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  1. Game of the Week by Far in the Region and maybe of the year as Michigan City travels this week to play Valparaiso. Valpo is the only team Mason has not defeated in the conference since coming to Michigan City and the last two years, Valpo has won in defensive struggles with the 2017 last second touchdown pass on 4th down with a backup QB the most exciting game of the three. I expect this to be another defensive struggle as Michigan City is clearly not as explosive this year with a different QB, now they have a sophomore, and running backs that appear to be more bruisers than the slasher of last year. On the other hand, Valpo appears to be more explosive and have an experienced QB. Not much to say defensively other than two of the best players in the state will be featured, Cooper Jones and Marquan Hurt. Valpo has only allowed 14 points this year on D and Michigan City held Chesterton to -27 total yards last week. I have to pick Valpo by the home field advantage and it appears Michigan City can't make XPs or FGs based on the way they lost to Warsaw, that will continue to hurt them if they rely on their defense to win games. These two teams will push each other and I see Merrillville benefiting in the tournament for having to play these two in the next several weeks.
  2. The DAC is only improved in that Merrillville is better and finally playing up to its potential. The rest of the conference is still mediocre to poor. No doubt the top three will push one another and I see the Pirates having a great battle in their sectional with Lafayette Jeff and the winner of the Valpo and Michigan City sectional playing in Indianapolis. I see the winner of sectional 1 also playing in Indianapolis as Penn will be lucky to not have 6 losses this year. Not a good year for them to have Homewood Flossmoor on their schedule.
  3. Interesting how people forgetting MIchigan City. Just read they were up 41-0 at end of first quarter, running clock second quarter on. Can’t wait to see them play against Valpo in a few weeks.
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