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  1. Valley did get Jones back last week unexpectedly and he made a big difference in the game against Peru. Look for him to be a much bigger part of the offense this week after just getting cleared to play last Wednesday. Still going to be a big challenge for Valley against Guerin. The play of the conference last week was really unsurprising. Maybe the biggest disappointment was that Southwood was essentially done after 10 minutes of football. Hope AC gets that state title. Rochester should still be playing next week. Hopefully Northfield and Valley can spring upsets but I just want them to both be in the game in the 4th quarter with an opportunity to find a way to survive and advance.
  2. Ok week 1 of tournament: My predictions Let's see if conference does better than their perceived weakness across the state. Hamilton Heights at Maconaquah 45-20 Tippecanoe Valley at Peru 42-14 Rochester at Seeger 35-28 Eastside at Wabash 49-14 Manchester at Whitko 35-7 Adams Central at Southwood 35-20 North Miami at Madison-Grant 35-14 Northfield at Southern Wells 42-0 So I have 4 moving on. I am intrigued about the long trip for Rochester, if Southwood can give Adams Central a fight, and if North Miami can be competitive on the road. Pretty confident about the others.
  3. It stays a tie for the crown. Preseason predictions really turned out to be true. Valley certainly missed Wade Jones on Friday with his hernia injury. All the credit to the Knights for their big plays. Jones was on the sidelines of the Purdue game Saturday night. Preseason predictions held mostly true. Probably biggest surprise for me was the improvement of North Miami. Now on to the postseason. Let's see if the conference can advance more than 3 or 4 out of the first round. 2 intraconference matchups so at least 2 will advance.
  4. Here are my thoughts for the last week of regular season: Manchester at Peru 35-20 Northfield at North Miami 28-14 Rochester at Maconaquah 56-28 Tippecanoe Valley at Southwood 35-21 Whitko at Wabash 35-7
  5. Friday Night Lights at its finest. Should be a whale of an atmosphere and great test for both teams. Short Term Conference Title: Long Term Should Help Both teams who have legitimate goals of making it down to Indy. Laville 22-21.
  6. Sportsguy: Great analysis on the Wabash county situation! My thoughts on week 7 football results. Cole Winer is on fire. 8 touchdowns this past week and I believe 14 over the past two weeks. 7 passing and 7 rushing. Moving him to quarterback and Lloyd to running back for Southwood has paid huge dividends. Valley completely dominated Maconaquah. Not surprised about the winning the battle up front, but 2 interceptions and forcing a running clock at halftime with the score 43-7 was a little surprising. Offensive explosion in the Rochester-Northfield game. Zebras force just enough turnovers to stay in the conference chase. Just when it looked like North Miami had rallied for a last minute win. Wabash with a touchdown kickoff return to win the game on the road. Manchester got their first win and Whitko looked like they improved again in their 3rd week under Coach Sprunger. Will go into more detail later in the week, but this week looks like maybe 4 lopsided games and 1 that could be a tossup.
  7. Do you have a gut feel if the MSD referendum will pass? Either way sounds like MSD board will contract the 2 high schools in the near future.
  8. WEEK 7 THOUGHTS: Whitko at Manchester: Both teams still looking for first win. Always a big rivalry game but more so on the basketball side where things could get chippy, especially from the 1970s through the 1990s. Back to tonight, Manchester has been competitive in some games, Whitko has not. Manchester by double digits. Wabash at North Miami: What a furious comeback by the Warriors last week that just came up a 2 point conversion short last week against Maconaquah. More momentum for the Warriors tonight at home. Tough for Wabash to catch North Miami napping with their passing attack when the Warriors played Maconaquah last week. Peru at Southwood: Teams headed in opposite directions. Southwood has taken it to another level by moving Winer to quarterback and Lloyd to running back. The Knights get their fifth win in a row and keep their hopes for a conference championship alive. Rochester at Northfield: My lone road team prediction for this week. Norse have won 4 out of 5 and 3 in a row against the Zebras. Rochester with more depth and strength up front this year. Zebras also still keep their conference hopes alive. Maconaquah at Tippecanoe Valley: Muda69 will believe, but Valley too strong and has enough speed to somewhat control the Braves passing attack. Valley won 52-7 last year and it may be a little closer this year but my concerns for the Braves defense have not be alleviated. Interesting side note, because of the schedule left remaining and possible conference title shots, Rochester will be cheering for Maconaquah and Southwood will be cheering for Valley since Vikings play at Southwood week 9, and Rochester ends their season with the Braves.
  9. I believe Knox has not usually allowed live streams of their games. Somebody please advise if I am wrong on this.
  10. Week 6 Predictions: Looks like a week again with large margins of victories for the favorites. North Miami at Maconaquah: Really nice win for the Braves last week and a nice bounce back year for the Warriors. Look for the Braves to dominate through their passing game. Northfield at Wabash: Let's see if Wabash can compete on the line of scrimmage. If they can, could be closer than I think. I don't and think Northfield will wear out the Wabash defense. Peru at Rochester: Both teams coming off losses in their big rivalry games. I have a funny feeling this one could be close but maybe I am overestimating the Tigers. Southwood at Manchester: Squires surprised the Knights last year. Won't happen this year as Southwood' seniors will pound Manchester. Valley at Whitko: Just 6 years ago, Whitko had won 4 straight against Valley and the Vikings head coach resigned mid-season before Whitko won that year's matchup 44-20. 2016 was the bottom of the barrel for the Vikings football program. Whitko hopes for a similar revitalization after this year. Valley names their score Friday and backups play the entire 2nd half.
  11. Maconaquah with a big win in their rivalry game. Big matchup at Valley next week if neither team stubs their toe this week.
  12. https://michianapromotions.com/ will have the stream beginning at 6:40 if you want to add to listening to Roger on NEWSNOW Warsaw.
  13. One further thought, Rochester has had two games that were still in doubt in the 4th quarter (last minute against Knox) while Valley starters have not played in the 4th quarter of any of their 4 games and their scores are little less lopsided due to late scores against the JV. Let's see if that makes any difference if the game is close late.
  14. Here are my thoughts for week five with a lot of Rivalry Games. Liking the hone teams in each matchup. Whitko at North Miami - Glad Brad Sprunger helping out for Whitko. He understands what that community is all about. Interesting to see if he will be interested to continue after the year or if Whitko puts out a search for a permanent coach. North Miami wins their third of the year. Only question if Whitko will be able to score 2 weeks in a row. Manchester at Northfield - Coach Baker reminds Manchester every year to be careful what you wish for as Northfield won 8 of the 9 matchups and 8 in a row since Manchester decided to replace him after the 2012 season. Wabash at Southwood - The Knights are having a 20th year reunion of their 2002 state championship team tonight. Southwood has a 2 touchdown psychological edge over Wabash whenever they meet because of their tradition. No exception tonight. Maconaquah at Peru - Huge rivalry game with an intriguing matchup. Just like Peru physicality and the home field. Probably decided with 6 minutes or less. Rochester at Tippecanoe Valley - If no big plays on special teams, I just like the Vikings versatility on offense more. Can Rochester run against the Vikings? If they can get 3 yards a play and control the clock that is the recipe for a road team win.
  15. Yes if it ever comes about decision could come down to one currently is a teacher, the other a lay coach.
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