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  1. Dang, a lot of speculation on this thread. Wow. As far as coaching, I've had my day in the sun with it. Not tough enough to dedicate the time required to do it well anymore. If you know the right individual, not that difficult to get a password to watch hudl. I guess I'm as entitled as anyone else to get on a meaningless forum, and make meaningless comments as well. I'm pretty sure it's not that difficult for coaches around the conference to turn on the film and see the individual player consistently involved in extracurricular activity on a weekly basis. That's not overly difficult to see. Also, I recently had a well respected Gibson Southern parent express that a number of Gibson coaches are active on this forum. Guess they don't mind stirring it up. If I'm a player, coach, fan, etc....I'm pulling for Gibson to win it all this year, and hopefully get moved up to 4a. The young kids they have are dynamite as well, and the pipeline they have from Illinois makes them even more lethal. Heritage, Southridge, MV, and anyone in that sectional isn't beating them next year. Real good shot they will get moved up. As far as this year, they are a buzz saw. I don't see how anyone beats them if they stay healthy. They have been more than judicious about not running up the score on people. Some of these could have gotten real ugly. Defensively they are so much better than in the past. They were porous at times in the past. Not the case this year. They play fast.
  2. Great win by Gibson Southern over Heritage. Will take a special team to beat them if they stay healthy. Just so everyone knows I'm not crazy, a personal foul was called on #63 on this very play. Kudos to the official for calling it, as he was right on top of it. Appears that something might have been said as he unnecessarily pulled the kid down, jumped on him, and then said something. Pretty clear from EZ view. This was the first scoring play for Gibson against Southridge. I will say that this stuff was almost non-existent against Heritage. Gibson has a great staff.....sure they are getting it cleaned up
  3. As I stated before, haven’t been at SS for years. And don’t keep us with basketball, so really not familiar with what you are speaking of. Not overly concerned with you opinion, just like I’m sure you aren’t with mine.
  4. I would most closely agree with this. I'm sure GS saw areas of deficiencies, and these individuals likely will put them over the top. At this level, the addition of a couple players can make a drastic difference. Gibson would have been very good anyway. Maybe HH can produce some sort of challenge....and by challenge I mean not a running clock. It is a contrast in styles....HH can be physical. Get some first downs, and keep the clock running. However, they are miles better than anyone else in the PAC.
  5. Great point regarding why the OL is on top of the DL during a pass play. This is not an uncommon occurrence for this particular O-Lineman during the course of the game. Actually, this fuzzy photo reinforces the point I was trying to make. Didn't see quite as much of this from him on Friday. Maybe the crew was watching it more? Serious question. How many starters for Gibson Southern are transfers from other schools?
  6. He is. Every week. It just got worse against South Warren....I'm guessing out of frustration because they were getting beat decidedly? No idea. It's consistently extracurricular crap at the end of many plays. Playing past the whistle. It's cheap shot stuff....and if good enough at it, doesn't always get caught. I'm sure you can agree that it's possible for a player to be dirty and not always be flagged for it. Maybe the coaches have tried to correct it? Some kids are more difficult to coach than others. You have more faith than I that most officiating crews will catch it. With the current state of officiating, the quality unfortunately continues to diminish. Maybe when the action is live, it's more difficult to catch. If you have the benefit to watch film every week, it stands out.
  7. I haven't coached at SS in years, so no help there. Sorry. Might not be classy, but don't really care. Watch the end of the South Warren game...their coaching staff certainly didn't miss it. Maybe when Gibson plays HH in a couple weeks you might notice. It's bush league. Believe that is the transfer from Castle....one of many Gibson transfers. Whatever.
  8. Sure it is. You can watch the South Warren game online. It's bush league stuff. Should be corrected by their coaches. Pretty evident every week....got ridiculous towards the end of the South Warren game. Unnecessary, and a safety concern.
  9. Parke Heritage is just dysfunctional. No discipline or grit. Lack of effort by the rejects that came from TH or wherever. Zero clue about proper placement of defensive personnel, and defensive scheme equally bad. All of this coming from a team led by a HOF coach?? Someone please tell me the last time a Coach Moore team won a game they weren't supposed to win. Embarrassing performance. Forget about it. If you want to talk PH Athletics, stick with Basketball. On a positive note, I guess they are the best team in a bad version of the WRC this year.
  10. Looks like GS had a great offseason with free agency.
  11. I agree. From what I understand, the Warrick Co. Superintendent is retiring at the end of the year, and possibly didn't want to mess with it. Also, remember the first one transferring has a mother that is an administrator in Warrick Co. Might be possible that the dynamics of that could have impacted it. I think obviously they didn't expect a second transfer to take place.
  12. Hearing that another starting offensive lineman from Castle will be transferring to Gibson Southern. Castle did not fight the first one, and will be fighting this one. Apparently, the dad lives in Gibson County so might be a loophole. Castle people are pissed.
  13. I'll take trying to defend methodical over home run hitters any day of the week. Examples - Devon Mockobee, Cole Sigler. I know you probably got a first-hand look at Mockobee last year against Gibson. In the 2019 sectional game, methodical didn't hurt Gibson Southern. Sigler's ability to break big plays late in the game did it.....unless my memory is wrong. Can't speak about the other games with these two programs. I will say that Gibson's inability to defend the run has probably hurt them in some games against HH. And you are right about Mount Vernon...until they prove it, they are not much of a threat. Only time will tell.
  14. I disagree strongly. Three yards and a cloud of dust you reference is a misnomer. Their state state runner-up team wasn't that. They had better players and Cole Sigler to break the homerun. They were not "three yards and a cloud of dust". They had really good personnel.....dynamic at all positions, including the offensive line. That is not who they are now. However, they can still be successful. They will be a very good team this year. Honestly, I think their strength is on the defensive side of the ball. That's how they stayed in games last year. The question will be what will happen when they play a team that has better athletes? That methodical type offense doesn't always work when playing from behind. Can they score 21 or 28 points in a game to beat Gibson, Southridge, or Mt. Vernon? The rest of the schedule doesn't pose much of an issue.
  15. Transfer OL from Castle. Really good player. Fine, no big deal. What is unfortunate, however, is that his mother is an administrator in Warrick County. She has bigger stones than I have considering that. Supposedly their logic was that he would get more exposure "blocking" for Brady Allen, than he would at Castle. Not sure that makes sense to me. Equally concerning is I guess the days of being loyal to your high school have diminished. Seems to be more focus on the how the individual can benefit and less loyalty in some cases.
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