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  1. week 4 DC host Martinsville DC Mooresville at Gwood Gap depends on players available for Mooresville-three of front four D out against Plainfield along with a LB. Gave up 42 to Quakers, but scored 63. Expect Whiteland to take Franklin Perry at Plainfield-is Perry real?
  2. dc-whiteland a pick em. martinsville and gwood played two competitive games last year with Artesians winning in sectional at home. will see what difference is now.
  3. Some of us have had long, strange journeys over the years where we have disappeared from the forum for a period.
  4. Thought Bedford was returning a lot of starters, but very rough start. Unknown whether Martinsville was improved or Bedford that down.
  5. Heard from a source I consider in the know that Martinsville will be young, but expect them to be solid offensively.
  6. Don't forget! The @Colts Horseshoe Classic is this Friday when @lebanontigers take on @MHSBeMOORE and @GiantAthletics battle @bhsdogs from Lucas Oil Stadium! First game starts at 6pm ET. Watch LIVE on http://IHSAAtv.org !
  7. heard Steve Weber is assisting at Martinsville this year.
  8. Did not see a Mid State topic active, so started this if anyone cares. Mid State conference for 2021 season.
  9. How many players do these teams even have this season?
  10. The old tradition and quality goes back to Bloomington HS days. Also, Coach Enright had some very good teams at South before Mo took over. Remember 83?
  11. Always looked at the game as opportunity for small school players to prove themselves. Just as MVP of this year's game was last second fill-in from Class A, many very good players still get missed. For example, ever see Dan Stryzinski's stats from North-South game?
  12. I would check with Casey Gillin. He posted upcoming times on twitter. https://www.g2wins.com/
  13. Oddly, first and only prior regional title for Mooresville was 1989, also. Anyone recall the coach? Then, the Pioneers fell into the abyss in early 90's until Bless took reins. And it was Roncalli that kept them from winning title in 04. Hopefully, Jason Werner is not suited up Friday.
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