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  1. You must have been the one Reitzfan that hated to see Coach Lewis leave Reitz.
  2. One trip to State with a championship team he fell into. Need to get your facts straight.
  3. Across the State? Its an hour and a half at the most.
  4. Big Blue did not drive Lewis out of town. HC was dumb enough to make him a huge offer based on one good career year because they thought he was the man they needed. It didnt take them long to realize their mistake.
  5. I can tell you now that Coach Lewis was not worshipped at Reitz and HC couldnt wait for him the leave . Would not be at all surprised if in two years Jasper football fans will not feel the same way.
  6. 31-34 since leaving Reitz. That included making a Ky power like HC irrelevant. They are still trying to dig out if that hole.
  7. No SIAC coaches will dread going to either place. We will see what tune JHS fans are whistling about their new coach after his first couple years. If he stays that long.
  8. Need a better argument than being better than the three teans listed. Can name several teams that could have been added that would finish above those three teams.i have been an SIAC person for fourty years and I stick to my previous statement. I will give that the judgement is still out on Lincolns new coach but I really see Jaspers sucess going downhill with their new coaching hire.
  9. Sorry but As far as football goes I dont think the additions to either confrrance makes either one of them any stronger than they are now but I think I would rather be in the situation where I could do some flex scheduling.
  10. Thats where coaching ability should come into play. Also they need to drop out the sectional because with this thinking they will never compete there either since 80% of the teams will be from the SIAC. Coach not thinking of his kids just thinking of his win/loss record.
  11. Can anyone come up with a good reason to play football at a school that does not care about the post season?
  12. Sorry but I find itvhard to believe Coach Ward had nothing to do with this decision.
  13. Why are there no Bville people on here defending their football program? Think I may know
  14. We are on the same page. This makes Bville look so bad.
  15. We are on the same page. This makes Bville look so bad.
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