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  1. Even with Vasilchek having indiana roots, the move across the county is still one that isnt a normal move. Once he rescinded the first time and came back, I think the whole situation was set up for failure. Now as far as where they go next, in my opinion they need to find a well put together young coordinator that is looking for their own program. One that wants to come in and make it their own, and grow the program to match the rest of the HHC. They surprisingly pay decent in comparison to many schools in the southern half of the state (for teacher and coach pay), so they could be a good opportunity for a young upcomer. Looked up their facilities and they are pretty nice as well. Maybe a coordinator from the river schools or columbus area. Hope they get it figured out quick.
  2. I feel for those kids. From what I have rad they had a solid coach in Sharp before he had to step away. Then had a hometown guy as interim and they didnt bring him back. Now the fiasco with this out of state fellow. What a mess for those kids and those parents. This can only hurt their already struggling situation.
  3. Jennings County listed on IHSAA Job Postings again, with 4/28 date stamp. So I would guess the out of state coach backed out again. Feel for the kids, having a coach back out twice before ever getting to campus. Maybe they have other candidates they interviewed that may still be interested.
  4. Jennings County listed on IHSAA Job Postings again, with 4/28 date stamp.
  5. A comment in another thread led me to this thought. Thought other readers may be interested as well. Who are some of the promising young (under 35) assistant coaches and coordinators that we could see as Head Coaches in the next 5-7 years?
  6. I have enjoyed your interviews with coaches around the state. I like to read about the experiences and factors that led to them being in their positions. One thing that might be interesting is to interview assistant coaches (coordinators) around the state that are doing good things. Might let the readers around the state get to know the assistants before they move on to become HC down the road. Just a thought! I too believe Center Grove ends up in the HCC. However, I think if this doesnt happen by Football season of 2023, then we will see a new conference formed with CG at the driving seat with schools from the MIC, HCC, and maybe even schools within conferences in that 1 hour time frame around the city. Everything I have heard about Coach Nolting at GC is good things! I think he is in for the long haul at GC, but I wouldnt write off the big name schools chasing after him in the future. I think it will depend largely on those big name schools preferred style of play, as he is a wishbone guy through and through (has success with it). You are spot on with your take on IU. They have to find a way to keep guys like Curry, Popeye Williams (just first two lineman from the current class that came to mind) in Indiana at IU. The 2022 season is going to be huge for IU moving forward. They have to find a way to get on track or the 2020 season is essentially a fluke. I root for IU football and want to see them succeed, but after last season, the 2022 is the make it or break it season to see if IU is going to work their way consistently into the top half of the B1G.
  7. Cant imagine this goes well for Jennings... in talking with a coach who had an assistant that interviewed for that job, he said that the call came before Christmas that he didnt get the job after interviewing. With that much time lapsed, and the time it will take for a new approval, cant imagine any of the "no's" are interested this time around.
  8. Pike Opening via Coach Echevveria twitter post. @fbcoachech is twitter name and post was shared by Pike HS account. "After conversations w/ my family, I have decided to step down as the Head Football Coach at Pike High School. I want to thank the administration, teachers, and coaching staff for their support. Players, thanks so much for your dedication and hard work. Keep grinding and raise the bar."
  9. https://dailyjournal.net/2021/12/14/casey-gillin-named-new-indian-creek-football-coach/ A Gillin back leading the Indian Creek Program.
  10. The hard part is the teaching scenarios that go with the coaching openings. Some schools cant move on their coaching search until they know what teaching openings they are going to have for the coming year. As far as when is too late, I think once you get into April, due to summer planning and offseason program lost time, thats the absolute latest most coaches would be interested. Ideally, most coaches would like to be in place by early second semester to get their offseason rolling and start building those relationships with the kids. Especially now that Indiana allows spring ball during limited contact periods. With the new spring rules, you can have a foundation started prior to summer which is huge for new coaches.
  11. Youre spot on there. The county schools have the land area but that produces enrollment numbers, but doesnt have the actual athletics numbers that non county schools would have. Looking at the ones you mentioned, they are 3a and 4a programs with realistically having participation numbers in the 2a level and struggling to compete. Catch 22 of you have to win to get kids interested in coming out, but you have to get more kids out to win. Tough on those schools.
  12. Being unfamiliar with the job and school, whats the prospect of the job look like? You mention 75% of the Friday guys graduating, but are the participation numbers high enough to field the program's needs? Some coaches view programs as fixable, so the losses might not scare people away if they see potential for improvement there.
  13. Whats the offseason look like for the conference teams? Saw online some teams around the state doing open workouts this time of year. Any conference teams have winter practices going?
  14. Is Jeffersonville now looking for a new coach? Listed on JH http://scoreboard.homestead.com/football/coachingchanges.htm#loaded Any news or information on this situation? Any news out of Jennings County Coaching Search? Trying to learn more about the Southern part of the state's football schools!
  15. Goshen going to open according to their news outlet goshennews.com/sports/
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