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  1. 2A Is this the year Reed May finally gets a state title? Same sectional as Triton Central.
  2. 2A four-time defending sectional champ Triton Central-I watched them at Indian Creek last Friday. TC qb Stuckey reminds me of Gagliardi winner Eric Watt of Trine (South Newton). Think Chris Creighton got a good one. TC in same sectional with Brownstown.
  3. How much worse would it have been for the Boiler D against Syracuse if qb Schrader had shaved prior to the game. Or, was the beard his superpower he used on Purdue defenders?
  4. Sounds like EC will grind those dogs to kibble.
  5. Southridge did have an extremely mud bath of a field back in the day during cold, wet weather.
  6. I was concerned about how stuck the O play calls seemed in not adapting. Thought Leon Burtnett had returned to run O.
  7. something going on with broadcasting from there as WHMB had this as game of week previously and was doing the CG-Cathedral game from there end of regular season and those games have been replaced on their broadcast plan.
  8. He chased and tackled them. I should say terrorized them at DePauw.
  9. Sadly, former Franklin great Clayton Coll (son of Coach Coll) went down Saturday with lower leg injury and his playing days appear over.
  10. Give Tedford credit. He is a qb whisperer. Found what Purdue could not defend and dug in the dagger. And Harrell looked like the young apprentice of offense in comparison being schooled by an old pro.
  11. Always wondered if Rod Woodson had gone to a top football program for college that would have been creative enough to let him do it all, how special he would have been. He had really good hands and off the chain ball instincts. He had extremely rare size and strength to go with the shift in the hips and sprinter speed.
  12. Wow. Massive disparity in these two games. What is going on at JV? Everyone playing varsity or frosh ball?
  13. My friend is a hardcore THN guy who played on the team with Anthony Thompson and was highly involved all the years his kids grew up. But, after his youngest moved on to college soccer, THN was in the rearview and he never looked back, tailgates at ISU over a decade now........and Barrett left. So, do not know anything about their colossal downfall.
  14. Holding out on how far Martinsville has dropped off from last year, but saw Greenwood for awhile last week at IC. They threw the ball, I think, six times in first quarter. SHOCKING change from what they have run previously. Anyway, holding out on their offensive abilities since IC seems so young on defense, but Greenwood defense did not appear to be ready for prime time. They have some interior size, though. Last year's sectional showdown was such a brutal beating by Martinsville, the type of game the mercy rule was designed for.
  15. BNL looks disadvantaged at moment, but we never know about those tricky little balls the IHSAA, in it's infinite wisdom, uses to determine the draw. Sometimes they bounce and may make BNL play at East Central first round or they may put BNL in a bracket with the 3 other weakest teams of sectional 24 and home advantaged.
  16. Snider was very good in 1981. Rod Woodson, Dieter Heren and a lot of line size I recall.
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