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  1. Neither team would have made it out if the first round in Sectional 32. Sectional 30 weekest sectional in 3a maybe in any ckass
  2. Why is that a wrong statement. That is no different than the game GS won at Southridge. Being two scores down with less than half a quarter left and win. Probably won a game they should not have won. You cant tell me if your team is in that situation you wouldnt be thinking the same thing. Before the game I picked HH to win. If you would have asked me with six min left I would think just the oppisite.
  3. Quite wrong. Played at Reitz High School for Coach Gaddis. Snd I am not a coachWhere did I say they should not have won.
  4. Show me where I said that HH plays to many seniors. All I basically said is that I noticed they dont sub much. Had not seen them play do I was not aware they were that senior dominate. I will say it now you take # 15 off the field and HH is not an 11-0 team. I was trying to give you guys credit for winning and you wont let me for some reason.. i didnt realize giving credit to a team for winning a hard fought game would cause you to go off
  5. Your point about the Southridge game jyst makes my point. With an offense as potent as GS and was able to pull it out with a TD why wouldnt you go for the TD. Guarentee the odds would have been better than the FG attempt from that angle. All you gave were the missed calls against HH. There was a PI called against GS on a third and long on a poorly underthrown ball that was terrible. The long run that #15 nade down the sidelines where the outside receiver tackled the GS corner. I was not trying to get an argument started I was just try to put out there what I observed the other night from watching two teams I have not seen play each other before.
  6. I coach at the same place everyone else on here coaches at I also played at Reitz and proud if it. I do believe in my posts that I did guve both teams alot of credit especially HH. I just made some opinions on what I observed watching the game as an impartial fan. Not one place did I say that the team that won should not have.
  7. I only seen one guy block the kick. You can say they wernt wore out but watching GS take that last drive down the field the majority if that defense was exhusted. With that said I think Hart made the wrong decision even if the kick would have been good. We will never know but with 7 yards to go and two downs and one timeout GS would have been better off going for the TD than putting it up to a high school kicker. I know the score is the only stat that matters but in this case the game stats showed that GS offense pushed HH around all over the field after the first quarter, thats why I think you go for the TD. I give HH a lot if credit, they won a game they probably shouldnt have. Probably the toughest team the will meet till State.
  8. Just an observation it looked like other than #15 HH players reslly looke worn out. Was that because of the fact they havnt played four quarters in some time or due to the pace GS offense trys to set. Just asking, you know the team better. Compared to what I heard about the first meeting I was really impressed with the GS defense. Also noticed two started get helped off the field for HH, will they be back.
  9. Looking at the rosters from both teams the other night from a standpoint of not having a dog in the fight, GS played several underclassmen and except for special teams HH may have played one underclassmen and just about everyone played both ways. My comment is not to say either way us the right way to do it because both teams have had sucess but going forward into the NEW PAC how did HH’s other levels do this year against GS since those two teams will probably be fighting for the title every year. Once again a very fun game for this SIAC fan to watch. Also didnt realize that HH and GS going into that game had scored the same amount of points.
  10. Hmm kind of prooves my point a little bit one is a lineman and the other two play in the wide open pro style offense that mix it up between the run and pass.
  11. Never even mentioned Reitz in my statement. Let me clarify a little, I am talking only about offense. I would much rather go see an SIAC and even the old Big 8 over going to a game between teams that only run the wing t. If it were so great more D1 teams would use it. You dont see many D1’s recruting wing t kids. Real offensive football= mixture of run and pass. I love wide open football
  12. Thats the good thing about being in the SIAC. You see real football,
  13. Also GS hasnt really beaten anyone either but it looks like going into the Salem game they are getting alot of looks at the wing t/flexbone.
  14. Sounds to me like your saying Salem cant beat the good teams. Also you failed to mention that Bosse held Memorial to 10 points going into the fourth quarter. Washington scored late and Lincoln capitalized on at least 4 Bosse turnovers Just keep telling yourself that Bosse is not good. Not saying they will win the sectional but they are very much a sleeper.
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