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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that hearts are very heavy in the Mater Dei family. Former QB Jake Schiff lost his wife recently. It breaks my heart. 3 boys lost their momma way too soon. Prayers
  2. I’ve obviously heard of him but hadn’t really seen him. I just watched his highlight video from last year on rivals and it honestly gave me chills at certain points, he’s that good. It’s like the young man has a cheat code activated on him during some of those plays.
  3. Attack the post, not the poster. Are we not better than name calling? Christ
  4. What a mean thing to say to someone you don't know. Jeez.
  5. Does anyone know if this game is being streamed online or on the radio? Have to work but would love to watch or listen live.
  6. Evansville Mater Dei 10 Evansville Central 7 Final
  7. Mater Dei 31-0 over Harrison Jasper 35- Boonville 0 final Castle was up 17-0 over Reitz in 3rd. Not sure now.
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