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  1. CC’s running back is so quick as a running back. Don’t see him on their roster from years past. Did he transfer from another school because I can’t imagine he didn’t play football his whole high school with speed like that?
  2. Originally was going to go to a school in wells county. This family has a parent who is a teacher and couldn’t get a job in wells county but got a job as a South Adams teacher so that’s how they ended up at south adams.
  3. I haven’t once said anything about cc recruiting so nice try. You just are talking out your rear about a South Adams recruiting. You really think a family is going to move from Texas, where football is basically religion and say, “I want to go to South Adams, they have won 2 regional titles in their history”. No family being recruited is going to go to a school without a culture and history of success. South Adams has built that now with kids in their program since they were in elementary school.
  4. Biggest reach of the year..... do you think before you post ever? If South Adams recruits why aren’t there more kids from Texas or literally from anywhere else? 1 single move in and you accuse a school of recruiting. Dumb post by you
  5. Week 9 was a bye week that was tried to be filled with a tough team. Union City was week 10, first week of schedule.
  6. South Adams strength of schedule is 226 and CC is 260. Rumor has it South Adams also talked to multiple teams about a week 9 matchup ranging from 1a to 4a (one of those teams is playing for a state title). So I doubt South Adams really cared about being undefeated over adding a tough game week 9.
  7. What’s the field condition at LCC currently? Playing only 3 home games all year id guess it’s probably the best shape of all grad fields in the state
  8. What’s the fan situation for LCC at semi state? What kind of restrictions are they having for home and away fans
  9. I look forward to a potential matchup of LCC vs South Adams. It will be full of good offense and in 1a, and you dont always see good offense. 1a has a lot of good talent this year and their isn’t a juggernaut like pioneer so every fan base in the top 10 should be excited for their teams chance to get to Lucas Oil
  10. I agree with that. LCC wins their sectional and regional with no challenge probably. But I don’t know if they win semi state. The 10 point win over Tipton was one that I expected to be a wider margin. 1a across the state has many possible teams that could compete at state which is nice when the last few years have been dominated by certain teams
  11. What’s your reasoning behind LCC coming out of the North? I’ve heard of a lot of favorites halfway through the season to represent the north but they all seem to come from sectional 43 and 44 based on polls. I haven’t seen LCC this year so I’m honestly curious why you’re confident with your claim of them representing the North
  12. Not a single 1a or 2a school beats Homestead, Snider, Dwenger or Carroll. Those ratings are bad
  13. I miscounted the sectionals and made a mistake. I would agree the winner ofNew Pal vs Cathedral would face Valpo at state
  14. I miscounted the sectionals and made a mistake. I would agree the winner ofNew Pal vs Cathedral would face Valpo at state
  15. 6a: Warren central over Carmel 5a: New Pal over Cathedral 4a: Marion over Moorseville 3a: Chatard over Southridge 2a: Scecina over Pioneer 1a: have bias so not picking this class
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