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  1. Had the chance to officiate Chatard's scrimmage and their last regular season game of the year. The strides they made from Week 0 to Week 9 were pretty darn substantial. My brother coaches for the Rebels (don't correct me!), so I have been able to see quite a bit of film on my alma mater as well. They completely destroy people up front. Chatard reminds me of an early 2000s Center Grove team...smaller, but efficient and quick hitting blocking schemes. Looks to be a good one Friday...I'll take the Rebels in the same score as their first match up 28-21
  2. Knowing Jayson personally, there will not be a lot of kids "moving with him". He is about as pure as it gets. He will work with the township he has and go get kids to play that have not been. This is what made him successful at Lawrence Central prior to WC. I know the youth numbers are up by almost 150 kids which is a huge number. He is doing a good job within the community, along with their current strength coach. FC could begin the long process of being a top contender based on what the township is giving them now. However, that is going to take a long time given how big they already are. I can see them going from a dootstop, to a tough win fairly quickly. Just will be hard to get moving too fast in that conference for sure. I live in the township, and I wish them nothing but the best, but will still send my kids to Prague Road for High School.
  3. Southport- What is going on there? Alum head coach leaves for Beech Grove? I guess even more concerning, I am showing they still haven't made a hire yet? Ouch, it's getting late! Roncall and Bloomington South- Noticed on John Harrell's site that Roncalli has an opening in Week 8. Thought that was supposed to be Bloomington South, and find out that Bloomington South terminated the contract in the recent weeks. Doing that 6 months ahead of time is a pretty low blow. Especially with the Circle City Conference and Conference Indiana having their agreements to help fill each other's schedules. Sure, B. South will owe Roncalli money, but that money (and then some) will be spent on an out of state trip for the only way they will get a game this late. Why does Bloomington South even stay in Conference Indiana if they are going to do that? Just a bad look in my opinion. I also do not have a ton of information, but unless there is a really good reason to terminate that contract, that shows a serious lack of class.
  4. I think that thinking of Roncalli "not scheduling" CG will not last much longer if both sides can come up with a common week and deal. For awhile, in the early 2010's, it did not make sense for Roncalli to play CG anymore.....just way too outmatched and small. Roncalli could at least somewhat compete with them due to their size, hopefully that trend continues!
  5. Got it! Forgot about the Penn dominance 20-30 years ago, as far as state titles. Every time I see this document, I feel like I say the same thing every time "wow, Franklin Central has a higher enrollment than Center Grove". I live in Franklin Township, and with another few subdivisions going up right now, I won't be surprised if FC is in the top ten in the next few cycles as far as enrollment.
  6. Are you referring to CG with those rankings of enrollment? Trojans are not even in the top 10.
  7. Good point and true...... Safe to assume its the "salary plus stipend" or their administratvie positions..... However, thinking of Center Grove in particular.....the number looks low, but they have a heck of a touchdown club, and that money wouldn't be involved from the school per say.
  8. According to Gateway......which is accurate for myself personally..... Avon, Westfield, Brownsburg all close to or above 6 figures......wow! HSE and Fishers are first year coaches at their schools, so hard to get an accurate read on them based on Gateway takes into account the calendar year.
  9. I know we typically don't want to punish a kid for the rest of his life for one major mistake, however, I think this high school player needs to be charged with assault. Unbelievable!
  10. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/7qOcRIuBwEatC487MQZAxA/2020-indiana-maxpreps-all-state-high-school-football-team.htm 1 selection from Roncalli 0 selections from Bishop Chatard But 2 from Mooresville and 2 from Hobart? Interesting........
  11. https://twitter.com/i/status/1307321027526090754 Hope this works..... Blake Fisher doing work against FC......
  12. Believe he went to title game in '89 with Tri West.....lost to Luers. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  13. I agee Bobref....... One bad call/one ball to bounce the right way for a team, can literally hinder a crew from advancing for years based on a coach's vote. I am happy to see observers are getting out there more....I personally wish the observers had more of a say. They are the ones that see the crews, and KNOW how to properly disect a crew's performance, NOT the powers that be on North Meridian Street. I hope I am clear when I say there are several crews that deserve the right to officiate the big games on Thanksgiving weekend, however, I just have seen too many that do not.
  14. I realize there is an officials forum, but wanted to see others opinions, if they had one. I will rant for a minute. As a former tournament official, I am very disheartened at how officials are chosen (or not chosen) to move on in the tournament. I know several good crews who do not gain enough votes, or simply do not have the "years of experience" to move on. Those same officials are docked yearly because they do not advance further in the tournament to gain more points for future years. It is a vicious cycle of the same crews year in and year out moving from Sectional Final, to Regional, to Semi State, to State and all over again way too often. Let me be clear, I think some of these crews are excellent.....but I have seen some not so great officiating in state games as well. This week alone, according to IHSAA guidelines, 2 crews that are doing a regional championship are not even regional eligible. How does this happen? Why is this an issue year in and year out. I am worried for the future of officiating, and things like this will only hurt getting younger and experienced officials to get into officiating and staying with officiating. A lot of these issues come from the top from a particular person.....It is time to either work with and hear the officials, or the tournament could be officiated by uncertified officials in the very near very future. How do we fix this? I've seen too many good crews say "forget it" and not even apply for the tournament any longer due to these issues. It really is a shame.
  15. Here is the crazy thing that people do not realize I do not believe. Cathedral's enrollment is down the past decade a little bit. This is thanks to Guerin I am sure. Chatard seems to stay steady. Roncalli being the only southside Catholic school continues to rise in enrollment. Should be interesting to see enrollments ten years from now.
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