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  1. Royce Love at LB/FB and Martell France who was one of the top RB's that year. Underclassmen included Royce Roberson and Eric Glenn. Someone already mentioned Tom Lewandowski who was also First Team 5A that year. The 91 Merrillville team was more talented than the 92 team and no, they would not have beat Ben Davis that year.
  2. Their 1991 team was better, they were upset by East Chicago Central, which also had a great team that year. Central was upset by Crown Point the following week on a crappy field. Both teams were full of All-State Players that year. The 5A All-State team was littered with DAC players. Great off-season topic.
  3. And Zionsville goes up to 6A where they belong. Also, looked up Braden Fiske in 2018 on 247 and he was the 15th rated prospect that year and the players rated lower than him were all over 80? He for some reason has no composite score.
  4. I don't see Ryan Neal who plays for the Seahawks is not on the list, Also Braden Fiske from Michigan City who plays at Western Michigan.
  5. I hear people keep saying it isn't about "demographics" do Carmel or Center Grove make fans pass through metal detectors before games? How can this seriously not be a factor? Do any of the HCC schools require fans to pass through metal detectors?
  6. The conference title is nice, but does it really matter to these schools who finishes first in swimming or volleyball when they will be eliminated in the first round of the sectionals anyway?
  7. Merrillville is the most likely DAC team coming down to 5A, as they have been under 2100 students the past two years, and have fewer students than Valpo. Chesterton is also close to the cutoff line. Based on what has happened the past few years, only 3 DAC teams, Portage, Lake Central, and Crown Point have a large enough enrollment to not worry about being moved from 6A.
  8. Looking forward to this matchup as Marshall gives Merrillville a dynamic that they didn't have last year even with a Notre Dame recruit like Johnson. Westfield manhandled Merrillville last year and I like that Merrillville has ramped up how physical they play this year, starting with Grant, talk about throwing your weight around.
  9. Last I saw, they don't have a superintendent, which means, stay the h*** away. Would never have thought there would be a time when they would be in worse shape than Westside.
  10. Michigan City as a program has been at the semi-state recently, with this coaching staff who are battle tested. If you are referring to the players, you are correct, I don't think any of these players as freshman played in the 2018 semi-state against New Pal and for sure not in 2017. The crowd, the speed of the game, how physical it will be, will not catch Zionsville of guard but I don't think that equates to a win unless Zionsville TKO's Michigan City in the first quarter or first half. Zionsville has the attention of the coaches in the region. While the HCC does not get a lot of attention football wise, interestingly a lot of competition in girls sports of late with the DAC, they are not on the radar of the general fan because we only hear about Cathedral and Center Grove. In terms of the score or spread, there is a full moon Friday night.
  11. I will be the first one to be realistic about the DAC or the northern conferences vs the HCC, MIC, but I would say that Michigan City and Valparaiso are not pushovers and have proven over last 4-5 years they can battle with the best, especially Valpo with tough losses to Carmel in a 6A semi state and given the New Pal team one of their toughest battles during their two year run. While the bottom half of the conference is way down, the top three teams are not, and have high quality coaching staffs and depth charts that are not a step below what Zionsville, Brownsburg, or Westfield have. I don't have a pick yet, but you can tell my heart is with the region. I have said in previous post this year, Merrillville is much more physical this year than the last three and will not rely on just using their superior athleticism to beat Westfield this year. Merrillville has physically imposed their will on every team they have played this year, throw in Marshall and their dedication to pounding Logan cannot be overstated. Same goes for Michigan City, they have started pounding the ball and not relying on their athletes, four kids who can take the ball to the house at anytime. Westfield and Zionsville defeated Merrillville and Valpo with not much resistance last year, I will be shocked if that happens this year.
  12. Well we in the Region have been looking forward to this day since Merrillville and Valpo were sent packing last year. In this years version, both Merrillville and Michigan City are on fire. Both teams have speed, athletes at the right position, and the ability to beat you on offense in the air or on the ground. Same goes for defense, speed and athletes everywhere, except Merrillville is more multiple on defense with their four man front while Michigan City does not hide that they will dare a team to throw on them playing 9 players in the box and man to man all over the field. Merrillville has the best interior lineman by far in the region, Kenneth Grant a one man wrecking crew. I have no doubt that both teams are ready to battle. Weakness for both teams, but more so for Michigan City is that they have been able to win while committing many turnovers and penalties. Looking forward to the DAC representing in possibly two classes.
  13. Merrillville is getting ready for round 2, HCC vs DAC, running clock will be in place for this one. 44-7.
  14. I am excited to see this game as well. Outside of Justin Marshall from Merrillville, I don't think there is a more dynamic or explosive player with the ball than Hatch. Simmons is just as fast and dangerous on the outside. I imagine Valpo will try to do the same thing they did in the last game, and that is exploit the Wolves man to man defense all over the field. Valpo also wore down the Wolves rush defense in the last quarter. Mason has beat ever team in the conference multiple times, has a winning record against every team, but Valpo has had the Wolves number, turning them back at every turn. With Hatch in the lineup, the Wolves have four of the best athletes in the conference that on any play can take it to the house. Eliminate the penalties and turnovers and the score should be easily reversed from September.
  15. With NIL available, why would him or any other top flight recruit stick around their entire senior year. Maybe he will because Andrean can win during his senior year in baseball, but he his family clearly are focused on him being a professional athlete, I see him being able to recoup some of the dollars spent traveling the country to get into a position to have a national TV special sooner rather than later.
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