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  1. Seen some twitter posts where GS went to Brownsburg yesterday. Were any Evansville teams there or other southern teams. If so how did the trams do?
  2. Heard some area teams comoeted this weekend somewhere in KY. Not sure who or how they did. Any insight?
  3. Have not been hearing much about SIAC, Big 8 or PAC teams participating in 7 on 7 tourneys this summer. Any been going on?
  4. I agree with you 100% on this statement.
  5. I did not know Coach Long left and went to GS. Thats a huge get for them. He ha been at Reitz for a long time. Hell of a d-line cosch.
  6. Wow, thanks, i thought I was correct on that. How did we let that many good coaches get away. So if you have had 4 since day one of Coach Hart then that is four coaches that left during Coach Lewis time on the hill. GS gain I guess
  7. Sorry I could be wrong. I knew Coach Hart played at Reitz I thought there were a couple two or three others. May the coaches I was thinking of went elsewhere.
  8. Evetentally Coach Lewis is not an easy person to coach with either. Cant think if their names but he had three or four good young and up and coming coaches in his system that he let get away. My son played for one of them as a freshman. Think they went to GS and may still be there. If you have trouble working with your assistants you will have trouble being successful.
  9. I have been told by a pretty reliable source that it will be only conferance games in the SIAC. The only way that would have possibly changed is if they went to 12 teams. I have always liked playing teans outside the conferance.
  10. Wow this guy really likes the KoolAid. Loosing record after he left Reitz. The two coaches before him are still winning after they left. Trust me in two years Jasper will be ready for him to leave. But with his track record he will probably be looking elsewhere as well.
  11. You must have been the one Reitzfan that hated to see Coach Lewis leave Reitz.
  12. One trip to State with a championship team he fell into. Need to get your facts straight.
  13. Across the State? Its an hour and a half at the most.
  14. Big Blue did not drive Lewis out of town. HC was dumb enough to make him a huge offer based on one good career year because they thought he was the man they needed. It didnt take them long to realize their mistake.
  15. I can tell you now that Coach Lewis was not worshipped at Reitz and HC couldnt wait for him the leave . Would not be at all surprised if in two years Jasper football fans will not feel the same way.
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