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  1. Here is the crazy thing that people do not realize I do not believe. Cathedral's enrollment is down the past decade a little bit. This is thanks to Guerin I am sure. Chatard seems to stay steady. Roncalli being the only southside Catholic school continues to rise in enrollment. Should be interesting to see enrollments ten years from now.
  2. I am the former "rebel03".....still come in and around these parts 3-4 times a week. I graduated in '04 and played on the '02 and '03 championship teams. I was involved in the heyday of the "Horde"! Man, those were great days...... Couple thoughts On the name change- I am not "happy" about it, but we also live in a completely world. It was not uncommon in the 90s for people to have the confederate flag at school flying from their cars. That was nipped in the butt in the 90s, and was outlawed. Admin said if that were to happen anymore, the student would be expelled, no questions
  3. Per her facebook page, Terry Riggs has been approved as the new head coach at Elwood. I had the pleasure of working with Terry at Decatur Township. He is a young, tireless worker.....If given the bare minimum tools, he will get it turned around up there. Congrats to Terry......Elwood found a gem in this hire.
  4. Correct.... One regular season loss to a very good DC team that year by 4, and a close loss to the Irish in the sectional. That team had some leftover talent from the state championship team and was very good. Success factor hurt bad that year for the Rebs.
  5. US31 I probably should have been more clear with that statement. Prior to coming to Roncalli, Marsh didn't have a very good record of success as a head coach. With that being said, a winning season in his first year at Roncalli, followed by two poor seasons.... Scott is a great coach, just has lacked the results to reflect that from a head coaching position at this point.
  6. Covington Catholic in Newport KY prior to Moeller
  7. Love this hire! Although the record wasn't great at LC, the track record from similar schools in tradition rich Cincy and Covington make this a splash compared to Marsh, who never won as a head coach. Kudos to David Lauck and the administration for making this happen. I believe the Hoard might be making a comeback in the near future with this hire!
  8. Word on the street is the QB is transferring...... Could be interesting.
  9. It would be a shame if it is not Sandra Walter. It might be an even bigger shame if it IS Faulkens......Sandra shows respect to officials, coaches, AD's, etc. Hard to say the same about the latter.
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