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  1. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    First time I remember losing by 50 and feeling satisfied with the game. We can find some good in that. No Pioneer scoring plays over 15 yards. We only gave up a couple plays all night over 25 yards or so. We scored in the 1st quarter on a 74 yard drive. No running clock. Pioneer starters played well into the 4th. Hopefully they feel like we pushed them at least a little!
  2. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    Pioneer up 34-6 at halftime.
  3. Fine Print

    Week 6 Scores

    Triton held pioneer to 34 first half points! And scored once. 34-6.
  4. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    Honestly don't know. I seldom frequent the concession stand since I'm busy during games. But I know we have great popcorn at all Triton venues!
  5. Fine Print

    Mr Football

    It would be interesting to know what side of the ball Kiser would have played if he would have attended a MIC school. No question in my mind he would have proven that he is one of the best in the state playing at that level, whether as a linebacker or in the offensive backfield. Obviously Mr. Football honors were not his highest priority or he would have played somewhere else. Kudos to him for playing with the guys he grew up with! In any case, he'll have his shot at big time Saturday football and will have an opportunity to silence any critics. Does anyone know if he is planning to enroll at ND for the spring semester? I believe he's in line to be the valedictorian at Pioneer, so maybe that trumps moving on. Or maybe he wants another shot at some track & field hardware.
  6. Fine Print

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    Wish I could be at the Bremen / Marian game tonight! That should be a good one! I'll be pulling for the Lions, but it should be a great game either way!
  7. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    Excited to have the State Champs coming to town tonight! I'm looking forward to watching the Panthers in action. Hopefully we can be good hosts and the Pioneer folks enjoy their visit. Try the popcorn. Best bang for your buck in the area!
  8. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    Friday, Sep. 21 LaVille at Knox - Definitely the most significant game of the week! And I think this will be the closest of this week's contests. Personally I'm not sold on Knox's offense yet. They really haven't impressed with their offensive showings so far. And LaVille could be the best defense they've faced to date. This will be a low scoring game. But I think LaVille pulls it out in the fourth. LaVille 21-14 North Miami at Caston - Hopefully the Comets come out excited and ready to go. There is a chance they could win this game! Caston should score a few on NM, but probably not enough to actually come away with the victory. I suspect a pretty hard fought game. North Miami 28-14 Pioneer at Triton - I usually think Harrell does a pretty good job of game predictions, but he has Pioneer winning this one 49-17! Not a chance that Triton holds Pioneer to 49. And no chance Triton scores 17! I love Triton's attitude heading into this one, but the final will be similar to the last couple of weeks. Pioneer 68-0 Winamac at Culver - I always tend to give the teams Triton has already played more credit than I probably should. This week is more of the same. I haven't seen Winamac play, but I just don't see them stopping the Culver running game. Long drives by the Cavs will keep the ball out of Winamac's hands and limit their chances to produce points. And I don't see the Cavs giving the ball away 4 times like they did to Triton. Culver 36-20 North Judson at West Central - No problem here for the Jays. Another week to put up big numbers before they play three pretty good teams to end the regular season. Look for a Triton coach or two to be in the stands on Saturday prepping for next Friday. North Judson 55-0
  9. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    Agree with you that Culver will win this easily. But Triton did score 21 points in the first half against Culver in only about 10 offensive plays - one being a turnover. Those are Pioneer type numbers! But our D was atrocious! Another reason Pioneer will score 70-80 on Friday without even trying. BTW. In the Culver game each team had only 8 possessions. No punts by either team. Triton scored 5 times and had three turnovers. Culver scored three times, had four turnovers, and was stopped once on downs (when it mattered in the 4th). I don't know the time of possession numbers, but Culver completely owned that stat! Triton also jumped offside four times extending Culver drives. This was really a fun game to watch! I'd take a game like that every week! Very exciting as a fan!
  10. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    I'm not sure what you're trying to read into his statement. But the point is that not every team gets to play the state champion, but we do. So you go into it with the mindset that you get to play the best team in the state and see where you stack up. This game won't be close and you know it. If your starters play 48 minutes on offense then everyone will have a legit reason to rag on the Pioneer staff. Now if you want a shutout - which I know you do - you better play the starters all 48. And I'm fine with that!
  11. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 6

    I'll choose to disagree with all three of these. I don't think Knox will score 28 on LaVille. They haven't exactly been a big scoring machine this year, especially against decent competition. Pioneer will score a lot more than 50. I don't think Winamac will be able to slow down the Culver running game. I see the Cavs winning this one. Of course Culver probably won't stop Winamac either. But I still give the nod to the Cavs.
  12. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 5

    Pioneer will score 70 on Triton this Friday night, and Triton is 50 points better than Caston or North White. What are they supposed to do? I would think it's extremely frustrating for the Pioneer varsity players to play these games. I can't imagine they get much satisfaction running over teams as they do. Even the best teams on their schedule don't put up much of a challenge. Winning another 1A title will be great and definitely worth the hard work they've put in! But this regular season would have to be a little hollow in that they really don't get to compete at the level they could be. I'd love to see Pioneer playing in the NLC this year. Now in that league they might get challenged a little!
  13. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 5

    Nice big win for the Jays!
  14. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 5

    Friday, Sep. 14 Caston at LaVille - First home game for LaVille this season. The comforts of home and the limitations of the Caston D will give the Lancers an opportunity to fine-tune their new offensive scheme. They'll match their offensive output through the first four games in this one. Caston gets one on the subs. LaVille 66-6 Culver at Triton - This could be the game of the week! Triton isn't concerned about last week's loss to the 6th ranked 2A team. The Trojans moved the ball, just couldn't convert when it mattered. Culver had things rolling last week against West Central, but the going will be a little tougher this week. I still think the Cavs will put up some points. But the Triton offense should win the day. Triton 36-21 Knox at Glenn - Glenn has had a pretty tough schedule through the first 4 games. I don't think Knox will walk all over the Falcons like they did last season. Is it homecoming in Walkerton? If so, I give the Falcons the nod. If not, Knox in a close one. 21-14 (one way or the other) North Judson at Winamac - This game will really give us an idea of just how solid the Jays are. A comfortable win over the Warriors will cement them as a Sectional 41 contender. After a bout with West Central, the Jays finish with Triton, LaVille and Pioneer. Not an easy stretch. I think they take this one handily. North Judson 35-7 Pioneer at North White - Panther's find a way to win in spite of their kicking game! Pioneer 72-0
  15. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 4

    Pioneer with 40 at the end of the first and 62 at halftime. How did Coach Berry handle the rest of the game so the score didn't get ridiculous? Like I said before, he was in a difficult situation.