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  1. Announced tonight: Clayton Mannering, son of Hall of Fame coach Scott Mannering, was announced to follow in his dads footsteps and took the job at Lewis Cass. Bring a bright future to Lewis Cass for the future.
  2. West Lafayette I would say could pass the ball but Cass still managed to get multiple INTs on them. I have to feel that West Lafayette's QB is better than LaVille's.
  3. I was also at this game, the crowd was very large. It was a great atmosphere all game long. One of the better games I have been to.
  4. With all due respect to North Newton and Boone Grove, in the potential match up with Andrean, does this now make Bombers the favorite?
  5. I don’t know that you can say injuries are the only reason why Pioneer lost, Cass I’d say is a better team
  6. Good luck to all Hoosier Conference teams this Friday and throughout the tournament. Hopefully long runs and the conference gets some more hardware!
  7. This game is going to be one of the biggest in Cass County in recent memory. Going to be a tough game and a lot of fun!
  8. I think Lewis Cass put 2A on notice tonight with their win against defending 3A state champs West Lafayette. One of the best teams in the state regardless of class. Nobody in 2A will be that good of a team throughout, but that’s why you play the game
  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say I am absolutely stunned that Cass just beat WL for the championship!
  10. Owens memorial field is going to be PACKED for that opening round game
  11. Lewis Cass - 44 Hamilton Heights— 0 Heights held to less than 50 yards of offense
  12. I understand they are number 1 in polls, I meant in the chat in here. Everyone is hyping up Pioneer (who lost to Cass) and Western Boone (who lost to Western, which CASS just beat). Yet nobody mentions Cass in 2A.
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