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  1. Let's not stop there. Browns is clearly a racist name. Cavalier is defined as a follower of King Charles who I am sure was a racist bastard. Start the campaign now.
  2. Your parents must be so proud of you.
  3. So you are good with riots and people losing businesses and jobs? It's only collateral damage right? And you are questioning my intelligence? Lmfao. What a tool.
  4. Neither were the summer riots Einstein but that's what your party/press called them. Based on your idea that leaders are responsible for orders given half of your party's Senators and CongressMen/Women would be locked up.
  5. Don't understand the comparison but......ok. Cuomo directly responsible for 10's of thousands of deaths. This compares to the peaceful protests at the Capitol how? You can't believe half the crap that you type do you?
  6. As of 9:30 this morning neither CCPCNN or MSNBCCP had one article regarding the Cuomocide story on their web pages. This is reprehensible, not unbelievable though. 10's of thousand of additional people died, alone in a nursing home because of this f**k. The fact that the msm is not covering the confirmed cover up of a Governor in a state with the population of approx. 20 mil is not the real story. How this ass hat is still in office as I type this is f'ed up at best.
  7. Muda, they can't go after the left, nor will they attempt to. They've got nothing to write about anymore and the ratings will bear that out. They go after the left they too will be cancelled.
  8. Nothing as of 1 pm on MSNBC or CCPCNN on these mostly peaceful protests. Surprising.
  9. Not going to happen any time soon Muda. Sadly
  10. Judas obviously the first to go. Thomas next, he really didn't want to be there anyway. Petes got to beat feet also, lying SOB.
  11. IMO one way or another the msm is going to delve into the Hunter story. If Trump wins they will definitely keep pursuing the issue to the point that indictments are handed down, at which point msm will have no choice but to report on it. If Biden wins I think the press goes after the story to get rid of Joe, who they never liked, and allow knee pad Kamala and the progressives to take over, which is what the msm wants.
  12. Good job El Dante, you get a star sticker on the chalkboard today.
  13. https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/Politics-Voices/2014/1121/Elections-have-consequences-Does-Obama-regret-saying-that-now Pretty simple search Dante, what's your point? You think he didn't say it? Are you too young to remember when Barry said this?
  14. This is exactly what will happen. Wasn't Barry the one who said "elections have consequences"?
  15. Too many too mention. If you are on IG go to ratethetenderloin. Pretty good follow.
  16. Irishman, Irish whiskey with root beer? Blasphemous. BC is giving you the stink eye from above. 😁 Hope all is well with you.
  17. If he doesn't debate it will tell those on the fence all they need to know. When he debates it will tell all of us what we already knew.
  18. Phewww, with all the other crazy stuff going on in the world I wanted to make sure I read that right. Were the Clintons involved with this suicide?
  19. An individual murders another individual, goes on the run, police locate him, close in to arrest him, he puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Riots ensue. Am I missing something here?
  20. Was home for lunch turned on Fox, ticker at the bottom listed her as African/American- Indian/American. Can't make this stuff up.
  21. Speaks to the times we are in at the moment. You're right on all accounts. Truly muffed up.
  22. What proof is there he got it at the rally? CNN said he did, MSNBC said he did? What f'ing proof do you or they have he got it at the rally?
  23. SF agree on both counts. She must be good if you have been using her that long........but......don't you at least look at her with a cocked head and in the back of your mind think "how in the hell can she be so good at keeping books but still think the world is flat."
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