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  1. In his 3rd year as assistant principal. Has not been coaching at Mt. Vernon during that time.
  2. That loss was brutal, I agree. I'm still not sure how NV won that game. During Crabtree's tenure, they have certainly pulled out a lot of close games. They find a way to win. Was impressed with how much poise they displayed in the last drive. In particular, #11 Ellis was nails on the last drive. NV has gritty kids. Even though it was satisfying to see Rockville & Coach Moore get beat, I did feel bad for the PH kids. They played a great game. The way it happened would be hard to digest. Losses like that leave a mark. PH kids were valiant throughout and had a great season. They will be back again next year. As for this week, NV will have their work cut out for them. They will be a decided underdog. However, they've been in that position before with Lutheran.
  3. So often the sequel does not live up to the first meeting between teams. Each game is different, yielding different results. With that being said, it's hard to envision either one of these teams blowing the other out. Most expect it to be nip & tuck throughout. This game will be decided by one factor and one factor only- Can Parke Heritage manage NV's run game? Everything else is secondary. At some point, in order to win high school football games at this level, you have to be able to run the ball and defend the run. If they can slow the NV run game down, they have a great chance. How many points their offense can score is insignificant if they are unable to do that. As always, you hope injuries do not swing the game one way or another. Since I'm a contrarian by nature, I predict something will happen to make the sequel not as interesting as the first meeting. Since everyone is expecting a ton of points and a close game, I'll go the opposite direction Falcons 28-14 **Sorry for partial repeat of my post.
  4. So often the sequel does not live up to the first meeting between teams. Each game is different, yielding different results. With that being said, it's hard to envision either one of these teams blowing the other out. One would expect it to be nip & tuck throughout. This game will be decided by one factor and one factor only- Can Parke Heritage manage NV's run game
  5. I like that.....you have it covered either way. Bold. North Vermillion's best defense will be their offense. Get first downs, and slow the game down. Two contrasting styles here, really. It is suppose to be cold on Friday night, which probably doesn't help the passing game of PH. Final Thought 2 Thoughts 1.- NV hasn't been as sharp lately, and seems as though they have fell into a little bit of a lull. And, that could be because they have been favored to win. Friday will be a different story. They will have to be much sharper Friday to beat PH. 2. In my opinion, situations like this is when NV has been most impressive during Crabtree's tenure. They find a way to game plan opposing teams even though they might have less talent. PH will have more athleticism on the field. Will the NV staff be able to do it again? NV kids know how to win, and seem to rise to the occasion. Can they do it again on Friday?
  6. If I remember correctly, last year's game wasn't really that close. However, this is a different year. Will go 34-6 Mater Dei. Once again, would love to see Linton win and be wrong about this outcome.
  7. Mater Dei big, unfortunately. Will be impressed if Linton can make it a game. Hope my prediction is wrong.
  8. It should be mentioned that NV played PH without their best CB in L. Cook who was out with injury. They were also missing G. Dice one of their better OL/DL. Having their services next time can’t hurt. What makes NV hard to beat is they adapt on a weekly basis based on what the other team is or is not doing. They do it better than anyone else in the WRC, even in years when they haven’t had the best talent. NV QB Ellis has proven himself of being more than a capable passer. If you slow down the run, they can still beat you that way. Throwing the ball allowed them to stay in the game against Linton. Hopefully all teams can stay healthy, and may the best team win.
  9. The Fighting Chuck Sorrell's. It will take talent but also discipline to beat NV. South Putnam doesn't play NV very much, and I think that is even more of an advantage for NV. That is, if they beat Covington. Good news for PH is that they essentially get a week off, and NV does not. I would think Attica & South Putnam would be a good comparison, in that they are probably similar in caliber. Many times these games can be won by the team that remains healthy. Good question on how physical South Putnam will be, and if that might impact the following week. Assuming everything plays out as it should.
  10. Correct. That's because they didn't even attempt to tackle the fullback on veer for the entire 1st quarter.....and some of the 2nd quarter as well.
