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  1. I played Indiana HS football in the 80's. Yes, the condition of the field at the end of the season was def not as good as the start, but I don't remember our field or competitors fields being dangerous/unplayable parcels of ground. All of a sudden it's almost akin to child abuse to have the kids play on grass in Nov/Dec? Can't remember anyone ever complaining about the game fields or even the practice fields, for that matter. Also don't remember an inordinate amount of foot/ankle/leg injuries late in the season vs. early on. They conditions were what they were. We were just happy to be out there knocking the crap out of each other. Probably because we didn't have anything else, we didn't know what we were missing. Now with continuously more schools being turf, I can see how a grass field in late season might not look as attractive to those used to turf, and yes a good turf field keeps the game more consistent in bad weather conditions, I'll admit that. This curmudgeon still prefers grass and no one's changing my mind. I know I'm stuck in the past on this, sorry. I think if we had cried about deteriorating field conditions when I played, the coaches would have told us to HTFU.
  2. I remember, I played on it in the 80's. Def nice not having the harsh fall/winter weather. This year has been difficult for grass fields. Extreme drought conditions in central TX nearly all summer and water rationing in my area. I'd hate to see the high school's water bill!
  3. Carroll at Homestead Dwenger at Luers (GOTW) Northrop at Snider South Side at North Side Wayne at Concordia
  4. Our field was, and still is, grass. Takes a lot of work, and water, especially in TX. Probably 3/4 of the schools we played in reg season were also grass. My boys didn't have a problem with it, liked the cushion of grass up to about mid-season, and absolutely loved playing on grass in the rain. Once playoffs rolled around the kids looked forward to playing on turf at the bigger schools stadiums (TX is all neutral sites post season). Said they felt faster and could make cuts better. Also liked being able to wear their "white out" away uni's. Pros and cons to both. Turf has it's advantages but the old-schooler in me says football should be played outdoors on grass, no matter what level (HS/NCAA/NFL). When I was playing, and when my kids were, the team student managers washed the uniforms.
  5. Good point. Another possibility could just be a lack of interest in football, until the right group of admin/parents/students shows up. Look at Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian. Been around since 1973 and just now, almost 50 years later, entering the football ranks. I personally know several people who graduated from there. Can't say for sure, but I don't believe money has been an issue, at least for a while. They were reasonably competitive in the sports they had and maybe were content with that, until something or someone changed their mind.
  6. Dwenger Luers Homestead Snider Carroll
  7. Couldn't believe it when I heard about that final drive score. One time I don't mind being wrong!
  8. AC by whatever they want. I'm going against my alma mater and picking SA by 2 TD's. Bad as I want Heritage to beat a team like this, from what I've been told they just ain't quite there yet. Carroll by as much as they want. Bluffton by a couple TD's. I did a double take when I saw Carroll - guess I don't remember them from last year? Obviously, knew it wasn't FW Carroll, although they were on our schedule in the early-mid 80's. But Carroll was a lot smaller then, too.
  9. New Haven (really struggling not to type Dekalb) East Noble Columbia City Norwell
  10. I'm 100% with you bro! (Michigan whooping Ohio State) What I wouldn't give to see that. Interesting chat regarding the SA ranking. Seems AC has had their number as of late, but pretty much anyone on AC's schedule could say that. FWIW from an outsider, I think SA is def worth being ranked in pre-season, maybe not top 3. Somewhere in 5-10, absolutely. Be interesting to see how it plays out.
  11. Columbia City East Noble Dekalb Norwell Huntington North Leo Eastbrook South Adams
  12. Dwenger at North Side: DEWNGER Luers at Wayne: WAYNE Snider at Carroll: CARROLL South Side at Northrop: NORTHROP Homestead at Concordia: HOMESTEAD
  13. Adams Central South Adams Heritage Jay County Eastside Bluffton (have to pick one upset) Fremont
  14. Heritage. Being an alum, would love to see them turn the corner and have a strong winning season Columbia City Dekalb Eastbrook, won't even be close. Leo in a squeaker. New Haven Norwell by several scores. East Noble
  15. In girls basketball. They lose a lot of players to soccer in winter. I stand corrected re. FL round ball. Def looks like a regional thing.
  16. It was surprising to me, as well, when we moved from IN to TX 16 years ago. Couldn't comprehend the low regard for basketball at first, but it is what it is. I would imagine it's the same in most of the deep south, with maybe Florida being an exception, regarding round ball. Seems like they appreciate it a little more over there (FL).
  17. Carroll at Luers: Carroll by 2 TD's. Concordia at South Side: Cadets by 3-4 TD's. North Side at Snider: tough to call, Snider pulls out a 7 point (or less) win. Northrop at Homestead: Spartans by 3 scores. Wayne at Dwenger: Another difficult pick. Sticking with the c.y.o. by a TD (maybe 2 TD's).
  18. The winter sports scene here isn't nearly what it is up there. From what I have seen there is a round ball contingent in the larger metro areas, and even in some of the big schools where I live (Waco area), but their popularity overall does not hold a candle to football and baseball, the #1 & #2 boys HS sports in TX. At my kids school, basketball was viewed by most as a tool for maintaining conditioning between football & baseball/track, which IIRC start practicing in Feb. Heck, there's not a school in this area that even offers wrestling! Also, if I'm not mistaken there is an overlap in seasons. My youngest graduated in 2018 so I'm starting to forget some of these details. My perspective comes from small/medium sized school experiences. @foxbat might be able to provide a better read on the large school winter sports scene, having lived in the Houston area IIRC.
  19. That was my first observation, as well, regarding FW area teams or the lack thereof.
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