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  1. Agreed. I'm all for masks/sanitizing/distancing, and also quarantining the ill and isolating older/high risk/pre-existing conditions people. But this lock down thing has to end eventually. Besides a vaccine, which may or may not be effective across the board initially, herd immunity is mother nature's answer to this. It needs to run it's course. Either that or we keep everything locked down indefinitely and the end result of that could be worse than COVID-19 itself. Communities, parents, players need something to offset all this gloom & doom. That thing is H.S. football - IMHO.
  2. Many here have described 6-man as being like "basketball on a football field". Scores, especially the winning team's in mis-matched games, gets crazy high. There is a 45-point mercy rule that gets used a fair bit. Think of the St Louis Rams "greatest show on turf"-style offense, and you have a high school version of that in the 6-man game if your offense is clicking on all cylinders. Put two well matched 6-man teams together, it's going to be a very fun and interesting evening if you like huge offensive numbers. Good offenses score basically every time they get the ball. Some teams play
  3. I was just throwing that idea out there for whatever it's worth. I know neutral sites works great down here in Texas, and no one can say the fans here are just casual, but maybe that's what helps it work. Playoff teams down here have fan bases that travel well. The neutral school gets a portion of the evening's takings, and if you have large crowds, that can turn into a nice little sum, especially if you have a nice facility and host several playoff games, and many do. Same goes for the neutral school's concession stand, and I might be wrong but I believe the stand keeps everything th
  4. Not OT since my question is regarding playoffs, but just came to mind so here goes. Does Indiana use neutral sites for the playoff's? I'm guessing they don't. We do down here and I think it's a great idea. Reduced travel time by ~1/2 (this is the biggest benefit IMO), you can usually can find a decent stadium with enough seating, smaller schools get to play a few games in a "big" stadium environment. Both coaches have to agree on the site, obviously, I don't see a down side. Apologies for the digression.
  5. I've wondered this myself, as well. Haven't lived in Indiana since 2006, but when we were there they were on EST and DST. I didn't think it made a whole lot of sense, especially that double whammy during the summer. I'm not going to be mowing my yard at 9:00 p.m., and unless I was snowmobiling I wasn't planning on doing much of anything outside after 4:00-5:00 p.m. in December/January. Just seemed like we were too far east to be on both EST and DST, or even EST by itself. But I realize that's just me and everyone's schedules are different.
  6. Agree with this post. I've wondered numerous times how far can we go before the cumulative effect of numerous or prolonged shutdowns makes the treatment worse than the disease. I'm all for masks, distancing, sanitizing and as much temperature taking/testing we can do. Lets isolate those at greatest risk but the rest of us live our lives while practicing the aforementioned precautions and using common sense.
  7. Question asked and answered. The reporter, and most likely the newspaper, knew beforehand the wildfire this story would start. "Journalism" these days.......
  8. Amen. When my oldest was a freshman IIRC, our varsity had probably the best offense in the school's 11-man history. To me, the textbook definition of a perfectly balanced offense or close as you can get with a small school team. We would force the ground n' pound teams to commit to the run then burn them in the air. They found out long, clock-eating drives got them nowhere when suddenly down by 3-4 TD's mid-2nd quarter. In fact, the ball control worked against them as it took them so long to score, they didn't have time to pull even with us. Some of these teams only had a handful of pass
  9. Comments are spot on. I always thought of Baker Mayfield as a "lite" version of Johnny Football. Not quite as extreme in his conduct, or having the same bad decision making ability, but still the same type of guy. But back to the RPO topic......
  10. According to Maxpreps the top five states with the most top-500 football recruits: Florida, Texas, Georgia, California & Alabama. That's just one source, there are many more. I'm sure Texas would make just about anyone's top 5 list for hs recruits. If they're that high they must not be the only ones playing "7 on 7".
  11. When I read the 66-57 score comment, I initially thought DT was referring to 6-man! With two boys playing Texas high school football from 2012-2017 my personal recollection of game scores is closer to the 39-16 than 66-57. I don't have the time right now to research data, but I can only remember a couple games where it looked like neither team was playing defense. I'd say generally, most games the score differential was in the 3 to 21 point range. Typically in games where someone scored high 40's or more (mostly us thank goodness, lol) the other team would only score maybe 14 max again
  12. Back in the dark ages when I played, it was called ringing someone's bell. It was highly encouraged to pop a guy like that if you could, in fact, if you had a chance to "knock him into the bleachers" and you didn't, you might have got chewed out a little for not taking the shot at him. Been on both ends of hits like that. I remember our starting running backs coming up at an angle if the tackler was not low enough and put those shoulder pads between his pads and helmet (basically hitting defender on chin strap/facemask). Saw many necks snap back, many helmets come off and even guys lifted
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