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  1. Why not implement it for all or wait until the next cycle? The dictators in Indy strike again. I thought that they were about making everything fair. Apparently not!
  2. From what I can find, there are 3 schools that meet the new point accumulation. FW Snider in football-2 pts, Marquette Catholics in boy basketball-2 pts and Gibson Southern in Softball-2 pts. FW Snider is not required to stay at 6A. Marquette and GS has to stay in the higher class.
  3. With the new point system that was approved, the change only affects schools/teams in the spring sports for this 2 year cycle. Why would IHSAA implement a rule change like that? By doing this, they are only affecting a couple of schools. Why not wait to implement until it can go in affect for all not a couple of schools?
  4. I heard that there is another school in the B8 that is without an AD! But nothing has been released on it. So if that is the case that mean that there could have only been 3 ADs at the B8 meeting.
  5. I believe that we would have the same issues with a 4 yr cycle that we are having with the 2 yr system. Depending on timing of when you have a great class come through. Everybody knows why we have this stupid rule. Get rid of the rule and stop whining if you can get out of your sectional because you didn't work as hard as the team that beat you. I know that is a pipe dream (it is here to stay)!
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