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  1. He looked pretty good in our game last year. Made some nice throws and is pretty quick when he decides to take off with the ball. As far as win/loss goes for them, too many turnovers last year. Two ints and a fumble as a team against us. Obviously played a large part in the outcome. If they clean that up who knows.
  2. With week 1 fast approaching, it’s pretty quiet from the NIC folks out there. What are the expectations for the upcoming season? NP should be pretty solid I think. Got some of those big farm boys up front and some pretty decent skill guys back.
  3. Gotta add the New Prairie QB, Chase Ketterer, to the mix. He had about 2,300 total yards last year and somewhere around 30 total TDs. He was selected as the 4A IFCA Junior All State QB. Should have a solid year with a lot of key offensive players coming back.
  4. I have respect for Bremen. They usually play much larger schools each week. The score doesn’t always go how they like but they play hard each week and don’t give up. They get a lot out of their kids (in all sports). If the Cougars aren’t involved I pull for Mishawaka. Coach Kinder is carrying on the standard set by Coach Curtis. I think both teams have a similar mentality about the game. There is definitely respect and I wouldn’t call it animosity, but I think the NP farm boys have developed a little chip for SBSJ’s private school club. I would assume last years sectional semi loss will only fuel things. Geez lots of dislike for Plymouth out there. Is it because of the First Down Rrrrrockies call? When Plymouth was in a sectional with NP around 2012-2015 it was pretty fun beating them so I get it.
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