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  1. Lots of great answers and there are many great places for Friday Night Lights. But no place will ever surpass the greatest of them all IMO: The Brickie Bowl
  2. Tremendous hire for Portage! Sure wish the old Region message board was active to see this blow up there. Portage is back and will be very competitive sooner rather than later. There are athletes at Portage and he will get the most out of them
  3. With RR leaving to go to Portage....this is a very attractive job with a lot of talent. Should draw some interest from some good coaches
  4. There were reports from Hobart people that some cars were messed with in parking lots, keyed, etc. Reports of some players being spit on by fans.
  5. Was a fun game. Sorry to see Hobart lose, but they will be back strong next year. Coach O is doing good things there. Hopefully the start of good years to come. Sad to hear of all the outside junk going on at EN during and after the game.
  6. Very sad time for the region. If both schools are 6A in football they will not ever compete at a high level. Sad for rivalries like Clark and Whiting.
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