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New for 2022 — Chop Block Redefined



New in 2022, the NF has changed the chop block rule in the interests of further risk minimization. Previously, a chop block was defined as a combination block where one of the blocks was at or below the knees. This was a further restriction on legal low blocking in the free blocking zone. New for 2022, the rule now defines a chop block as “a combination block by 2 or more teammates against an opponent other than the runner, with or without delay, where one of the blocks is below the waist and one of the blocks is above the waist.” So now, what was otherwise a legal block below the waist in the free blocking zone (against a lineman, by a lineman, immediately at the snap) is now illegal if done in combination with a teammate. The practical effect is that all double team blocks must now be above the waist.

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It really just changed the location of the low block from the knee to the thigh. Most blocks that contact the thigh are intended to be cuts. This is how the rule should have always been written. Not sure why they went with the knee or below since all other rule sets match this one.

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