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  1. Fine Print

    Kiser = Mr. Football

    Awesome! Congratulations to Jack and his entire team and coaches! That's a fantastic honor and greatly deserved!
  2. Fine Print

    Asking for prayers

    Sorry to hear. Prayers from the Triton community.
  3. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    I think Shumpert and / or Ousley will have a chance to play in the game. Both should be Region 2 all stars and could get selected.
  4. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    Completely agree.
  5. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    I'm with you 100% on that. I thought exactly the same thing! That had nothing to do with Kiser passing the ball. Had everything to do with a senior TE getting one in the state finals!
  6. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    Well now let's slow down here. Kiser is the best player. No question. But he may not have been the biggest impact player in the conference on the defensive side. I believe that is arguable.
  7. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    It seems the all-conference selection process has been changing over the years. I believe in the first couple of years there was a coach of the year and an MVP. The last couple of years I have not seen a coach award. The number of recipients has also changed. A couple of years ago the conference champion had 11 or 12 players make the team (including HM). Last year it was 9. This year it was 8. The number of recipients from the other teams has decreased too. So they have obviously decided to scale back the number of all conference players. Maybe they have made other changes to the process that none of us are aware of, like an offensive and defensive award. I don't know, but it would be nice if someone would clarify all of that. It's disappointing if there were coaches that intentionally did not cast votes for Kiser as the MVP. He's obviously the best player in the conference (maybe the state) and personal vendettas need to be set aside.
  8. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    I'm not buying that our coaches would snub Kiser. There has to be another explaination. Offense and defense maybe?
  9. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    Were there also dual MVP's when Kertai from LaVille was a senior? I was thinking that Kiser and Kertai shared the award that year as well. But I could be mistaken.
  10. Fine Print

    HNAC All-Conference

    Here is the HNAC All-Conference list. Congrats to all who received the honor! HNAC All Conference
  11. Fine Print

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Final Results

    Always fun to participate in this! I would have been right up there near the top had I not forgotten to pick the first week! Thanks @Unlucky Breaks for another job well done!
  12. Maybe not! My apologies. I thought they were solidly 1A. Must have picked up some kids since the last cycle.
  13. Now that the last HNAC team is finished playing, has the all-conference list been released? If so, can someone post it?
  14. So are we still going with the theory that Pioneer won big every week because they didn't play any teams that were any good?