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  1. If only Tark the Shark was still here to coach.
  2. Indy Washington was the perfect opposite of "blue blood." Played with the chip of a true underdog with something to prove.
  3. The cluster tie breaker OT one set of downs mid-week to get into the sectional two days later is the type of brainstorming scheme that only the IHSAA could have invented. In that masterplan, the season finale also played mid-week both cluster years. Coach Springer's Indy Washington team was really, really good (both 83 and 84). Seemed like true outsiders with little Indy media coverage and then pummeled North Central and Lars Tate (who got all the press coverage) in the regional. the last great Indy city public team. And they were undersized.
  4. Was not Don Baylor a DH often latter in his career. Leader in HBP. Dramatically changed 86 ALCS against his old team, the Angels. Really liked Don Baylor.
  5. Once completed, I69 will have made a big stride on that divide. The lore has been brought up often over the past 20 years on the board. It definitely stems from the pre-69 history and has a lot of casualties both ways that were likely enabled by travel problem on Friday when teams were closely matched.
  6. I posted too hastily, it was the 82 title season that Carmel played at Castle. and that may have been Friday as it was semi and it seems the regionals were Saturday. long time ago. but I recall the sectional games played during week, which made for Saturday regionals. Mid-week football playoffs may have been the dumbest idea in the history of IHSAA. Even dumber than Cluster with cluster tiebreaker playoff halves.
  7. Have not attended road playoff game since 2009. So, this is a hodgepodge of 90’s and 2000’s seasons in which there was higher expectations and relatives playing/friends going. Any road playoff game leaving work early on a Friday while fighting rush hour traffic is going to require if much distance: 1) Gas 2) Fast food to go stop unless bring food/drinks, which I have done. 3) Potty (unless you take a piss bottle as I have done.) (Always combined with the food stop due to time) Sectionals from Morgantown: 03 and 04 at Union County, three hours with short stop to get fast food to go, ****ball road which was in that condition thirty years prior. 06-met friend from Terre Haute North at Columbus North. He stated the drive was over three hours, but nothing compared to crappy Jennings County game several years before. 09 at Heritage Hills, four hours with same type of short stop, exhausting. The Evansville problem: The old lore that one can not travel from Indy area to Evansville for Friday game and win. There was no direct, dual lane highway (and 41 was not a better option), putting one at mercy of every slow poke, every small town speed zone and every farm implement on road. Yes, 69 has made a major change, but take a piss bottle (if one properly hydrates) and food or be prepared to lose quite a bit of time driving out of way from exits. It is still a longer trip than I thought it would be. Also, I heard from a state trooper last summer that it is the wild west of speed drivers because the state police posts in those regions will not even patrol it. Regionals to Evansville were always a survival game and vice versa. So, there were very long trips in 95, 96 and 03 that were also four hours with any quick stop. Side notes of tourney travel to Eville: Carmel went to playing the Castle game on Saturday evening. Still lost in 83 and 94. Before the all-in tourney and I-64, Richmond played first round at Castle- may be most asinine game travel I aware of. Also, recall that the IHSAA, in it’s infinite wisdom, implemented a two-year scheme of mid-week basketball regionals beginning of two decades ago in which there were a lot of complaints about traveling two plus hours on school nights before playing semi-state on Saturday. The creativity of many members on this board over the years with mapping and tourney ideas is much needed by the IHSAA, if they only had the ability to receive it.
  8. After having traveled three and fours hours to sectional games multiple times years ago, I realized the IHSAA is not a place for logic or bold, new ideas. With the sectional drive times they have been imposing for the last two decades as well as having two of the top teams in a class playing each other in an opening round due to the IHSAA balls system, they could easily take a whole semistate and seed it with top seed hosts. Are there challenges, yes. Are these challenges greater or less than the awkward current melee?
  9. regarding improper weight cutting; https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/33355085/bellator-fighter-adam-piccolotti-suspended-6-months-posting-ig-videos-vomiting-weight-cut
  10. 2011 IC Stevenson played fb around 210 and Reece around 200. In wrestling, Stevenson wrestled down at 189 where he was runner-up in sudden death when the son of IU wrestling coach escaped the hold, and Reece wrestled up at 215 where he was champion due to his quickness advantage despite giving up size. Reece pinned all four opponents at finals, also. I have noticed in recent years that more athletes are discovering that competing at a healthy weight is better than attempting to drain self in cutting too much, although there are freak athletes that can cut absurdly and still beat the crap out of you a day later.
  11. And a missed xp away from NFL Hall of Famer Morten Andersen in 1977 semistate against Reitz of maybe moving on to the championship.
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