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  1. O’Neil, after throwing for 410 yards and five touchdowns in the regular-season game, was limited to 7-for-15 passing for 75 yards and was sacked seven times. “We really worked on (defense) this week,” Moore said. “The defensive coaches really worked on it. We took last game personally.”
  2. Cathedral played in some really tough (cold, windy) weather for passing well against CG. And they have some high level players for passing. Having seen Carroll and NP in finals, it was as many have noted, no surprise what happened. Although, I watched the first two scores for EC and turned off particularly perplexed by the defensive plan of NP, which EC exposed. That nine man box overloaded to short side reminded me of when Johnny Carson would parody Robert Conrad in those battery commercials daring you to knock that battery off his shoulder.
  3. I rode the elevator with Jerry during the 2006 BB finals, thanked him and told him how much I had enjoyed his broadcasting all my years of hearing/seeing BB. But, yes, he may not be at his best currently.
  4. Will see who stays and the recruits that show up. It takes enough good players and coaches to make it happen. They are not competing with OSU, Michigan, and, perhaps Penn St, just the rest of teams in the league. Currently, there seems to be numerous issues that have IU near the bottom of BIG just two seasons after many thought it was the opposite. And, I note, it seems the basketball excitement is back, which I believe was a neglect issue for football there in the past.
  5. Was mildly surprised that Springfield took Moeller. Detroit King with another runaway score title in Michigan. And Mt. Carmel smashing another one out in IL. Loyola again, this time over Lincoln Way E. KY with Male in championship after taking the favorite St X, then Ballard after Trinity already lost.
  6. Another title is also a tribute to the late, great ball coach, Ray Schultz.
  7. Interesting an Ohio St guy takes over Wisconsin, seems odd.
  8. The controlled environment and excellent turf reveal the truth.
  9. Intriguing to see someone new at 6A Finals. Controlled environment, wonderful turf always reveals. Will see what happens.
  10. Awaiting the St. Edward-Moeller rematch next week (barring the weird) in OH. Watching Belleville, Michigan tomorrow. IL-Loyola-Lincoln-Way E matchup and Mt. Carmel (again) KY-curious semis.
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