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  1. https://twitter.com/mlcaterina/status/1175240513093550080?s=21 You were saying?
  2. I think the offense is better but the defense is not quite as good. That team still played in the NSC so kind of hard to compare stats. I guess have a better feel after this week’s game.
  3. He was suspended for getting ejected during their previous game with Jimtown.
  4. Central wins pretty easily. Brownlee will have a big night. 42-7 Ill take Knox over Glenn 35-14 NIC south title game - Marian over Glenn 21-7 I’m a homer so gotta take NP over Mishawaka. Tight game for sure. Coach Kinder will try to chew up the clock and play keep away from the NP offense. Turnovers decided this game last year. 35-21 Penn ready for NIC schedule and handles Adams 42-14 Bremen over Clay 32-7 Riley over Washington 28-13
  5. I’ll agree with you there. The secondary is usually the soft spot. I think Radtke is determined to stop the run and will make adjustments as needed against the pass. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a few of the offensive guys slide into the secondary when things get serious.
  6. Just wanted to throw it out there. I know I was reading comments about St. Joe having issues early in the year with personal foul penalties. Both NP and St Joe displayed great sportsmanship this week. I was a little concerned after all the penalties both ways against each other last year that there might be a little carry over into this season.
  7. I think 3 games, (of which you have 6 players missing for 2 1/4 of) is just a tad bit quick to judgement. In addition those three games were against pretty solid competition. I do think in general Laporte is in a bit of a down cycle and the cupboard is a little bare so Coach Lowrey will have an uphill battle to keep the Slicers competitive for the next few years.
  8. Clay, Glenn, and St. Joe (with quarterback issues) aren't really much of a test for the Knights defense. They may very well be legit, but they have yet to face any kind of challenge.
  9. Does Riley have a shot against Marian? I didn’t think they would beat Adams and they did. Is this the defacto NIC south title game or does Jimtown have a say? Awfully quiet from the Mishawaka fans on here this year? What’s the story with the Cavemen this year. I know lots of kids back on Defense, but they seem to be givIng up some points. I heard offense has been turning it over a little on the YouTube Keith Kinder show.
  10. Gotta love the Marian faithful getting a little dig in on a rival. 🙂
  11. The South Division taking it to the North a little this week. Riley beating Adams. I gotta be honest, wasn't thinking they had much of a chance going into that game so congrats to the Cats as well. Marian vs St. Joe. I kind of thought Marian might win this one, but definitely didn't see that kind of a score. Elkhart Central did beat Jimtown so the north didn't get swept.
  12. Yep, participation has dropped off. We gotta get the word out I guess. I’ll make a sandwich board if one of you guys wears it. 🙂
  13. Plenty of interesting games this week. Riley vs Adams: Adams better win this one before they start the NIC north grind. Im pretty interested in the Jimtown v Central game. Kinda wondering if Central is for real. With wins against Memorial and Goshen, teams I don’t know much about but don’t think they are football powers. Jimtown will be a better gauge for me. Im thinking Marian will take the Holy War. That would put St Joe at 0-3. That probably doesn’t happen very often. I gotta believe NP will avenge the loss last year to the 59ers. I think Andreas had some pretty significant graduation losses last year, but definitely still have some play makers.
  14. I think they have about 70 kids this year including the freshman. Should be really solid on offense and young on defense. Still play same physical style. Three 300lb guys on the O-line and QB and RB retuning three year starters as well. Defense is pretty young had a good week 1 though. Hopefully just continue to solidify as they gain experience. They have a few games to get their feet under them before the meat grinder NIC north schedule starts.
  15. Now I'm gonna have to watch the Broadcastsport.net replay of the game to see who you guys are talking about. 😮
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