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  1. "like" not lie. I don't know, maybe some of them would lie to be able to have a travel game lol.
  2. I think it's a great idea. I'll bet the players would lie to do something like that, as well. Indiana school plays a Texas school, in Texas, one year - then they flip the following year. Might be a bit of a job working out the travel logistics, but if the western states can do it....
  3. Because they are. Bigger, faster, stronger, meaner!! Lol JK BTW, I had to do a double take when I saw the Mater Dei score - until I figured out it was the Cali MD. CG v. Austin Westlake or similar would be an interesting matchup. Too bad IN teams can't do that kind of traveling. The Arizona "Open" deal sound interesting but I can't imagine a 2A or 3A team duking it out with a 5A or 6A team.
  4. The wife and I, back when we were dating, used to frequent Ivanhoe's a fair amount. Not too long of a drive from her place (SW wells county). Great ice cream & burgers. Took the kids there once in a while, too.
  5. After 15 years guess I'm still not a real Texan; I think creamed corn is disgusting. Pass the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes or rolls please.
  6. This is what I've been thinking, too, and about both Eastside/Eastbrook. Does either of them go thru the SAC with the same record as the Knights? It's why I asked the question about strength of schedule several posts ago. But you know the old saying about what can happen any given Friday night.... Will have to pull for Luers this week, but if they win and if Eastbrook wins, will be a tough call the following week. The benefit for everyone is these next couple of games should be pretty awesome and that's good for everyone.
  7. There's someone on the Eastbrook-Tipton thread already looking ahead to the "inevitable" Eastbrook vs. Eastside matchup. One game at a time fella. Ain't taking nothing away from Eastside, but gotta go with Luers in this one. Has Eastside played as difficult of a schedule as Luers? Not as familiar with some of their opponents as I am with SAC teams.
  8. "Back when I played" we used shoes with removeable cleats. We had two different lengths for sure, and I seem to remember possibly three. Only downside is sometimes one would back out. Played/practiced more than I care to remember on wet/muddy surfaces. Survived just fine and absolutely loved it. Turf vs. no turf sometimes seems like a first world problem to me. But I understand, the game changes based on the type and quality of playing surface.
  9. Gotta go with Eastbrook, have extended family there. Hope it's a good one with no injuries. Eastbrook like to keep it on the ground, right?
  10. They might have met up further down the line, where they both deserved to be. Still an exciting game, just deeper in the playoffs. Hate seeing one top notch team knocked out by another top notch. That could water down the 2nd round where a good team could face a poor team. I'd rather see an epic games later when all or most of the good teams are present. But this is a point the forum will never come to agreement on. Just have to agree to disagree.
  11. In town visiting family & watched highlights of this on the news. Looked like one of the better games in the area. I know I'll get flamed for what I'm going to say, but, this 1st round matchup between two top-tier teams is a good argument for seeding. No way they should have seen each other this early.
  12. "In 1960s China, any professor who pushed back against Maoist Communism was ousted from the profession — or worse. Today, academics who contradict the established leftist orthodoxy are increasingly prohibited from teaching their students." If this country continues down the path it's on, we will be the "Maoist" USA. Fall in line with the narrative or else: cancelled or retrained, take your pick. My father was born and raised in Germany, the part that was east Germany. He was in school during the time Hitler was in power, and for several years when the communists took over after WW2. Unlike most of us, and probably most government officials/political activists/academia, he actually lived under fascist/totalitarian & communist governments, and witnessed their rise to power. Think about that for a second. All these talking heads in the media, who read about it and think they have it all figured out, how many of them have actually been through the real thing? The stuff he is hearing and seeing today is deja-vu. Told me after the WW2 and the Cold War, and all the lessons the world supposedly learned about oppressive governments, he truly thought he would never witness the things he's witnessing now. He's told me the stuff they're coming up with and how they present it are very similar in many cases to what they were told pre-WW2 and even some of it while the Soviets were installing their puppets in the east Germany. It might be taking longer this time, but in his opinion the results will be the same. The cancel culture especially, government mandating more, FBI investigating parents for daring to speak their mind and have a say in what their children are taught, the list goes on. The entire body of work reminds him of 1930's Germany and post WW2 east Germany. I'll bet some here will take issue with this post, and that's fine. At least for now, we can still agree to disagree. Just words from someone who has gone through this twice before in his lifetime.. At least we can agree that we all enjoy high school football.
  13. Dwenger +14 over Northrop Homestead +whatever they want over South Side Carroll +28 over Wayne Concordia +7 over North Side (alt. GOTW) Luers +6 or less squeaks by Snider (GOTW)
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