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  1. I'm sure the right attorney or law firm could have a field day with this, as well they should. There is so much that was mis-handled here it makes my head spin. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Unfortunately no punishment or settlement will ever erase those events for that poor young man.
  2. Hope Lutheran's team isn't looking looking ahead like some of the fans are lol. Agree 100% with you regarding post season home games.
  3. Within any given classification, moving schools up that that win a lot and moving down schools that lose a lot makes no sense to me. Like others here have said you're punishing success and rewarding failure. If you can't beat the school you're lining up against, get better. Best team wins. Period. It's life, get used to it. Coddling bad teams & punishing good teams. I call BS on that. I know, I know I'm a mean old man. So get off my lawn lol.
  4. OK, now I get it. Was not aware of that one. Ouch! Thankfully for both sides, won't get anywhere near that. I agree with foxbat, this game most likely comes down to the sum of the little things - that aren't so little in reality.
  5. Huh? You lost me there. But yeah sure, if AC can win by 96 points instead of the 6 or 7 I'm thinking, why the heck not! That would be a statement win lol. Think I'll stick with my original prediction.
  6. Pulling for the Jets in a close one. Thinking 1 TD win, hoping for more.
  7. OK, you want it coming down, not just a sloppy field. Would prefer an AC win, but realistically gotta pick SA. Hope Jets prove me wrong.
  8. From Weather.com for tonight in Monroe. Good football conditions, temperature-wise. Wish we had this in TX. (Temp - Feels Like - Precip % - Humidity) 7:00 PM FRI Partly Cloudy 28° 28° 10% 85% N 2 mph 8:00 PM FRI Partly Cloudy 27° 27° 10% 85% N 2 mph 9:00 PM FRI Mostly Cloudy 27° 27° 10% 89% NNE 2 mph 10:00 PM FRI Mostly Cloudy 27° 24° 10% 87% NNE 3 mp
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