  11. GS had no clue how to stop HH in the first meeting. The good news is if they can learn how to play with some defensive integrity in the next meeting, they should be right there. Integrity meaning alignment, assignment, and understanding the importance of leverage when playing defense. Not sure why you would ever plan man coverage against a team like HH who rarely throws the ball. Totally pointless to do so out of their base sets. A poor defensive performance. The positive side is that Gibson did attempt to get back into the game in the 2nd half, and was able to move the ball against a stout HH defense. GIbson will be able to move the ball in the rematch. Offense will not be the problem. The question is...... will they have some clue how to defend veer, midlne, and a couple counter actions HH runs? They have the talent to beat HH. Will the defensive staff have them in position to do so?
  12. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Mater Dei is a bad match up for Linton. Would love to see Linton win the sectional. North Posey does not pose a problem.
  13. This just in......South Vermillion is terrible.
  14. I must say that the Gridiron Digest never disappoints. You have to think there is a good chance that PH & NV will play each other again in the sectional. No guarantees, because injuries can play a major factor. If you are a PH fan, you have to like your chances next year, if you don't be the Falcons in the sectional this year, which could certainly happen. I don't think anyone can dispute that they will have the upper hand next year. I will say that PH is a handful on offense. It's a good thing for everyone that they aren't quite so lethal on defense.
  15. Which part? There was a lot there. However, you punt the ball. Period. No way NV would have went for it on 4th down....especially given the circumstances of the game at that point. No way, despite what Woody Hayes would say on here. You have to make the right decision. It's impossible to predict what the result would have been had they punted. That's not the point. The right decision is to punt. Make NV run the ball down the field starting from their own 20 with 2 minutes left. Puts pressure on NV to have to pass the ball. Thought it was poor game management.
  16. It was well understood that TR's JH had plenty of talent before the merger of the schools, along with Rockville having some. That was not a secret. He's a good coach and has done a good job. Some are going to have different opinions on a forum like this. I've said my part. I'm done with it.
  17. No, not necessarily. I think there were factors outside of coaching that he wasn't crazy about there. You are correct in that they seem to be doing well even after his departure.
  18. 4th & 6 from NV's 45? I could understand if it was 4th & 1 or 2. 4th & 6 is not nearly as good of a percentage. If they were on the 25 or 30, I could understand, because you're essentially in no man's land. Also, given how the second half had played out, it seems that you would punt the ball. I would be shocked if the coach on the other sideline across from him would have made the same call, given the circumstances of the game at that time.
  19. Thank you for bringing this up. To not punt in that situation is unacceptable. No plausible explanation. In the second half, PH had slowed down NV’s run game some. You punt and make them drive the field. He’s a good coach, but that was a terrible decision. Not one of his better coaching moves. And don’t tell me if he would have got it, it would have been a good move. If is was a NV coach, I’m praying that he goes for it in that situation. NV had not established a pass game at all on Friday. Make them drive the length of the field.
  20. Coach Moore is a good coach. As I’ve stated before, I think he’s overrated. To me it’s hard to evaluate because he’s always been in ideal situations. Fair question.....when is the last time he won a WRC game he wasn’t suppose to? Or a swing game that was 50/50? To me, that is the mark of a great coach. Not just because people say he is. If not, what is the point of coaching. You are winning and losing the games you are suppose to, which is boring and nothing special. In addition, it’s obviously important to have great assistant coaches, in order to become a great coach. Know people don’t want to discuss this, but it’s a fair question.
  21. I will tell you one thing that NV sucks at.......UPLOADING THEIR GAME FILM. TRUST ME ON THIS. HAS BEEN A WEAKNESS FOR YEARS.
  22. Crabtree 6 Moore 0. He has lost 47 games in 22 years as a coach, and 6 have been to NV. Unreal. In all seriousness, I'm sure PH hopes they get another crack in the sectional. Sounds as though they had their opportunities.
  23. This game could go either way. Barring something unforeseen, you have to think this will be a close game. I would give NV the slight lean because of their style of play. I think its a little more dependable. It's likely that both teams will play each other again, with more on the line. If they can stay healthy.
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