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  1. Didn't Mr. Obama try to add 7 states to our union?
  2. Barry you are really going to despise the next 4.75 years.
  3. I feel real sorry for the moderate dems. They are left holding the bag. The Speaker has snapped, completely.
  4. After hearing the word Trumptard I picture the next words out of the peron's mouth being "Nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo. Is it only me that thinks that?
  5. It cleared? I thought I put a note that said don't cash until Friday. Glad to help, what little bit it is. One of my favorite sites. Good luck to all in sectional finals.
  6. Is it true most of the vaping deaths involve THC, not the nicotine version?
  7. The Dayton shooter had a rape list and hit list that friends knew about. Did they report it and nothing was done? I don't know what could legally be done. He killed his own sister. I don't own a gun but fully support the 2nd. Banning this gun or that gun, is it really going to make a difference? Vehicles and bombs can do just as much destruction.
  8. Have zero problems with this. Travel 35K per year on local roads and interstates. People nowadays do everything in their vehicle except drive it. We have OTR truckers in our business several times a week. 95% of them I am sure are observant safe drivers. There have been several drivers that I question how in the *&^% did they ever get a CDL and are in command of a 80,000 pound vehicle.
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