but I have a question. Just recently East Chicago Central has posted their athletic director position opening for the 3rd time in the past 6 months. Can someone tell me what is the current status of the school district and does East Chicago still have the athletes to compete at a high level in football, basketball, wrestling, and even soccer?
  8. my guess is they want a field that is either turf or not torn up at this time of the year...
  9. Snider over Northrop Bishop Luers over Fairfield Carroll over Homestead Marion over Wayne Bishop Dwenger over Northside Southside over Delta Concordia over Northwestern Godspeed to all coaches and players...
  10. Dwenger over Northrop Homestead over South Side Carroll over Wayne Northside over Concordia Snider over Luers, this one will be a barnburner... Good luck to all coaches and players...
  11. You are correct my brother, 9 weeks test week and i' bored off my duff...
  12. Luers over Southside Northrop over Northside Carroll over Concordia Homestead over Wayne Snider over Dwenger Good luck to all players and coaches...
  13. Upset special, I believe in the battle of the bishops, dwenger will find a way...
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