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  1. This sounds good in theory until Jimmy's mom who works from home gets coughed on by Joey's mom who works at the Methodist ICU. Today, I could see this potentially happening admitting spectators with proper PPE. Then again it would also pose a question of player safety. it would be hilarious to see players wearing a mask, underneath their facemask! Then again, more and more teams are webcasting their games...
  2. Now that the IHSAA has officially cancelled the spring sports seasons... What impact might this have on Fall Sports? Is there concern that fall sports will be delayed or even cancelled? Will spring sport athletes immediately begin training for fall sports and might the IHSAA implement a longer no-contact type period to prevent this from happening? Will "in-season" rules still apply? How might Fall/Spring coaches work together for the benefit of the development of the players?
  3. Oh SIMPLE... Wheels fall off in a hurry if you don't have a the trio of guys to make the "simple" concept look "simple". Would argue that there is nothing more simple than 7 down lineman man on man blocking and a QB turning to hand it to a RB behind two FBs.
  4. Great get for Lewis Cass. Always love seeing talented coaches come back home. https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_ddcdd928-4e13-11ea-9ff4-637aaeba01dd.html
  5. Depends which way you go! It's actually Lebanon school district just west of 65 there!
  6. Hate to agree, but was going to post something similar. Today's farmers aren't your daddy's daddy's farmers. Take a look at the properties the "old farm houses", the farming equipment, the acreage... There are plenty of rich farmers. A short drive through the country or heck even a quick Zillow search will show that farmers are cashing in on their acreage in Boone county to developers. Thorntown not too far of a commute to Indy/Lafayette either for those who didn't choose the farmer life. Didn't Webo just get artificial turf?? Sounds affluent to me! 🤣
  7. I'll say this much... You're not going to find many "blue collar" schools in 6A. Fact is many families are moving away from the blue collar towns in favor of those that offer better education/athletics. Not just to 6A schools, but rather schools that are closer to the major cities in Indiana. I don't know about you all, but I think most people in Indiana would agree that "blue collar" here is just a fancy way of saying "farmers". I know there are a few communities that factory work is still the primary source of employment, but those really seem to be cyclical (see North White). I don't speak for my entire community, but I have little desire to return to my hometown as it would significantly hinder my pay. And if i did, I would be more than willing to drive my child the hour or so to the nearest school that provided them the best opportunity to succeed. Really will boil down to, "How far are you willing to commute". I also blame travel ball and social media 😂
  8. I'm sure this was posted pages ago, but... This did not age well. You can "win" the argument for the Rivals top 15 but there is a ton of talent on these teams who all eventually eliminate each other. CG has a kid on the D-Line who will likely be playing on Sundays.
  9. You’ve been out of the loop for a loooong time haven’t you? Small schools with multiple sports programs are fundraising from the same small community year round from the same sources ALL. YEAR. Most people can only afford so much.
  10. FC Defense did not play as well as usual. Got good rush early but as the game went on, couldn't contain CN's QB in key downs and he made some big plays. Offense is obviously young but made plays when they needed to. A young QB made some bad decisions early but made some good throws that got them the W. Several plays where there were easy reads and wide-open guys. I had the pleasure of sitting near "That's a bad play call" guy all night. FC struggled running the ball late and when they go with a pass that QB panics and decides to run it's "That's a bad play call". The "fumble" that you are mentioning occurred after the whistle was blown and the player was ruled down. Unless the clock operator had a delayed finger, they needed to run more time off than a quick kneel. I don't get to many, but attending HS games as a fan would be a lot easier if there were less coaches in the stands... Maybe you should apply? Regardless... FC will need a flawless game this week and it might still not be enough to get CG.
  11. You don't truly believe this do you? What's a Mid-Indiana Conference?
  12. I think the casketnation will have some tricks up their sleeve to control that knock off version of spread that Hondaburg is running. They must have found some old secret green notebooks laying around!
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