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  1. Heritage Hills QB/DB Cole Sigler had one of those games against NP that you just don't see come around very often. The senior had a 42 yard punt return for a TD in the 2nd quarter. He returned the 2nd-half kick-off 97 yards for a score. On the 1st play of HH's next series, he took one 77 yards to the house. And then, on NP's next play from scrimmage, Sigler intercepted a tipped pass and returned it 55 yards for a touchdown. That's 4 TD's in 4 different ways. The only thing missing was a passing TD (or I guess a receiving TD if you want to get picky about it). Unofficially, we had Sigler with 120 rushing yards on 6 carries. We had him 6-12 passing for 54 yards and his first INT of the season. (BTW, that was a really nice play by Lowe for NP on that pick. The ball was probably a bit underthrown, but it was still a heckuva play. And I like the Bender kid. The NP coaches think the soph lefty has a bright future and I can see why.)
  2. 2 turnovers apiece, all in the 2nd quarter on consecutive possessions. HH scores on their 1st two possessions of the game to lead 10-0. Jasper got nothing out of the wing-T early, but switched to a spread option attack and found success. 10-7 at half. HH mounted a 14 play scoring drive on the 1st possession of the 2nd half that took more than 7 minutes off the clock. Jasper missed a 39 yard FG on their next possession. Wildcats scored with about 2 1/2 minutes left to cut it to 3. Patriots recovered the onside kick and were able to run out the clock thanks to a couple of huge runs by Cole Sigler. Gavin Vaal had a huge night running the ball for HH. He was over 100 yards on just 10 carries with a TD.
  3. Thanks Chris! Btw, someone asked earlier on this thread if this game is streamed anywhere and I don't think it was answered (but I admit I could've missed it because I skimmed over most of the PAC/SIAC/Big 8 vitriol). I don't know of any video stream. As for an audio stream, our broadcast can be found at www.1033TheFix.com. Also available on the TuneIn app.
  4. Reminder for Jasper fans, since this will be your 1st trip to HH since the renovations. There is now more parking available for visitors at the southeast side of the field. Since tennis was moved to the far western edge of campus next to soccer, the old tennis courts have been turned into additional parking. There is a newly renovated entrance at the SE corner of the field as well. Of course, you are still welcome to park behind the home grandstand & walk across. But just wanted to make you aware that your options as a visitor are greater these days.
  5. Not sure I agree with this Dave. I don’t think AD’s take a conference switch lightly, so a 2nd switch in short order would seem very unlikely. Especially when you consider neither Jasper or Vincennes would have many other options at that point. The PAC is in the midst of redoing every school’s schedule in all sports due to adding 4 teams. Not sure they’d be excited to add 2 more schools in short order, especially if those schools didn’t show much loyalty to their new conference. Much more likely, imo, the SIAC eventually adds 2 more schools, goes to divisions in football, and thus opens schedules to non-conference games again.
  6. Already submitted everything I have to @broadcastsport
  7. This is a big hire for South Spencer! I was very, very impressed with Coach Britton during his brief first go-round with the Rebels. He got that team to roughly .500 when many projected only a handful of wins.
  8. I was lucky enough to get to know him just a little bit and to have covered one or two of his teams in the post-season years ago. A great person, as many of you have mentioned. Was always jovial and light-hearted away from the field, but an intense competitor on the field. He had a trait that I've found many great coaches have. They never forget any of their players, no matter how long it's been. When I first introduced myself and told him I had an uncle that played for him at a different school some 25 years ago, his eyes lit up, he got a big smile on his face and he said my uncle's name before I even had a chance. My thoughts and prayers are with Tom and the entire Osborne family.
  9. I’d be extremely surprised if the merger was moved up any sooner as a result of yesterday’s news. You’re talking about trying to mesh 15 different football schedules. That’s a significant undertaking.
  10. According to Twitter, the Big 8 voted to oust Mt. Carmel following the 2019-20 school rear. Then MC responded with a letter announcing their intention to leave at the end of this school year. Don’t know what this does to Big 8 or MC football schedule for fall 2019.
  11. Patriot coaching staff is on record as saying the start of the 4th quarter was likely the best 4 to 5 minute stretch they had played all season. That stretch was in response to Mater Dei scoring to start the 4th and taking their first lead since the first quarter. Senior Carson Leibering was the catalyst. He hit a huge 3 at one end (his only points of the night) and on the other end made an incredible hustle play to beat 3 MD players to a loose ball, kept his balance, got his eyes up the floor and found Murray Becher for an and-one. That was the start of an 8-0 or 9-0 run for HH. Patriot coaches were as impressed with the defense during that stretch as anything.
  12. I'm curious, Mason. How much of all the top 10 teams do get to see in person or on video each week? I don't mean it as a criticism. I'm just curious. It appears as if you take the time to watch and study all these teams regularly. I appreciate you doing that and taking the time to do a poll. I could never do it because I rarely get the chance to see any teams outside my immediate area due to work and family.
  13. HH’s SOS is hurt dramatically by the fact that far & away their best opponent to date was Madison Central, Ky. Sagarin cannot figure an out of state team into his rankings. It’s essentially as if the game wasn’t even played. Their SOS should rise quite a bit as the season goes on. The Patriots still have Southridge, Mater Dei, Jasper, Forest Park, Tell City & Princeton left.
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