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  1. Snider had some very good defenders such as Rod Woodson, Dieter Heren.
  2. Would be surprised to see Martinsville beat Franklin
  3. After observing Purdue and IU, my impression is that both of them would be a threat to compete for a MAC title.
  4. Purdue also had very little pass action to backs it seemed.
  5. As a defender, if you know the qb has a go to receiver, especially, a long-time bro from back home, you know his tendency in tight situations is to go to the well too often, making it easier to defend. Only completed half of passes. As far as Brohm, the overly aggressive offensive calls remind me of former Illinois coach Mike White.
  6. https://247sports.com/Season/2023-Football/RecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=highschool&State=IN
  7. Is Thieneman out for season for Westfield? Sophomore qb for FC has potential I hear.
  8. And, as a St. Edward's man, you know how good that Elder team under Coach Ramsay was and understand how well he understands the game.
  9. would be major deal if IC went to Greenwood and won.
  10. This goes back to what Elder Coach Ramsey stated about Warren Central coming to town and overpowering his defending state champs and calling Chris Graham "unblockable." Then Elder roared on to another state title, smashing St. Edward's in Canton.
  11. Was at field level end zone at CG for semistate against Warren. Warriors were so dominant on defense. Graham may be the best defensive player I have seen in person. And that CG team was very good with a lot of multi-year starting seniors that ran all over a strong Reitz team in the bowl on a Friday night the week before.
  12. Indian Creek at Greenwood. No more Tracys at DC it appears.
  13. Those Woodmen were really stout defensively that season.
  14. B South-no idea about team. After Coach Mo, and lost two of top players in state-big question mark about where going? Whiteland-thought they returned a lot of key players. Martinsville-made me realize last loss to Bedford was Haniford's freshman year when he displaced a senior friend of mine. Before he learned he could just lob ball up and Smith and WIlliams could go get it.
  15. Work late often. DVR the INDY tv23 Ben Davis-Brownsburg broadcast with Greg Rakestraw and later co-watch it and the WHMB broadcast of Westfield-New Pal.
  16. Figure Indian Creek will be a much improving team and much more intriguing to watch and play against. Turf at Indian Creek now.
  17. WHMB does a livestream on site, and if there is no livestream, such as this week, it is for this reason-the host or IHSAA has a livestream, and you will be able to find these streams on IHSAA channel listings. Next week, the Center Grove game will be the same way.
  18. whmb tv 40 sports has the Westfield at New Pal game on delay broadcast. Think it starts at 10:30pm and replay at 7am. https://whmbtv40.com/sports/football-schedule/
  19. One positive is that outside of EC, these teams can all aspire to win sectional games, which is a big deal, depending on how Bobby Cox's balls go. Bedford had some good teams in latter 70's-early 80's and won a sectional over a decade ago. However, it may be more similar to a Martinsville. Martinsville has some nice history in another era, but they are not coming back to play a Carmel, Warren Central or Ben Davis for a semistate. At 4A, Martinsville appears to be miles away from competing with the top teams.
  20. Bedford and JC are both in the East Central invitational sectional for 2 years. That could already be a demotivator- a steep, uphill challenge for coaches and players. Or, that could be a motivator for aspiration. The 98lb weakling only finds the magic (whatever is being sold) to defeat the beach bully in the comic book ads.
  21. Mooresville at Pendleton Heights Martinsville at Columbus East Any info on reason for venue change?
  22. Friday scrimmages for those that want to post this week's matchups and observations on their team's play.
  23. The South line controlled that game. And then Tate ran through defenders. Herrick was a man among boys.
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