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  1. You’ve been out of the loop for a loooong time haven’t you? Small schools with multiple sports programs are fundraising from the same small community year round from the same sources ALL. YEAR. Most people can only afford so much.
  2. FC Defense did not play as well as usual. Got good rush early but as the game went on, couldn't contain CN's QB in key downs and he made some big plays. Offense is obviously young but made plays when they needed to. A young QB made some bad decisions early but made some good throws that got them the W. Several plays where there were easy reads and wide-open guys. I had the pleasure of sitting near "That's a bad play call" guy all night. FC struggled running the ball late and when they go with a pass that QB panics and decides to run it's "That's a bad play call". The "fumble" that you are mentioning occurred after the whistle was blown and the player was ruled down. Unless the clock operator had a delayed finger, they needed to run more time off than a quick kneel. I don't get to many, but attending HS games as a fan would be a lot easier if there were less coaches in the stands... Maybe you should apply? Regardless... FC will need a flawless game this week and it might still not be enough to get CG.
  3. You don't truly believe this do you? What's a Mid-Indiana Conference?
  4. I think the casketnation will have some tricks up their sleeve to control that knock off version of spread that Hondaburg is running. They must have found some old secret green notebooks laying around!
  5. Batesville vs Greensburg in the tournament. Wouldn’t want it any other way!
  6. That's right. I was at that one too. Another good one!
  7. Was there for this. One of the best games I've ever seen in person! I want to say @Bobref was at this one?
  8. 30 game losing streak at South Newton and 27 (Soon to be 29) at Caston... Those are pretty big and long cycles!
  9. Another year, another wasted opportunity to make the regular season have meaning. Of course, as I had hoped would not happen, Pioneer and Lewis Cass in the opening round. Turnout for a sectional title game would have been much higher if they had met in the Championship. Simple solution: Continue with All-in Blind draw AFTER you seed the top 2 (I'd even support Top 3) and put them in opposite sides of the bracket. Still allows for potential big title game and still allows for your potential 1-2 win teams to meet in the first round and get a feel good win. I don't understand why this has to be so difficult.
  10. Lot of close scores for the Pioneer/Knox game. Sagarin has Pioneer as 14pt favorites. I'm saying 3 TD margin for the Pioneer win. Hey Pioneer guys... What is Pioneer's record at home in the last decade? Or the last 2 decades for that matter?
  11. Fair enough. Just seems like it would have made more sense to try and find someone before dropping the team down the road of similar talent! I'd be interested in knowing how that conversation sounded with NW since they weren't able to fill it. Is this becoming a thing at the high school level? Schedules being shifted due to "down/up" freshman/sophomore classes. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/hs-blog/2019/09/26/indiana-high-school-football-new-palestine-vs-shelbyville-go-planned/2448147001/
  12. This guy is obviously new here! Would love to see Caston get one in the W column. The "love the way these boys play" and the "atta boys" are getting a little tiresome after all of last season. They were able to put up some points against WC although it seems NW might be capable as well. Another week of "tuning up" for Pioneer as they prepare for Knox. That 2A sectional is going to be fun... well at least different. Hopefully Pioneer and Cass end up in the opposite sides of the bracket!
  13. Late to responding to this but... Was playing Attucks really better than the alternatives? Did Pioneer just drop NW? Was this prior to the season? I mean it's great and all that the Pioneer community got to feel great about playing a "4A team from the big city" but anyone who has traveled outside of Cass County (or can use Google) knew this was going to be a game similar to playing North White.
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