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  1. Saw a player in my game flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on a breakaway TD reception. Later seeing TV highlights, all he did was raise his index finger to the air before crossing the goal line (started maybe around the 5?). Never turned to look back to the defender trailing by 10 yards, so he couldn't have been taunting Flag came out immediately as he scored. Here's video of the play: https://twitter.com/Zane_Clodfelter/status/1560791604058791936?s=20&t=0clND8H3fIr-g5Bvy2VH1Q What am I missing here? Thanks.
  2. In the age of Wi-Fi, those TV stations still airing highlights of local HS football have a much more cost-effective way of getting football back to the station. Sending out a helicopter for footage was flashy and generated good buzz for the station, but it's primary reason for existence was to get highlights from far out in the hinterland back to the studio in a timely fashion. These days, with Wi-Fi and even cell phone video technology, highlights of usually at least decent quality can be sent back to the station in the blink of an eye. making an expensive (although admittedly cool) helicopter landing obsolete.
  3. For regionals, when both teams have were host in the sectional championship game, or both visitor, they go to a tie-breaker, higher or lower number sectional winner, ie sectional 31 is higher than sectional 32. That tie-breaker is reversed for the semi-state. For this example, think of each class as having sectionals 1 through 8. If the tie-breakers are higher # in regional and lower # in semi-state, sectional 1 (the northern most sectional) can only ever be the highest sectional. Sectional 8 (the southern most sectional) can only ever be the lowest sectional and has only one shot to win a tie-breaker each year. Sectionals 2 through 7 can theoretically win bot the highest and lowest tiebreakers in a given season, depending on how it all breaks out. I admit, on the face, it seems like a very small thing. I'm not an expert and can't tell you how statistically significant it is, because you'd have to figure out a way to determine how often those tie-breakers are used and how much more likely those middle sectional winners are to get that advantage. I do know it's not the reason HH has had two different trips to the state finals where they only got to play one post-season game at home. That is a direct result of the rule that states if a team plays both the sectional championship and regional on the road, they automatically host the semi-state. Both years, HH played only their sectional championship game at home through the regional round, while their opponent played their first two sectional games at home but played both sectional championship and regional on the road. That rule should be changed to use total number of post-season games hosted because, with a blind sectional draw, no one sectional game should hold any more weight than another. Your toughest game could very well be your sectional opener, or your sectional semi-final.
  4. Happened in 2000 state title year also. Out of 6 post-season games, only the sectional championship game was at home both times. It's likely also happened to other teams from the far south or far north in the past. It's because the rules in determining home team give an unintended slight statistical advantage to the teams in the middle of the state. Chances are, those rules aren't changing any time soon, so we all might as well be ready to travel and be ready to play in any weather and any field conditions!
  5. I count now 3 PAC games off for week 1. Pike Central was reported on here. Washington and Boonville were reported on Twitter. Pioneers had Paoli cancel on them due to illness or tracing. I understand Boonville has contacted West Vigo, who was Washington's opponent.
  6. 103.3 The Fix in Santa Claus/Rockport, Ind. broadcasts Heritage Hills and South Spencer games. Here's our 2021 schedule... PS. Broadcastsport, please note the streaming info at the bottom of the attachement. Thanks!
  7. Credit to Central for what they did in the 1st half. They shot lights out. Heritage Hills was not at all happy with its in work on defense and cranked things up after halftime, to the tune of a 24-0 run in just 4 minutes of game time.
  8. Been a busy few days with Thanksgiving and the Heritage Hills football state championship game, so I hadn't had a chance to post about this until now. South Spencer picked up the first PAC win of the 2019-20 season this past Wednesday with a 63-54 home win over Tecumseh. Rebels led by as many as 19 (I think it was 19) in the 2nd half before the Braves made a run in the 4th. Still a work in progress, but the Rebels showed good, unselfish ball movement on offense and hustle on defense. Jace Kelly led South Spencer with 20. Kobe Bartlett had 12, Darian Johnson added 10. Tanner Toopes had a very nice game for Tecumseh and finished with a game-high 23. Tecumseh bounced back over the weekend with a win at Dugger Union. South Spencer has a busy and tough week coming up, with road games at Harrison, Tuesday and Mater Dei, Friday, before coming home to play South Central on Saturday.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, Potluck & 1st and 10. Much appreciated!
  10. Honest question. I’m assuming I-69, I-465, then west on US 36 is the best way to go. Online map sites saying to take SR 39 north from Martinsville. Thoughts from those familiar with the area? Thanks!
  11. Sagarin Class 3A ratings, through Regional round: #3. Heritage Hills (PAC). #7. Gibson Southern (PAC). #10. Southridge (PAC). #13 Danville (SAC).
  12. My final thoughts on the game... 1. Hope the Yoon kid (QB) is ok. Hate to see kids get hurt. That said, the kid is for real and much better than I anticipated. Bright future for the next two years! 2. Cool Stadium, cool atmosphere for high school football, cool tailgate area behind the east end zone. 3. Didn't interact with any fans, but the L'burg folks in the box were friendly and passionate about their team and gracious in defeat. 4. No stink. Maybe that's worse when it's hot & humid? Did smell the mash a little on the way out of town. I was starving and it actually kinda smelled good! 5. @BobRef, good to meet you and finally put a face with the name! You told me before the game you thought the crew was a very good crew. And I could not argue. The type of crew you want calling games deep in the post-season. Sure, they missed the one call discussed above that, turns out, likely didn't cost L'burg points. They're human. They'll beat themselves up about it. We can all move on.
  13. Enough about the guys in the booth. Please get back to clowns, Tiger BL's, Connie's, and whatever else the fan bases can come up with while we all anxiously wait for Saturday!!!
  14. Appreciate the love as always, Chris. But I'm still just the radio guy. A different crew will be on TV.
  15. Ah, come on RoadRunner! You know HH has never, ever committed a single flaggable violation in any game I've ever called, while the opposition is guilty of at least one on every play!!! Seriously, though, I appreciate the kind words and accept the mild criticism as well. Always trying to improve! Btw, thanks for siccing BobRef on me! Now I'll spend all game looking over my shoulder for flags on my broadcast!
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