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  1. I guess it depends on what your kids' goals are... most club sports are their ticket to recruiting, thus scholarships.
  2. Luers is going to have their hands full with Pioneer. We might not have the state titles they have, but those farm boys can flat out ball.
  3. I think so, but the Miners (mostly Meurer) exposed a weakness that we had and that was playing more players. Ever since that game, Pioneer has had a decent rotation of defensive linemen and linebackers to stay somewhat fresh during games to put pressure on opposing QBs.
  4. Agree coach. Robinson's speed will be missed. Kind of reminds me of Danny Gregorich's broken leg suffered in semi-state against Southwood a couple of years ago. Then we had trouble containing Tyler Meuer from Linton-Stockton in the state final. He was a very shifty qb but we were gassed from chasing him around all game.
  5. At least when you go to an atm like that, you know your getting screwed!
  6. Yes Bobref, that's the one. Thank you for clarifying. I stand corrected on the lawsuit issue but not the total negligence of the university. If something like that happened on a high school football in today's world, I doubt any school corporation would survive the onslaught of lawsuits from such an egregious decision to use a scissor lift.
  7. It's risk versus reward. In this case there's absolutely no reward to be had. Only bad things happen on scissor lifts! Just ask Notre Dame..I believe they are being sued after being found negligent for improper use of a scissor lift.
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