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  1. The Dayton shooter had a rape list and hit list that friends knew about. Did they report it and nothing was done? I don't know what could legally be done. He killed his own sister. I don't own a gun but fully support the 2nd. Banning this gun or that gun, is it really going to make a difference? Vehicles and bombs can do just as much destruction.
  2. Have zero problems with this. Travel 35K per year on local roads and interstates. People nowadays do everything in their vehicle except drive it. We have OTR truckers in our business several times a week. 95% of them I am sure are observant safe drivers. There have been several drivers that I question how in the *&^% did they ever get a CDL and are in command of a 80,000 pound vehicle.
  3. LMFAO. You're a coward and a liar and he forgot a helluva right hooker. This is the best.
  4. Asics, Reebok, Adidas, UA are going to benefit from this genius move by Nike. They won't get a dime from me for their overpriced shoes or clothing products.
  5. Shouldn't only those in the confederate states have to come up with the reparations funding? Us northerners should be off the hook for this shakedown. What if your family wasn't even here when slavery was going on? Should those folks have to pay?
  6. Didn't they have an anti-Semitic faculty member spewing hate a few years back?
  7. SF, never let facts get in the way. Violent felon, on the run, rammed a couple of police cars, gets out of car with gun and then is shot. Sounds like a great person. He should be praised.
  8. Yes we can and do. BTW can we get more diversity in the Bee. Can we dummy it down a little so common folk can get involved.
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