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  1. Fine Print

    Week 9 Scores..

    Triton 28 Winamac 0 Halftime
  2. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    I get that this game won't matter much to Winamac. But I can assure you that it matters to Triton. If the players play with those mindsets tonight, the game won't be close and a message will be sent regarding a potential rematch in two weeks. A win tonight by the Trojans would assure them of a second place finish in the HNAC and a second consecutive winning season, which hasn't been accomplished at Triton since 1972-73. It definitely matters to us!
  3. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    Friday, Oct. 12 Caston at Knox - I really enjoyed playing Knox last Friday. Had we lost, I would say the same. They were great sportsmen on and off the field. I especially saw that from Dawson Patrick. I'm very impressed with that young man. Tough as nails and a gracious competitor! I hope he heals up and is 100% for next week. Best of luck to the Redskins in the tourney! Tough draw in Jimtown, but the Knox D will keep them in that game. This game will be over quickly. Knox 49-0 LaVille at Culver - The Cavs might put together an early drive for some points, but adjustments by LaVille will shut that down pretty quickly. LaVille's offense will continue to gel for the tourney run. I'm always amazed at what Coach Hostrawser has done with that program. I like the Lancers big. LaVille 49-3 Pioneer at North Judson - Judson may have been down a couple guys for the LaVille game. Don't know who or why, but I saw somewhere they may be getting a couple guys back for this regular season wrap-up on senior night. I think I also saw somewhere that the Jays were going to be mixing up some things offensively. Unfortunately, playing the Panthers is not a great time to work out the kinks. Sticking with the theme... Pioneer 49-0 Winamac at Triton - This is the only game this week that could provide a little drama. Winamac has blasted the weaker teams on their schedule, but it's been rough going offensively against the better teams they've played. It appears they might be rounding into shape a bit lately though. I think the Warriors will push the Trojans early, but with Triton's season goals still attainable, there won't be a letdown on senior night this week. Ultimately Triton will prevail. Triton 35-14 It's hard to believe we are already at the end of the regular season! Seems like we just started a few days ago! It looks like it should be a great night for fall football. As the season winds down, I trust we can all take some time to enjoy the great privilege we have to be involved with high school football in some manner. My youngest child will be playing his final games in the next weeks. I've enjoyed every minute watching all my kids play. Hopefully the rest of you parents can say the same. Don't take it for granted! Not everyone get's the chance to see - or support - their kids doing things they enjoy. Let's pray that all our kids walk away healthy this week and enjoy another Friday night under the lights. God bless America!
  4. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    No apology necessary for me! I hope you guys blow everyone away (except if you meet Triton in the regional round) including LCC and Southwood (should they be fortunate enough to make it that far)! I believe I told you that the other week. Go win state! Rep the HNAC! Pioneer a 106 point favorite according to Sagarin!
  5. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    It doesn't appear there is much interest in this week's match-ups. The only game I can see that might have some drama is the Triton Winamac game. I'd like to think this won't be close, but I'm afraid it could be if we don't come out with some intensity. All the other games are a forgone conclusion.
  6. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    I have wondered at times how MaxPreps gets their info. But that LCC game isn't even on the correct day. I believe that would be played on November 2, wouldn't it? I can't believe anyone from Pioneer would actually add these games! Has to be a faux pas on someone's part!
  7. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    Very interesting that Pioneer's schedule on MaxPreps now includes games with LCC on October 26 and Southwood on November 16! Looking ahead are we? 😉
  8. Fine Print

    Sectional 41

    I don't like the idea of playing both Culver and Winamac on the road, but we would host LaVille in the final if we could win those two, so that's a good thing. LaVille's starting defense has not been scored on by any other team in this sectional field. They are without question the heavy favorite to win this thing! Triton has improved since week two, but so have the Lancers. Beating them will be a tall task for any of us.
  9. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 9

    Same as last year, just at opposite locations. Triton won't hold anything back this week. We can't reach our preseason goals without beating Winamac on Friday, so we will throw the kitchen sink at 'em if necessary to accomplish that goal. And, of course, there's no guarantee that we beat Culver in round one either. We didn't get the worst draw possible, but I don't consider Culver and Winamac to be a particularly easy draw either.
  10. Fine Print

    2018 Conference Champs

    Actually with Triton's win over Knox last night, the Panthers are already outright champs.
  11. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 8

    Great win by the Trojans. Probably the biggest win by a Triton football team in at least 10 years. I'm not taking anything away from the effort of our team, our guys played their back sides off! But let's be honest, Knox gave this away. You can't lose the turnover battle by 5 and win very often. And they absolutely need Patrick on the field. He missed a few minutes of the 4th quarter last night with some kind of injury and the momentum immediately swung to the Trojans while he was out. Definitely the best HNAC player we've seen this year... not named Kiser. Knox needs to get the offense figured out. They are way too good defensively to be losing these low-scoring games (Rochester & Triton). With the talent they have their offensive average should be twice what it is. Best of luck to them in the sectional! Eating crow here! Good job by the Lancers! No doubt now that they are the heavy favorite in Sectional 41!
  12. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 8

    Just so you all know... from what I'm hearing, this was a mistake by a first year JV coach and we did self-report.
  13. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 8

    ?? What is this about?
  14. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 8

    Friday, Oct. 5 Culver at Pioneer - Put it on cruise control again. Culver won't be able to move the ball at all on the Panther D. And the Cavs own defense is pretty porous. This one will be over very early. Probably senior night for the Panthers in their last home game. A great chance to recognize a fantastic Pioneer football class! Pioneer 68-0 Knox at Triton - The weather may play a role in this one. Triton won't move the ball on the ground against the Knox defense. Going to the air is their only hope. Fortunately they do that pretty well! But a wet night would make things pretty tough for the Trojans. I think Triton can win this game - and I certainly hope they do! I honestly think Knox, LaVille, North Judson and Triton are all pretty evenly matched and all of the games between these teams could go either way if they played multiple times. (We may see some of that in Sectional 41.) I hope I'm wrong, but my pick is red. Knox secures the race for "The Best of the Rest" in the HNAC. Knox 21-14 North Judson at LaVille - I think Judson will bounce back from a loss last week and play pretty inspired football this week at LaVille. They'll move the ball some on the LaVille defense and I suspect they've worked on the passing game a bit this week too. LaVille will be inspired to send their seniors off on a high note on Senior Night, but it won't be easy. This will be a very close game and will come down to a big play in the fourth. I'm going with the Lancers in a nail-biter. LaVille 22-21 Winamac at Caston - Caston has known what they had to work with since week one. This Winamac team has been a work in process since week one. It seems the Warriors have come a long way in the last few weeks. Good for them! This should be an easy win for the visitors. Winamac 48-14
  15. Fine Print

    HNAC Week 8

    I'm just curious, does anyone know the story of how NJ's field was named "Liberty Field"? I think it's awesome, just wondered how it came about. I don't think LaVille will shut out Judson. In fact, I'm convinced the Bluejays can win that game.