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  1. Definitely #1. Darkhorse #2. His film was great. You knew you had no chance as an opponent. You could line him up on the play side every down and you still couldn't stop the play because of him.
  2. Here's a pic from last night's game just before it touches my kid's hands. My Punt Returner in white signaled a fair catch, he muffs it but ball never touches ground but ball immediately bounces right into #15's lap and he returns it for a TD. 1) Isn't this a halo violation? 2) Does the other team get the ball from the spot of the muff?
  3. Thanks. I figured this was going to be the answer but wanted to explore all options. Kid clearly hits my kid with his shoulder as he leaves his feet to the shoulder/chest and helmet to helmet when my kid wasn't looking at the Returner. Refs can't see everything but frustrating nonetheless.
  4. Is it possible for a player to be suspended if an uncalled targeting called was sent to Indiana Officials association or IHSAA if it's clearly viewed on film? Like having the player suspended for an ejection that should've been called? Just asking because it's frustrating to have a player miss game(s) because of an injury because of this.
  5. Yes. It's been discussed here before. Most coaches won't do it because the coverage downfield isn't as good as a Punt Formation.
  6. For years, Batesville/Greensburg traveled 2+ hours to Corydon, North Harrison, and Edgewood. Lawrenceburg traveled to Hamilton Heights at least 1 year. It's extremely hard to please all 64 teams especially with those teams in the corners of the state.
  7. IFCA Retweeted this a few days ago: Here's a link to the thread. https://twitter.com/CoachBolland/status/1113281973965836288
  8. Do you think there will be major changes made to Kickoff? (ie as they did in college)
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