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  1. DT - finding out that you are a 'Hawks and Cubs fan makes me think that maybe we aren't so different after all...
  2. This is a difficult thing to endure in normal times. I am certain it's even tougher when kids don't have each other around to physically lean on. Deepest condolences to all those involved from the Roncalli family and this Cathedral alum.
  3. At the end the other coach is quoted as saying that he didn't have a problem with what happened. Sounds like a personal beef between the coach and admin to me.
  4. How many of those would most consider to be run particularly well?
  5. If you want to make this argument it really needs to start with Carmel...
  6. Our next camp is next month. Don't miss out on an opportunity - register today!
  7. That 30 day threshold for the Kornblue Camp in May is quickly approaching. Don't wait around and miss out on a $100 discount - register today!
  8. Forgot to add direct links for registration KORNBLUE KICKING CAMP KICKING WORLD CAMP
  9. My email address is CStrykowski@Roncalli.org should you want to contact me that way.
  10. Once again, we will be hosting two Kicking / Punting Camps here at Roncalli. The Kornblue and Kicking World Camps that we have hosted in the past will once again be back. I continue to work with Brandon and Brent because I truly believe in the way they approach the camp experience - primarily in keeping the numbers manageable (so that your player gets plenty of personal attention) and the cost reasonable (when compared to other Kicking Camps). Here are the details... KORNBLUE KICKING CAMP Sunday May 19 10 am - 4 pm Kicking and punting / snapping evaluation available upon
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