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  1. Patriot coaching staff is on record as saying the start of the 4th quarter was likely the best 4 to 5 minute stretch they had played all season. That stretch was in response to Mater Dei scoring to start the 4th and taking their first lead since the first quarter. Senior Carson Leibering was the catalyst. He hit a huge 3 at one end (his only points of the night) and on the other end made an incredible hustle play to beat 3 MD players to a loose ball, kept his balance, got his eyes up the floor and found Murray Becher for an and-one. That was the start of an 8-0 or 9-0 run for HH. Patriot coaches were as impressed with the defense during that stretch as anything.
  2. Bcaster

    My Week 9 Indiana Boys Poll

    I'm curious, Mason. How much of all the top 10 teams do get to see in person or on video each week? I don't mean it as a criticism. I'm just curious. It appears as if you take the time to watch and study all these teams regularly. I appreciate you doing that and taking the time to do a poll. I could never do it because I rarely get the chance to see any teams outside my immediate area due to work and family.
  3. HH’s SOS is hurt dramatically by the fact that far & away their best opponent to date was Madison Central, Ky. Sagarin cannot figure an out of state team into his rankings. It’s essentially as if the game wasn’t even played. Their SOS should rise quite a bit as the season goes on. The Patriots still have Southridge, Mater Dei, Jasper, Forest Park, Tell City & Princeton left.