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  1. Sounds like we will never really know the answer unless we get a super super duper reliable source. No matter what, it sucks for all the athletes involved. There has to be something that caused this. Rumor is that it had to do with covid cases and WV admin put a stop to it. I’m not going to get in a back and forth on here as we will always have PH haters that will never believe different, and PH loyalist that will support them until the end. So with 2 weeks left in the season, I hope nobody has to miss sectionals do to Covid. Does SV have a limit on tickets?
  2. I heard from a reliable source that West Vigo canceled. The Wolves were in the middle of practice when they received The call from WV
  3. I haven’t heard anything bad about Crabtree either, but you never know once a coach leaves. as much talent as the kids had it wouldn't worth dealing with the step dad. depends who you talk to about Moore. Don’t know much about the hall situation.
  4. Good afternoon football fans. Looks like someone is trying to get some conversation going. Wish you would have posted earlier in the week.
  5. Those TR teams knew going into the season that they were in for a beating almost every week. I have a lot of respect for the player and coaches that stick with the program. Always rooted for them to get a victory.
  6. Heard the injured play that was took off the field by ambulance is fine. PH ditched a game against the 3A school but didn’t play that week. Why has Attica been canceling games? Are their numbers that low that they don’t want to take a chance and get some one hurt against better schools? Or are they already hurt and can’t field a team? PH does not seem to have the killer instinct on defense. Seems like a lot of their main guys play both ways. Not sure if they decide to rest on D so they can get their stats on offense. I think Moore adapts his offensive co
  7. More after game thoughts. PH - really talented players on offense, can score with anyone. Defense needs work. Never seen the killer instinct in anyone on the field. Someone one needs to step up and put a hit on. Needs to learn to wrap up. Special teams. Might as well pooch kick every time as the coverage team struggles. PH learned it takes more then scoring points to win games. SV strongest part of their game is the running game. Take Shew off the field the team is a .500 ball club. Needs to pas the ball more to open things up. A good run defense will cause problems for SV.
  8. Sad why to see the game end. Hope the PH player is ok. I am assuming game will end with this score so my take away from the game is the same as first half. Best qb on field. Johnson best running backs SV best player on the field Shew. biggest take way. Sullivan must have a hell of a defense.
  9. End of first half SV 35 PH 28 my take away. QB advantage PH receivers advantage PH running game advantage SV Defense advantage SV excitement for the game SV. D1 players on the field zero. D3 player on the field 7-8 D3 players on the field that will get playing time 4 Should be an exciting 2nd half
  10. Would you think the same is true for SV?
  11. Can the clock move any slower today? A lot to look forward to tonight in the SV/PH game. Who shows up tonight? Does SV prove that they had a bad game and it was a fluke that they only scored 13 points in 4 quarters plus overtime. Do we find out that Sullivans defense was better then everyone thought? Does SV have a defense to control all the playmakers at PH. Does the D1 quarterback come out and control the game. Does the coaching staff put more of the game in his hands and they throw more then 15 times? We will see. Is PH the real deal on offense or have they jus
  12. All I can recall are Josh Smith, Barrett’s at ISU, Ron white at Butler or Ball State. Even getting playing time at a good D3 school is an accomplishment. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of “WRC studs” go to D3 and only play on the JV team. D1 is a different breed.
  13. All I can recall are Josh Smith, Barrett’s at ISU, Ron white at Butler or Ball State.
  14. Hello WIC group. Trying to get a little insight to the Sullivan/SV game last week. If any one was there. Is Sullivan’s defense that good or is SV just overrated?
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