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  1. I am a Reitz person. Didnt realize I miss spelled it. Was typing without my glasses. I would think there would be a pretty big list of applicant for this job. Need to get it filled with the best candidate. After all Reitz football pretty well supports the rest of the EVSC football programs with game day tickets sales and season ticket sales
  2. Find it hard to believe but talk at the basketball game last night was that Rietz has not even started interviewing yet. Need to get someone in both positions soon.
  3. Ok If not Coach Hart what about one of his assistance. Many with ties to Reitz. I played for Coach Snow. If I am thinkkng correctly I think his DC also played at Reitz. Wonder if any if those guys would pursue the Reitz job.
  4. He is also a Reitz grad and has been the OC on two Srate championship teams.
  5. Probably the GS job but I am a Reitz guy and just want the best coach they can get and its been proven that the Harts are winners. Dont think they will get him though.
  6. Need to do what it takes to get Nick Hart away from GS.
  7. there is no way this is a move to get away from Evansville. Wants to be a QB, will not be at Central witn the sophmore they have already penciled in. Central will not release him to go elsewhere in Eville. The only other closer move to a winning program would be GS and we all know they dont need a QB. So put 2 and 2 together
  8. Does that put HH as a huge front runner for the Big School PAC champs. I would think it would.
  9. Central will have to release him for him to be eligible?
  10. Read on Twitter where the Banks kid at Central is now enrolled at HH.
  11. Any noise come from either school on their naming of a new coach?
  12. The addition of Jasper and Lincoln make the SIAC no different that is has been. I am only talking football. Dont care about the other sports. Not sure why people are thinking these additions put our conferance as one of the best.
  13. Need someone that knows the riggers of battling in the SIAC. There is talent at both schools. Harrison needs someone who can change the culture. Bosse needs numbers. Both need sucessful feeder programs. Coaches need about five years to get results but one of the problens with these two programs a coach will not stay that long and then a new coach comes in and has to start from scratch. Need a coach that has been involved in the reserection if a prigram as an assistant. A couple area programs come to mind but dont think any of their assistants want any oart if either job. I think given time Bosse could become relivant in the 3a sectional now with Memorial gone. Dont think they will ever contend for the SIAC but is all about playing football in November
  14. Be willing to bet in about four years both schools will be going thru this process again. Culture change needed at Harrison and Bosse will never have the numbers to compete in the new SIAC.
  15. Two coaching openings now in the SIAC. Is there anyone out there that would want either of these two jobs. Gotta thing these hires will be out if state people. Neither job attractive at all.
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