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  1. Correct. That was exactly my point with his comparison with Linton & NV. I think Linton has been better than NV. Period. Not a coach being better than the other per se.
  2. So, with that logic, would it be right to assume that Coach Buening, from Southridge ,knows how to game plan for Linton given the results in that series?
  3. Just to elaborate a little more on this game - Probably the two most accomplished programs in the Wabash Valley over the last 10 years. I'm sure there has to be a sense of frustration for NV in this game. They've dominated all other opponents on their schedule from a win/loss perspective during Crabtree's tenure. Linton is the exception to that. They get physically overwhelmed, and not much can be done about that. Against other opponents, even if the NV talent is not as good, they can negate it with being sound in their approach and scheme. I'm sure the Linton people feel similar about a team like Southridge. Most years they are going to better than Linton, which is what makes a game like this year between the two even more frustrating. Sounds as though Linton had every opportunity to come away victorious, but did not. You still have to respect the fact that Linton has played a very challenging schedule. And really that is the best thing about this game for NV.....they learn a lot more about themselves in playing Linton than any other game throughout the year. They get the acid test when playing Linton. Even if this does result in a Falcon defeat, which is the most likely outcome, they know that they've played the best team on their schedule. I hope I'm wrong but until they prove otherwise, it is what it is. I will say that a program that has been as successful as NV will not take the field thinking they are beat. They have kids that expect to win, and usually do. Unfortunately, if recent history is any indicator, Linton is the exception to that rule. Linton 45 NV 15
  4. This game hasn't been close since 2015. I feel that NV had a better shot at beating Linton last year, because Linton was not as good. Linton's running backs are too salty in this one. The good news for NV is that no matter who they play from here on out, they will not be as good as Linton. Linton would probably win the 1A title this year by a few scores. Please don't anyone out there tell me Lutheran would beat the Miners.
  5. PH scored 51 & 52 in those games last year. Does it mean anything?
  6. After watching the SV game, they have some guys that can play. #29 is a stud. To me, they should be capable of beating NV. I personally think this team is better than the team they had two years ago. Not sure if their record will be better.....time will tell. Barrett is currently 11-11, which is pretty average. Will be interesting to see how their season plays out.
  7. Clinton Prairie @ Attica - Many on here spoke of the potential demise of Attica this year. They always put a decent product on the field. Ramblers 28 -12 PH @ Covington - Brown shakes loose for a couple TD's. However, PH 48 - 14 NV @ SV - Should be a good one. Gritty senior group for NV that understands how to win. Will give them edge in this one. 34 -18 Benton Central @ Seeger- Seeger 28-7. It doesn't really matter. Ugly football. RP @ FC- FC gets well with a win over the Panthers. 48 - 8
  8. I've been tough on Coach Moore in this thread. However, sounds as though you have a love affair. They do have the best athletes, but not sure they have the best football players. Same could be said about last year. If I'm starting a team in the WRC, give me the Brown kid from Covington. Speed at a level of football when many don't. Reminds me some of B. Woodard, QB from NV a few years back.
  9. No personal issue, just a personal opinion that he is overrated as a coach. However, only my opinion. And NC had a good team, but they certainly weren't great. That was the most points they scored all year. Regardless of the personnel you have, you can attempt to play defense in a way that makes some logical sense. That didn't happen. Watch the film. I honestly find it to be strange. Agree with you about going to a program that gives you a chance to be successful. Will concede that. I'm done on the topic. Opinions are like......you know what. However this is a forum to express your opinion. Best of luck to all
  10. Defensive integrity meaning lining up correctly, players understanding their assignments, being fundamentally sound, not blitzing all the time to get your defenders out of position. Basically, being sound on defense. They gave up 62 points to NC last year, and I can't find the official statistics on how many rushing yards they gave up, but I know it was a TON. Like an amount that is hard to do. From watching his teams over the years, the defensive philosophy has become a head scratcher, and it seems as though it has gotten progressively worse. Can the man coach, obviously yes. Only my personal opinion, but I do think people lavish too much praise for him. His win/loss record is impressive, but he is smart enough to jump ship when he sees a talent drop off, and has never stayed around for lean years at the respective schools. Enough on this topic.....I know most will disagree. I just don't see it anymore, especially when they play a team of equal talent or better. Not sure about the staff he has at PH? 1 person can't do it all.
  11. I said nothing to belittle any kids. If anything, I was pointing out that NV is a better coached team than PH. They lack defensive integrity which is why North Central ran for like 600 yards last year. Maybe their defensive approach will change. As long as it doesn't, PH will struggle to stop the NV run game. Parke Heritage will have better athletes, but not better football players. We'll see when we get there.....Coach Moore is due, and probably has a more talented team. He has yet to beat Crabtree as a head coach. Maybe that changes this year. Time will tell........
  12. Please keep in mind that HOF Coach Moore is 0-5 against Crabtree and North Vermillion as a head coach. That does mean, however, that he is due. Heard this same stuff last year heading into the game between these two. Parke Heritage will have better athletes, again. However, they fail to control the line of scrimmage, and lack fundamentals and integrity on defense. With such superior talent and a HOF coach, they should win. NV will be better coached and their kids know how to win. If NV stays healthy, go ahead and make that -Coach Crabtree 6 Coach Moore 0. A long way to go before we get to this game way down the road. Good luck to all in Week 1.
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