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McCarthy to the NFL…Statement About Harbaugh?

Bash Riprock

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1 hour ago, Bash Riprock said:


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OMG:  I had, a large paragraph all written out on shared experience.....hit wrong button.....

So now: Cliff notes; 

2005  Bomber Grad: All American Wabash, Got hooked up with Coach Strong L'ville, Masters SC program via Football, excelled on field too, Strong too notice, when left for Texas, denied referral to our player, said because he wanted him down in UT, went there, got paid, got paid when fired, came back told us that College level coaching isn't much different than what we do, its just they have som much more time and resources than HS coaches.....Ball is Ball.  and that its about staff friendships, he said a Strong loyal coach was his good friend, hired in SC room everywhere he was, and he would just watch Netflix all day for 300k.  



point being, more uncommon to see STAFFS not going with each other...

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