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  1. Blackford.... . I almost went against my Bruins. Our passing game on both sides of the ball stinks. Frankton ... Despite watching them getting ambushed by the Bruins last week, they may take out their frustrations. Mississnewa .... They will eit her have letdow n after last week or blow away MG. Eastbrook ... Won the conference last week. Like a Timex they keep on ticking.
  2. Oak Hill ... They came very close to beating us last week. Blackford ... Hopefully worked on our weak areas ... The offense is Coming of Age Alex ... Not sure but figure they have more horses. Mississnewa ... Hard not to pick Jeff's Crew especially at home, but I'm also going out on that limb. This may in up being an interesting week. Good Luck and hopefully injury free for all.
  3. Should be play your Freshmen or JV and don't count the quarters against them for following Saturday or Monday JV or Freshman game.
  4. Many interesting ideas in all the above posts. I give Eastbrook a big nod as usual. They have tradition and dedication. Confidence on the ability to get the job done. Coach Adamson and staff push about all the right buttons. Starting with Marion and Delta only help their chances in the conference and post season as long as they don't suffer injuries. I think Mississnewa has just enough extra boys to fill some spots in a football line-up that the bottom 6 teams in the conference can't fill. Ill wait to make any comments on Oak Hill, Alex, MG, Frankton and Elwood. As per my Bruins ... We will improve. Right now we have 2 glaring weaknesses that I'm not going to be guilty of giving everybody a scouting report here even though any real football fan will notice by the end of the 1st quarter. The question is ... Can the coaches get this fixed in the next 2 weeks before the conference openers? i am heartsick to confirm that we only have 1 combined team. I remember when we had a combined team at Montpelier and 30 or more in both 7th and 8th grade class as at Hartford City when we had 2 middle schools. sad to see other conference teams have same problems.
  5. Winners .. wabash Delta Eastern Lapel Mississnewa Blackford Southwood Tipton
  6. I made a mistake was not sure how to Edit. I've posted in both CIC and Club Section it should have said Missinewa over Penelton Heights in both places. Sorry I put picks in both places, but I wasn't sure which place to use. Thanks for posting contest. It looks like CIC interest is picking up again.
  7. Blackford Marion Lapel Tipton Mississnewa Oak Hill Frankton Axexandria
  8. Blackford over Monroe Central Marion over Eastbrook Lapel over Elwood Tipton over Madison Grant peneton over Mississnewa Oak Hill over Eastern Franton over Tri-Central Alexandria over Wes-Del Good Luck to all CIC Teams
  9. Blackford has about 40 players. Early practice is going well from what I'm hearing. It helps when you have a nice 12tg grade class. it will be interesting if younger kids step up when Jr. High starts next Monday. Bruins scrimmage South Adams. 1st game is now Monroe Central as we are not playing Jay Co. this year.
  10. I'm trying to get some info on 1st day at Blackford. I assume we have a good group of seniors but I'm very concerned about numbers at the other 3 grade levels. feeder system having big numbers problems. A couple of lowers classes were barely able to field a team. Blackford becomes a Jr./Sr. High School for the 1st time as the 7th and 8th graders move into the building. A nice new Jr. High gym and a weight room has been added onto the Southside of the building. I assume the change of culture will have some effect on the athletic program. i agree that Eastbrook and Mississnewa are likely to dominate again. Eastbrook is now in the same sectional as the Bruins so they may face each other twice this year.
  11. Hope to see participation on this site come back. will Eastbrook and Mississnewa continue to dominate? who starts with good numbers? Class Numbers?
  12. During the shutdown here we seem to have lost some CIC interest. Good Luck to Alexandria and Frankton. I'd love to see a CIC team at the State Finals again this year.
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