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  1. The downfall at Ritter is self-inflicted. The previous head coach thought Ritter was winning championships because of him and not the players. The principal now President enabled him for years. The school took for granted that families would continue to send their kids to Ritter. I could go and on. Ritter had a chance once Coach Hunt resigned to hire a former player and coach who might of been able to turn it around. It still would of been a challenge. The president of Ritter chose otherwise. I feel for Coach Purcell as none of this is his doing. The Ritter administration has gotten just what it wanted. Ritter will not have a football team in the near future.
  2. It was nice to see Cathedral finally get the ball to Wooten. I hope they keep it up.
  3. Indiana high school football: Cardinal Ritter hires coach (indystar.com) I was hoping they would go the way of IU basketballs hire and keep it in the family. The Cardinal Ritter President had other thoughts.
  4. Nice story in The Star, but it does not tell you the whole story. Too bad the Ritter Admin did not make this move 4-6 years ago. The Ritter football program is a mess. Numbers are way down and kids transferring out to other schools. This is the first senior class since 1997 to not win a sectional championship. I fell bad for this senior class, they deserved better. The cupboard is bare and Coach Hunt left it that way. Side note: There are no St. Michael football players at Covenant and I do not see any going there in the future.
  5. I saw that Marian University Head Coach Mark Henninger is listed as one of the coaches. https://www.hawaiitikibowl.com/
  6. He was Easter's favorite WR on Team Indiana FBU team in middle school. They work well together.
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