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  1. I'm aware of the benefits of turf and it's probably here to stay more-or-less. However, I absolutely loved playing on grass in the rain/snow and resulting mud! Loved to practice in it, too. Don't get me wrong, playing in nice conditions had it's benefits as well, but the grass in bad weather was a nice change of pace here and there. The managers probably felt different.
  2. At the school my kids attended football HC was also the AD & softball HC (obviously did not teach), and all the assistant football coaches were full-time teachers and also assistants in other sports. One of the football assistants was the baseball HC and also full-time teacher. Full disclosure this is a 2A school, so everyone is expected to wear more than one hat. Other area schools in 1A-3A, are to the best of my knowledge the same with one or two exceptions. Can't speak for 4A - 6A.
  3. I've wondered about that myself over the years. It's Northrop BTW. Easy error to make, though.
  4. Well, obviously I screwed up when I went to edit my post and hit save too early. In a nutshell, I was commenting that what the school system is doing is silencing dissent, and is this the direction we want to take on both a local and possibly national level.
  5. SNL is the left.... They won't turn on "themselves".
  6. When the left does it, it's OK. When the right does it, it's not. That is all you need to know. Move along. My daughter's summarized view on it goes like this. The "left" are doing these things for good reasons/causes and the "right", simply, are not. Therefore, the end absolutely justifies the means.
  7. Interesting... This got me to thinking about how that all went down, but it's been long enough ago that I don't trust my memory so much lol. New Haven and Woodlan, yes. I believe a fair amount might have also started going to Heritage. They were neighboring school districts back in the day, and the drive from the S/SE area of Harding's district to Heritage was not a long one at all. Almost every year I was at Heritage (early-mid 80's) we would get a few Harding kids who got in trouble and expelled for the semester attend Heritage, until the suspension was over. Some could have very we
  8. I couldn't agree more with this post. Neither the so-called peaceful protesting of the spring/summer or what happened in DC is right. Neither should have taken place in civilized society. The law breakers in both camps should have been/should be arrested and prosecuted. The villifying/condemning of one group and endorsement/acceptance of another, who by and large were doing the same thing, by the media shows just how extremely biased they really are.
  9. The youth league mine played in was flag for K-1st-2nd, start pads in 3rd. Junior fb 3rd-4th, senior fb 5th-6th. There is another league in town, and I believe they were/are the same. These days, I could almost see waiting until 5th for pads. Use K thru 4th to teach good technique/fundamentals, then two years in pads before junior high.
  10. I stand corrected. There are indeed a few P/P schools competing with the publics. Saw a few in 1A and 3A-6A. Nothing in 2A, strangely enough.
  11. I admit I may not be understanding your reply correctly, so keep that in mind when you read this. If you are saying that breaking the classifications down into Div. 1/Div. 2 (large/small) doesn't happen until playoff time, that is incorrect. Breaking them down (ex. 3A-D1 & 3A-D2) is a set grouping they do at the start of every realignment. There are enrollment ranges for each of the classes broken down by division, and your school stays there until the next realignment. 6A is the only exception; there is no D1/D2 in that classification. Top four teams from 3A-D1 District "X" go to
  12. Talking about the broad range of enrollments in these classes being too wide - maybe we need to break the classes down a little further? Texas has 1A - 6A, Division1 and Division 2. Break each class down into two division (i.e. big 2A and small 2A). Essentially you have 12 classifications instead of six, so the enrollments are significantly closer together within each class. One problem solved, two (coaching & socioeconomic) to go. I realize this may not be possible due to the smaller size of Indiana vs. Texas. I don't know less teams per class, maybe justifies keeping the al
  13. There are other states that do something similar now. TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) is the organization that administers athletic/musical/academic competitions for the P/P's. They are allowed to compete with public schools, within limitations. Example, my kid's school has played a Catholic school football team in pre-district for many years. They are a very good team that competes well with public 2A programs (they are a 2A sized school), and more often than not goes deep in the TAPPS post season. To the best of my knowledge a TAPPS state championship does
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