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  1. Evan Cottle was announced as the new Covenant Christian head football coach last night. Position was not posted on IFCA, I don't believe.
  2. That play was a brutal hit. Miller had a great game. Based our entire pass pro off of his alignment and he still got pressure on several plays. Coach Flatt does deserve a lot of credit. He was one of our biggest supporters throughout the whole season. He told me after we beat Lutheran he was trying to move their basketball season back a bit since several bball players would be playing in the state football championship. God's Hogs stepped up big time Saturday. I'm sure their OL coach would say he comes from the best coaching tree in the state!
  3. Nothing is easy in Lutheran's sectional haha we're going to need a great off-season. Hopefully this success inspires our returning guys and younger up-and-comers.
  4. Tons of fun. It's been really cool to see him come out of his shell since the beginning of the year. He didn't play defense, so he always jumped in to run scout team O and it really helped our first team D. Great team player.
  5. Yeah, I thought each "cycle" was just the sum of the previous two seasons at any point in time. Makes sense now.
  6. Boy howdy I ain't much of a math guy. You sure we can't just move the pp schools up 2 classes and call it square?
  7. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but why hadn't WeBo moved up after winning state the prior two years?
  8. There’s definitely a point where it becomes a player safety issue. It’s just hard to nail down exactly where that is. Definitely depends on the level of opponent you’re facing as well.
  9. Hopefully our success this season will allow us to "hand-pick" a great new crop of talent, just like we always do!
  10. Teambuilder was awesome back in the day. Had some fond memories leading the Ivy Tech Fightin' Techies to 8-peat national championships with Lou Holtz at the helm!
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