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  1. Expressing interest versus applying for membership are totally different. If there is an official application to join the Midwest Conference, then schools would decide if they become a member.
  2. Head to head, would make the most sense, considering you play each team in your division.
  3. Sailors

    Concord Head Football job!

    Congrats to Coach Koehler! Solid hire, he comes from a coaching family and grew up on the sidelines.
  4. Sailors

    North Knox

    4.8 million is a lot of money. How big of a school corporation is North Knox?
  5. The new Hoosier Heartland Conference will have a Championship Week 9 starting in 2015 as well. I believe the old Olympic Conference did a Championship Week also, back in the late 90's/early 00's after the conference expanded by adding Harrison (WL) and McCutcheon.
  6. Sailors

    MWC Pick 'Em Semi-State

    One Man's Prediction: Pioneer routes South Adams. The ship game is Pioneer vs Indy Lutheran. Pioneer wins a tight game, maybe by a field goal or an extra point. The Panthers are also rooting for LCC to win vs RC. If LCC follows their trend, LCC wins the 2A tiltle, stays in 2A with the possibility of moving to 3A. Pioneer has an outstanding 8th grade class coming. This class could face the "success factor".
  7. Now that is funny...I don't care who you are
  8. I might now look the part, but I can straight up graze..... Oh, boy!!
  9. Saving myself for the Wagonmaster feast with you next Friday before "The Rematch".....
  10. I may have missed it somewhere in this thread...but does anyone know if the Pioneer v Winamac game will be streamed online?
  11. Winamac is about 15 miles north of the Royal Center. Takkle could give you a better assessment...but I would say the biggest difference from week 2 to now would be Pioneer's defensive improvements. The Panthers fly around on Defense and are very physical. Pioneer's defensive line is playing stellar right now and has been for several weeks.
  12. John McKissick - Summerville High School, South Carolina = 600+ Wins John T. Curtis - Curtis Christian School, Louisianna = 500+ Wins There are several with 400+ wins, see the link below from 2012: http://www.maxpreps.com/news/20fIEbofc0um055qUsbHFQ/top-10-winningest-active-high-school-football-coaches.htm